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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - February 6, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 6)





    6-1 NSF's Partnership in Nanotechnology Program (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation's Partnership in Nanotechnology (NSF 98-20) allows the submission of only two proposals from each institution, plus a third for collaborative projects involving another university or campus, and allows an applicant to participate on no more than one proposal. R.W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, will coordinate submission of proposals. Please contact him at 532-6195 by Monday, February 9, if you are considering submitting.

    Deadline: Internal notification 02/09/98; NSF 02/17/98


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    6-2 ORSP Funding Opportunities (ORSP)

    ORSP is pleased to offer the 1998 Special Group Incentive Research Awards program which is intended to stimulate the development of new programs of research and scholarly activity that involve groups of faculty, particularly faculty from multiple complementary academic disciplines. A program briefing session is scheduled for 4 P.M. in Union 212 on Wednesday, February 18. In addition to a discussion of program and proposal guidelines, previous winners will share their experiences.


    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has a February 27, 1998 deadline for University Small Research Grants (USRGs) and for Faculty Development Awards (FDAs) for the Spring Competition. FDAs are open to all tenure-track faculty and serve primarily as travel awards. USRGs support research, scholarly activity and other creative efforts and are restricted to faculty not eligible for AES or EES support.

    Deadline: Group Incentive: Letters of Intent 03/15/98; USRG, FDA 02/27

    6-3 Advanced Human Support Technology Program (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research announcement (NRA) solicits proposals to participate in research opportunities in the Advanced Human Support Technology (AHST) Program of the Space Life Sciences Division. This announcement solicits proposals for research and for development of technologies that will enable humans to more efficiently and effectively live and work in space. The AHST Program seeks to fund a balance of long-range and maturing technologies, especially those that will have a dramatic impact on reduction of mass, power, volume and crew-time and increased reliability. It is NASA's vision that this NRA will further the exploitation of biological principals to create exciting new technologies with properties inherent in the biological world, i.e., miniature, low power, sensitive and fault tolerant. NRA 98-HEDS-01

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 03/13/98; Proposals 04/15/98

    6-4 Research Technologies Initiative (Beckman)

    The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation announces a new program and invites proposals for research in chemistry and the life sciences, particularly to foster the invention of methods, instruments and materials that will open up new avenues of research in science. The Beckman Foundation Research Technologies Initiative is intended to support the development of new research technologies, directed at leading edge scientific fields of study, that have potential for creating new approaches to the solution of basic research questions. Since each institution may submit only one preapplication for an award, R.W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 532-6195, will coordinate the selection process for KSU's submission. Please submit a letter of intent describing your project to Dr. Trewyn by February 20.

    Deadline: Internal 02/20/98; Preproposals 04/01/98

    6-5 Grants to Aid Women (MS Foundation)

    The MS. Foundation for Women supports the efforts of women and girls to govern their own lives and influence the world around them. The Foundation funds and assists women's self-help organizing efforts and pursues changes in public consciousness, law, philanthropy and social policy. Grants are awarded in three issue areas: Women's Economic Security; Women's Health and Safety; and Girls, Young Women and Leadership. The Foundation does not fund cultural or media projects, publications, individuals, scholarships, university-based research, state agencies or religious institutions.

    Deadline: Letters of Inquiry 03/31/98

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    6-6 Model Demonstration Projects for Children with Disabilities (ED)

    Proposals are now being accepted for ED's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services Research and Innovation program, an initiative whose goals are to improve services provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and to improve the early intervention and educational achievements of infants, toddlers and children with disabilities. The absolute priority is for model demonstration projects that develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate new or improved approaches for providing early intervention, special education and related services to infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities, ages birth through 21. CFDA 84.324 (FR 01/15/98)

    Deadline: 03/13/98

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    6-7 Mixed Anion Heterostructure Materials (DOD)

    The purpose of this effort is to develop reproducible, predictable high quality epitaxial growth processes for III-V semiconductor heterostructures with mixed anion components, that is, heterostructures wherein the group V anion changes across the heterostructure interface. The program will be restricted to high vacuum growth techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) or chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) and will not include group III-nitride semiconductors. The emphasis of the program will be on development of reproducible production worthy processes as opposed to basic research. PRDA #98-31-MLK (CBD 01/29/98)

    Deadline: 03/17/98

    6-8 Information Institute Research Initiative Program (DOD)

    Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Rome is soliciting research proposals under the Information Institute Research Initiative Program. The purpose of the Air Force Research Laboratory Rome Information Institute (II) is to conduct pioneering research in information technologies at the basic research and exploratory development level. Efforts that will be performed as part of the II research program are intended to be collaborative university efforts designed to provide AFRL Rome with leading edge research that can be applied to a variety of AFRL Rome and Air Force needs. The II is endeavoring to encourage research in four areas of particular interest to the AFRL Rome Information Directorate. These include innovative approaches and basic research projects in: Modeling and Simulation, Information Fusion, Defensive Information Warfare, and Knowledge Base Technology. BAA 98-06-IFKPA (CBD 01/28/98)

