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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

October 30, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 39)




    39-1 Small Business Innovation Research (DOD)

    The Department of Defense invites small business firms to submit proposals for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Objectives of the SBIR Program include stimulating technological innovation, strengthening the role of small business in meeting DOD research and development needs, fostering and encouraging participation by minority and disadvantaged persons in technological innovation, and increasing the commercial application of DOD-supported research. University personnel may participate as consultants.

    Deadline: 01/14/98

    39-2 College and University Affiliations (USIA)

    The U.S. Information Agency is inviting applications under its College and University Affiliations program for projects in democratic institution-building and/or civic education; and free trade and market economies and/or the environment and sustainable development. For democracy-related themes projects should help build democratic institutions, promote the development of civil societies and civic education and increase expertise in the rule of law and the administration of justice through faculty and curriculum development, teaching and lecturing and outreach. For free-trade/environmental themes projects should promote higher education's role in economic development and the development of market economies, trade and investment overseas. Environmentally-related projects should address the public policy aspects of sustainable development, in the U.S. and globally. E/ASU-98-02, E/ASU-98-03 (FR 10/02/97)

    Deadline: 01/16/98

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    39-3 Innovative Marketing Strategies (USDA)

    USDA's North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program is requesting proposals for research and education activities that address issues of developing and maintaining marketing infrastructure for sustainable products of current and potential importance to the region and nation. This is a new, targeted regional initiative to acknowledge the importance of building marketing capacity skills for sustainable agriculture producers and the education of consumers on the benefits of purchasing sustainable agriculture products. Projects must emphasize the consumer-grower relationship.

    Deadline: 01/23/98

    39-4 Pork Research (NPPC)

    The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is soliciting research proposals dealing with pork production, meat science (pork), and human nutrition (meat or pork) issues. Research projects may be in the following areas: Animal Welfare; Worker Health & Safety; Breeding & Genetics; Environment/Odor; Economics; Human Nutrition; New Products; Pork Quality; Pork Safety; Swine Health/Pork Safety. A separate area, Discovery Concepts, is provided for research ideas outside the specific individual areas' solicitation.

    Deadline: 12/04/97

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    39-5 Democratic Vistas Grants (KHC)

    The Kansas Humanities Council provides grants for Democratic Vistas projects that focus on how the humanities may better prepare people to discuss public issues, share and preserve community memory and culture and, through strengthening civic culture and redefining citizenship, create visions of the common good in a diverse democracy.

    Deadline: n/a

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    39-6 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications under the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need program to provide fellowships to talented students with demonstrated financial need to enhance teaching research in designated areas of national need. Awardees must provide fellowships in one of the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, computer and information sciences, engineering, geoscience, mathematics and physics. (FR 10/27/97)

    Deadline: 01/05/98

    39-7 Junior Faculty Development (USIA)

    The United States Information Agency is inviting applications to develop and administer a comprehensive faculty and curriculum development program for young faculty from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to be affiliated at U.S. higher education institutions in a variety of disciplines. The goal is to provide opportunities for the visiting faculty to upgrade their knowledge in the subjects they teach; acquire new teaching skills and methodologies; produce new curricula; and develop professional contacts and initiate institutional linkages for their home institutions. E/AEE-98-04 (FR 10/23/97)

    Deadline: 01/08/98

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    39-8 Cooperative Automotive Research for Advanced Technologies (DOE)

    The Department of Energy invites applications for federal assistance for research on Cooperative Automotive Research for Advanced Technologies (CARAT) Program. The CARAT Program is for research and development in the following topic areas: Vehicle Systems; Fuel Cells; Batteries; Flywheel Energy Storage; Compression Ignition Direct Injection; and Alternative Fuels. DE-PS02-98EE50493

    Deadline: 02/24/98

    39-9 Awards to Facilitate Geoscience Education (NSF)

