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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - February 27, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 9)




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    9-1 Combined Research-Curriculum Development (NSF)

    The Directorate for Engineering and the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering are continuing a program supporting Combined Research-Curriculum Development. Proposals must focus on a particular topic of industrial and national importance in research areas supported by either of the NSF sponsoring Directorates. Since only three proposals may be submitted by an institution as the sole or lead institution, please contact R.W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 785-532-6195, by March 6, 1998, if you are interested in submitting a proposal. Dr. Trewyn will coordinate proposal submission from KSU. NSF 98-38

    Deadline: 03/31/98

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    9-2 Postdoctoral and Senior Research Associateships (NRC)

    The National Research Council announces the 1998 Resident, Cooperative, and Postdoctoral Research Associateship Programs to be conducted on behalf of federal agencies or research institutions whose 120 participating research laboratories are located throughout the United States. The programs provide opportunities for Ph.D. scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing yet compatible with the research interests of the sponsoring laboratory. Associateships will be awarded on a competitive basis for research in: chemistry; earth and atmospheric sciences; engineering, applied sciences and computer science; life, and behavioral sciences, mathematics, physics and space.

    Deadline: 04/15/98; 08/15/98

    9-3 GAAC Lectureship Grants for Distinguished German and American Scientists and Scholars (GAAC)

    The German-American Academic Council Foundation (GAAC) will again make funds available in 1998 for distinguished German scientists and scholars to give guest lectures in the U.S., and for distinguished American scientists and scholars to give guest lectures in Germany. By enabling presentations, lectures and visits of acclaimed scientists and scholars, the GAAC Distinguished Lectureship program aims at improving the exchange of information on current aspects of research and technology, and at illuminating the scientific, cultural, social, economic and political implications, conditions and consequences in the lecturers' home countries. Special emphasis is placed on involving young scientists and scholars in the program.

    Deadline: 04/15/98

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    9-4 Soybean Research (USB)

    The United Soybean Board (USB) is seeking pre-proposals for projects and activities that meet market needs and assist the soybean industry to increase demand for U.S. grown soybeans and soybean products. USB currently is funding activities designed to: increase demand and add value to soybeans in the domestic meal/live-stock feed, edible/health and industrial/energy markets; and increase soybean production efficiency. Funded activities include: scientific, economic and market opportunity research and analysis; product and technology development and commercialization partnerships with companies, universities and other private sector organizations; technology transfer; and communications/marketing.

    Deadline: Preproposals 03/20/98

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    9-5 Adult Education Technology (ED)

    The Education Department is seeking abstracts for awards for research projects in three areas: 1) new, creative and innovative applications of technology or modifications of existing technologies to deliver adult education and literacy instruction; 2) staff development and 3) related program support services. Sol #98-R0005

    Deadline: 03/18/98

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    9-6 Oil Technology R&D Program (DOE)

    This program research development announcement (PRDA) is sponsored through the National Petroleum Technology Office, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the implementing program office for the Department of Energy (DOE) Fossil Energy's National Oil Program. The general objective of this PRDA is to support research which supplements and complements, but does not duplicate or displace, private and other public research and development efforts. The purpose is to solicit cost shared research and development proposals addressing five broad areas of interest, including: 1) Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging Systems, 2) Production Research, 3) Integrated Prospecting Concepts, 4) Processing Research, and 5) Oil and Gas Environmental Research. DE-RA26-98BC15200 (CBD 02/18/98)

    Deadline: 04/14/98

    9-7 Research Opportunities in Space Science-1998 (NASA)

    NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS) has released a broad agency announcement, Research Opportunities in Space Science--1998 (ROSS 98) which solicits proposals for supporting research, analysis, and technology across a broad range of program elements relevant to the four defined OSS science themes: Astronomical Search for Origins, Solar System Exploration, Structure and Evolution of the Universe, and The Sun-Earth Connection. Proposals are solicited for 25 different science program elements that span the entire range of topics in contemporary space science. The earliest deadline is May 4, 1998 and the latest is August 31, 1998. A Notice of Intent to propose is requested for all program elements. NRA 98-OSS-03

    Deadline: Varies

    9-8 Joint Technology Demonstrator Engine (DOD)

    The Joint Technology Demonstrator Engine (JTDE) program provides the demonstration and verification required to transition, the acceptable risk, affordable, high payoff turbine engine component technologies for a wide variety of propulsion systems including the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the F-22 Air Superiority Fighter, the F/A-18 E/F and Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles. The JTDE program conducts demonstrator engine testing to assess the turbine engine component technologies and validate performance, structural, and cost models/design systems. This effort includes design, fabrication, assembly, instrumentation, test and analysis to characterize the aerodynamic, thermodynamic, and mechanical performance of new and/or modified components. The effort includes updating the advanced technology cost data base, production and maintenance costs. PRDA 98-01-PRK (CBD 02/20/98)

    Deadline: 04/06/98

    9-9 Solid Fuels and Feedstocks (DOE)