    Deadline: 02/19/98

    6-9 Far-Infrared Space Telescope: Opportunity to Participate (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Office of Space Science, is releasing The Far-Infrared Space Telescope (FIRST) Opportunity to Participate in Flight Instruments and as Mission Scientists. This opportunity solicits participation with European instrument teams in proposing for flight opportunities with the ESA FIRST mission. In addition, this opportunity solicits participation as U.S. Mission scientists. AO 98-OSS-02

    Deadline: Notice of Intent 02/16/98; Proposals 03/02/98

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    6-10 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Immunology or General Immunology (CRI)

    The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) funds research aimed at furthering the development of immunological approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Postdoctoral fellowships are offered to qualified scientists who wish to receive training in cancer immunology or general immunology. Applicants for the CRI Fellowship Program must have a doctoral degree and must conduct their proposed research under a sponsor who holds a formal appointment at the host institution.

    Deadline: 04/01/98

    6-11 Neurosciences Technology Development (NIH)

    The mission of the Biomedical Technology area of the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) is to support research to identify, create and develop innovative technologies and to provide these technologies for biomedical research. Areas of emphasis are biomedical engineering, biomedical computing, and technologies for the study of structure and function at all levels of living systems. The purpose of this program announcement (PA) is to encourage submission of new research project grant (R01) applications to develop new (or enhance existing) technologies, methods, or instrumentation for the study of the biology of the brain, with special emphasis on approaches that are appropriate for investigating dynamic changes with time, the fourth dimension. This solicitation is intended to include any novel or emerging technology suitable for studying the brain, including: magnetic resonance imaging, microscopic imaging, physiological tracer imaging, image processing/manipulation/fusion, modeling/simulation, and database access/analysis. PA-98-012 (NIHG 11/21/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    6-12 Studies of Molecular Mechanisms of Renal Injury and Recovery (NIH)

    The Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases announces a continuing interest in receiving research project applications on Studies of Molecular Mechanisms of Renal Injury and Recovery. The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate research into the pathophysiological response by the kidney to acute renal failure (ARF), which can lead to new therapies and novel uses of replacement therapies in the clinical setting. To that end, the following are some of the objectives of this solicitation that are being encouraged, which are examples only and should not be viewed as all inclusive: Studies addressing the effect on function of renal cells of ischemia/hypoxia induced alterations in cytoskeletal proteins and ATP depletion; Studies to determine the role of integrins and protein kinases in the cascade of events leading to acute tubular obstruction/necrosis; studies to evaluate the role of blood pressure maintenance in recovery from ARF; Studies on nephrotoxins, including antibiotics, heavy metals, oxidants and halogenated hydrocarbons; and Studies that will determine appropriate nutritional support in the ARF patient. PA-97-108 (NIHG 09/19/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

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    6-13 Innovative Approaches to Disease Prevention Through Behavior Change (NIH)

    The NIH invites applications for a four year research grant program to test interventions designed to achieve long-term health behavior change. The health behaviors of interest-- tobacco use, insufficient exercise, poor diet, and alcohol abuse--are among the top ten causes for morbidity and premature mortality. This request for applications solicits intervention studies aimed at either comparing alternative theories related to mechanisms involved in behavior change, or assessing the utility of a particular theoretical model for changing two or more health-related behaviors, rather than simply demonstrating the efficacy of a single behavior change program. OD-98-002 (NIHG 10/24/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 04/01/98, Applications 05/21/98

    6-14 Resident Research Fellowships (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice's Visiting Fellowship Program supports research in areas related to the long-range goals of the Institute's research, evaluation, and science and technology programs, including forensic science. Fellows will prepare reports suitable for publication summarizing the results and policy implications of their research, participate in developing plans for national research programs, provide technical assistance, present seminars, and develop informational materials.

    Deadline: Open

    6-15 Violence Against Women (NIJ/CDC)

    The National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are inviting concept papers for research on the extent of violence against women, why this violence occurs and how to prevent it. Prospective applicants should submit concept papers to conduct secondary data analysis on issues related to violence against women, including sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. Research should seek to address gaps in current understanding of how violent behavior and victimization against women develop/ and to identify information on the developmental antecedents of violence against women.

    Deadline: Concept Papers 03/16/98

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    6-16 DOE Summer and Fall Semester Undergraduate Research (DOE)

    The Department of Energy offers undergraduate students opportunities to participate in research relating to energy production, use, conservation, and societal implications. Eligible disciplines include: engineering, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and computer science. A weekly stipend and limited travel reimbursement is available for a 10-week summer appointment or a 16-week fall semester. Funding is available for research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington.

    Deadline: 03/16/98

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