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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

November 21, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 42)





    42-1 Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education (POWRE) (NSF)

    The Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education (POWRE) program is a new initiative by NSF to increase women's prominence in science and engineering and to enhance their professional advancement by providing women with funding opportunities not ordinarily available through regular research and education grants. POWRE awards are designed to provide a one-time input of funds at a critical stage in the principal investigator's career, a means by which she can take advantage of an opportunity that will contribute to a significant, identifiable advance in her career path. Tenure or tenure-track status is not an eligibility factor. (NSF 97-91; 98-21)

    Deadline: Proposals 12/09/97; Supplements 02/17/98

    42-2 Research Grants in Physical & Biological Sciences (Eppley)

    The purpose of the Eppley Foundation is to encourage and support advanced research in the physical and biological sciences. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting research-initiation projects with the understanding that sufficient work can be accomplished to enable the research to apply for greater sums from federal or other sources. It is important that work proposed for support be original in its insights.

    Deadline: 02/01; 05/01; 08/01; 11/01

    42-3 Transformations to Quality Organizations Program (NSF)

    This program supports interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research (i.e., involving engineering and management and/or social science disciplines) on quality. Research supported by this program must be based on partnerships between researchers and firms or other organizations. The objectives are to support research to develop theories, concepts, and methodologies for improved transformations to quality organizations, and to encourage the development of new tools or processes leading to quality improvements in organizations. Research funded by the Transformations to Quality Organizations Program must use rigorous methodologies to answer important questions about quality transformations, and must make a clear contribution to the literature in this area. (NSF 98-15)

    Deadline: 02/15/98

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    42-4 Bilingual Program Development and Implementation (ED)

    The Department of Education supports the Bilingual Program Development and Implementation Project to provide grants to develop and implement new comprehensive, coherent, and successful bilingual education or special alternative instructional programs for limited English proficient students, including programs of early childhood education, kindergarten through twelfth grade education, gifted and talented education, and vocational and applied technology education. Eligible applicants include one or more local educational agencies (LEAs) in collaboration with an institution of higher education. CFDA 84.288S

    Deadline: 01/20/98

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    42-5 Cooperative Automotive Research for Advanced Technologies (CARAT) Program (DOE)

    The Department of Energy (DOE plans to issue a Solicitation for Financial Assistance to invite applications to research and development for the Cooperative Automotive Research for Advanced Technologies (CARAT) Program. This first annual solicitation seeks innovative research and development in the following seven topic areas consisting of a total of 17 subtopics: (1) Vehicle Systems; (2) Advanced Gas Turbines; (3) Fuel Cells; (4) Batteries; (5) Flywheel Energy Storage; (6) Compression Ignition Direct Injection (CIDI); and (7) Alternative Fuels. DE-PS02-98-EE50493 (CBD 09/30/97)

    Deadline: 02/24/98

    42-6 Tactical Mobile Robotics (DOD)

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting proposals for research, development, and demonstration of tactical mobile robotics and related technologies. The underlying long-term objective is to support land force domination of urban battlespace by employing teams of mobile robots in interior and exterior terrain during battle conditions. DARPA seeks proposals in the following areas: A) Technology Development for the development and demonstration of unique and innovative mobile robotics technologies, including machine perception, autonomous operation, robotic locomotion, and mission packages; and B) System Design for the design of one or more tactical mobile robotic systems. BAA 98-08

    Deadline: 12/19/97

    42-7 Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program (NSF)

    The Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program is designed to develop long term partnerships among industry, academe and government. The Centers are catalyzed by a small investment from NSF and are primarily supported by Center members, with NSF taking a supporting role in their development and evolution. I/UCRC awards are for five years and may be renewed for another five years to allow Centers to continue to grow and diversity their industrial memberships. Centers should have industrial and other partners that are the primary financial resource for the Center and rely primarily on graduate student involvement in the research projects. Multiple universities or colleges are encouraged to partner in forming a Center. (NSF 97-164)

    Deadline: Concept Paper anytime

    42-8 Research Related to Decontamination and Decommissioning of Facilities (DOE)

    The Offices of Energy Research and Environmental Management, Department of Energy, announce their interest in receiving grant applications for performance of innovative, fundamental research to support activities for facility decontamination and decommissioning which include, but are not limited to, the characterization, monitoring and certification of contaminated equipment and facilities; contaminant removal, contaminant control of various treatment processes; the treatment, removal, and stabilization of DOE D&D-derived radioactive, hazardous chemical, and mixed wastes. Notice 98-04

    Deadline: Preapplications 12/16/97; Applications 03/17/98

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    42-9 Innovative Approaches to Investigating Human Tuberculosis (NIH)