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Federal Energy Technology Center (FETC) is interested in pursuing cost-shared proposals for research, development, and demonstration in the area of Solid Fuels and Feedstocks. The purpose of this Solid Fuels and Feedstocks Grand Challenge PRDA solicitation is to develop technologies that ensure a continued supply of environmentally sound fuel for existing and future combustion systems, with minimal incremental fuel cost, and to better utilize domestic resources for the production of high-value, carbon-based feedstocks for specialty applications. DE-RA26-98FT97098 (CBD 02/10/98)

    Deadline: 04/15/98

    9-10 National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) Research Program (DOE)

    The Office of Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces its interest in receiving grant applications for imaginative research initiatives to be conducted on the NSTX device in furtherance of its research mission. The research should be aimed at elucidating the physics principles involved through experimental and theoretical means. Research projects are sought which are original, and which provide scientific insights into the novel operating regimes that will be the thrust of the NSTX program. The program of collaboration must be developed through cooperation and discussions with the NSTW research team at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). Program Notice 98-07 (FR 02/02/98)

    Deadline: 04/23/98

    9-11 95K High Efficiency Cryocooler (DOD)

    The Air Force Research Laboratory is interested in receiving proposals (technical and cost) in response this Program Research and Development Announcement (PRDA). This PRDA is for the design, development, fabrication, and delivery of a space qualifiable cryocooler to meet Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and Air Force technology needs. Proposals with new or creative research or development solutions for the use of technology demonstrations which enhance the state-of-the-art and scientific knowledge in this field are solicited. PKV 98-03 (CBD 02/13/98)

    Deadline: 03/27/98

    9-12 Dual Use Applications Program -- Army Medical (DOD)

    The US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) announces a program in the area of Dual Use Science and Technology. Topic Areas are: Medical-Situation/Information Decision Aides; Universal diagnostic system; Drug development screening technologies; Replicative bacterial insecticide for treatment of biting flies that transmit diseases; Blood product development technologies; Vaccine technology; Therapeutics/Scavenger enzymes for therapeutic use; and Diagnostic technologies. (CBD 02/20/98)

    Deadline: 03/20/98

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    9-13 Use of Model Organisms to Understand the Human Genome (DOE)

    The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) of the Office of Energy Research (ER), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), hereby announces its interest in receiving peer-reviewable applications for research in support of the Biological Research Program. This program is a coordinated multidisciplinary research effort to develop creative, innovative approaches, resources, and technologies that lead to a molecular understanding of the human genome. This solicitation is for research that capitalizes on our understanding and the manipulability of the genomes of model organisms, including yeast, nematode, fruitfly, Zebra fish, and mouse, to speed understanding of human genome organization, regulation, and function. Program Notice 98-10 (FR 02/17/98)

    Deadline: Preapplications 03/26/98, Applications 05/07/98

    9-14 Arabidopsis Thaliana Genome Sequencing Project (NSF/DoE/USDA)

    The National Science Foundation, Energy Department and Agriculture Department are inviting proposals to continue systematic sequencing of the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana, chosen as an experimental model system for flowering plants. The goal of the project is to sequence the entire Arabidopsis genome by the year 2004. The overall objective of the Plant Genome Research Program is to support research on the structure, organization and function of plant genomes, and to accelerate the acquisition and utilization of new knowledge and innovative technologies that will aid in developing a more complete elucidation of basic biological processes in plants. NSF 98-52

    Deadline: 04/15/98

    9-15 Mechanisms of Cellular Responses to Low Dose, Low Dose-Rate Exposures (DOE)

    The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) of the Office of Energy Research (ER), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), announces its interest in receiving applications for research for support of the Cellular Biology Research program. This program is a coordinated multidisciplinary research effort to develop creative, innovative approaches that will provide a better scientific basis for understanding exposures and risks to humans associated with low level exposures to radiation and chemicals. Using modern molecular tools, this research will provide information that will be used to decrease the uncertainty of risk at low levels, help determine the shape of the dose-response relationships after low level exposure, and achieve acceptable levels of human health protection at the lowest possible cost. Program Notice 98-11 (FR 02/17/98)

    Deadline: Preapplications 03/26/98, Applications 05/07/98

    9-16 Tropical Disease Research Units (NIH)

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), invites applications for program project grants to conduct multidisciplinary research leading to the development and evaluation of new strategies to prevent and control diseases caused by protozoan and helminth parasites. Programs will focus on one of the following areas: 1) development of vaccines for infection and disease; 2) discovery of drug targets and development of new chemotherapeutic agents for treating and preventing parasitic infections; or 3) development of new approaches for interruption of the parasite life cycle at the level of the invertebrate (vector) host. AI-98-004 (NIHG 02/20/98)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 03/31/98, Applications 06/17/98

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    9-17 Data Resources Program (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is seeking applicants to conduct original research using data from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, especially those from previously NIJ-funded projects. Researchers from all disciplines interested in addressing topical criminal justice policy concerns through the exploration and analysis of archived data are encouraged to apply. Particular consideration will be given to proposals that provide direct applications to criminal justice policy or practice or that suggest innovative applications of emerging statistical techniques and analytic methodologies.

    Deadline: 04/15/98


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