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), invite applications that expand our knowledge and understanding of the organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) and its interaction with the human host. This announcement is designed to encourage development of innovative approaches that will facilitate investigations of M.tb itself, and its interaction with the human host, allowing for validation of much of what has been and continues to be learned in model systems, and increasing our understanding of human tuberculosis pathogenesis. The results of such studies should be invaluable in the development of improved strategies for controlling human tuberculosis. PA-97-084 (NIHG 07/25/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    42-10 Inflammation in Asthma and Allergy (NIH)

    The purpose of this asthma and allergy research Program Announcement PA is to inform the scientific community of the interests of NIH Institutes in stimulating a wide range of basic and clinical studies to characterize the role of tissue inflammation in the pathogenesis of asthma and allergic diseases; identify factors responsible for the initiation and maintenance of inflammation in asthma and allergic diseases; and, based on this knowledge, develop new and improved approaches to treat and prevent these disorders. PA-97-078 (NIHG 07/25/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    42-11 The Cell Biology of the Pancreatic Beta Cell (NIH)

    The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) invites investigator-initiated research grant applications to elucidate the pathways and factors responsible for the development and maintenance of beta cells in the pancreas. This solicitation is intended to stimulate the application of advances in cell biology and molecular biology to the study of the cell biology of the pancreatic beta cell. Collaborative efforts that link expertise in cell biology to expertise in diabetes are strongly encouraged. Also, two-year pilot and feasibility applications are available within this solicitation. DK-98-003 (NIHG 10/10/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 02/19/97, Applications 03/19/97

    42-12 Heart Failure Research: New Approaches to Pathogenesis (NIH)

    The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Institute on Aging invite applications to investigate the cellular and molecular underpinnings of heart failure, as well as the multiple tissue interactions leading to the symptoms of this condition. This Request for Applications is intended to promote and support research teams with diverse, complementary expertise in molecular, cellular, physiological, and clinical approaches to heart failure research. The overall goal is to stimulate innovative multidisciplinary research to expedite progress in understanding the pathogenesis of heart failure and to facilitate rapid application of new findings to better recognition and treatment of the condition.

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 01/09/98; Applications 02/20/98

    42-13 Leukemia Translational Research Program (Leukemia Society of America)

    The Translational Research Program provides early-stage support for clinical research on leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin disease, and myeloma, which is intended to develop innovative approaches to treatment, diagnosis or prevention. The program fosters collaboration between basic and clinical scientists with the intent of enhancing the transfer of basic research findings to clinical usefulness. Applications are sought proposing novel approaches to the management of leukemia and lymphoma. Proposals should be based on epidemiologic, molecular, cellular or integrated systems findings and be conceptually innovative.

    Deadline: Preliminary Applications 02/15/98; Applications 03/15/98

    42-14 Alternative Methods of Feeding Afloat Navy Sailors (DOD)

    The United States Navy is interested in finding lower cost messing alternatives that provide an acceptable level of food quality for sailors aboard ship, with less intensive shipboard manpower requirements. The primary goal is to reduce the number of sailors required in food management, preparation, service, and clean-up aboard ship. Concept papers are solicited for alternative means of feeding the crew aboard ship and may include recommendations for more efficient methods of food preparation, innovations in equipment, new technologies or procedures. An Aircraft Carrier is the desired prototype platform since it represents the largest and most complex afloat feeding operation.

    Deadline: 01/15/98

    42-15 Minor Histocompatibility Antigens in GVHD & Graft Rejection (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health(NIH) invites applications for studies to further our understanding of the role of minor histocompatibility antigens (MiHA) in graft vs. host disease (GVHD) following bone marrow transplantation and the possible involvement of MiHAs in chronic graft rejection of solid organ transplants. Most of the research efforts to date have centered on the role of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) antigens in rejection of transplanted tissues and organs. This initiative is designed to promote research to characterize the immunologic response to MiHA and to attempt to define how the response can be prevented to enhance graft survival. It will support basic, pre-clinical, and clinical studies using molecular and cellular approaches to dissect the immune response to these antigens. PA-97-077 (NIHG 07/25/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

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    42-16 Minority Dissertation Research Grants in Aging (NIH)

    Small grants to support doctoral dissertation research will be available for minority doctoral candidates. Grant support is designed to aid the research of new minority investigators and to encourage minority individuals from a variety of academic disciplines and programs to study topics relevant to aging. Possible topics of research include; Biology of Aging Program, Behavioral and Social Research Program, Neuroscience and Neuropsychology of Aging Program, and Geriatrics Program. AG-98-001 (NIHG 11/07/97)

    Deadline: 02/20/98

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