    NSF's Directorate for Geosciences invites submission of proposals that describe projects to enhance geoscience education. GEO intends to facilitate the initiation or piloting of innovative educational activities by geoscience researchers where support may not otherwise be available. In appropriate cases, awards could be made by supplementing active research grants. GEO expects these projects to be focused as well as to have potentially broad impact that may lead to innovative intellectual developments of that involve innovative partnerships. Funding provided through those awards should be catalytic; long-term funding will not be provided. These awards are intended to complement but not replicate activities supported by NSF's Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR). GEO expects successful projects to engage the expertise of educators and/or members of the education research community in appropriate ways in order to guarantee their effectiveness. (NSF 97-147)

    Deadline: 01/20/97

    39-10 Global Tropospheric Experiment: Pacific Exploratory Mission in the Tropics B (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) intends to solicit basic research proposals for experimental and theoretical investigations in support of its Global Tropospheric Experiment's Pacific Exploratory Mission B in the Tropics (PEM-Tropics-B) directed toward providing and conducting experiments aboard the NASA DC-8 or PE-B aircraft and/or theoretical studies with the data to be obtained from the airborne and supporting ground based experiments. NRA-97-MTPE-13

    Deadline: 01/29/98

    39-11 Experimental Software Systems (NSF)

    NSF's Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) announces a research program in Experimental Software Systems (ESS). The objectives of the ESS Program are: 1) to promote the discovery, integration, dissemination, and employment of new knowledge of computer and information science and engineering by supporting experimental investigations conducted by research teams dedicated to making fundamental advances through innovations in software and software engineering; 2) to provide opportunities for investigators from different research areas to collaborate on addressing a research question that requires the multiple perspectives and talents of the team members; and 3) to improve the experimental computer science expertise of principal investigators and students in research institutions. NSF 98-8

    Deadline: 12/16/97

    39-12 Manufacturing Education Plan (SME)

    The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces a new grants program called the Manufacturing Education Plan. The objective of this new grants program is to elicit initiatives designed to create innovative partnerships between academic and industry to better educate tomorrow's manufacturing practitioners. Funding priorities will be given to those educational institutions committed to improving the quality and development of manufacturing engineering and technology education and oriented towards increasing manufacturing productivity through academic-industry-Foundation cooperation.

    Deadline: Preproposals 12/01/97

    39-13 Research in Scientific Visualization for Computational Fluid Dynamics (NASA)

    This NASA Research Announcement solicits proposals for research on various aspects of scientific visualization to support the Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division at the NASA Ames Research Center. The intent of this NRA is to foster mutually beneficial technology transfer for scientific visualization of computational fluid dynamics and related aerosciences. This technology transfer may include software, data, technical reports, site visits and oral presentations. NRA2-36832

    Deadline: 12/30/97

    39-14 Microgravity Combustion Science: Research and Flight Experiment Opportunity (NASA)

    NASA is interested in receiving proposals for basic experimental and theoretical research using microgravity to advance scientific knowledge and technology in combustion science. In addition, proposals are sought to provide fundamental understanding of physical-chemical processes in extraterrestrial environments, particularly in the areas of fire safety, power generation, and use of in-situ resources. NRA-97-HEDS-01

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 12/01/97, Proposals 01/16/98

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    39-15 The Effect of Diabetes on the Urinary Bladder and Erectile Function (NIH)

    The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) through its Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Disease invites investigators to submit research grant applications which will increase the basic knowledge of the effects of diabetes mellitus on the lower urinary tract. Specifically, this request addresses studies of urothelial cell, vascular, neurological and smooth muscle functions and interactions in the normal urinary bladder and in penile erectile function and the changes which occur with diabetes mellitus. The overall scientific goal of this initiative is to enhance the understanding of the molecular and cellular changes which occur in the urinary bladder and penile erectile function of the person with diabetes. DK-98-002 (NIHG 10/17/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 12/09/97, Applications 01/09/98

    39-16 Gertrude Elion Cancer Research Award (AACR)

    The Gertrude Elion Cancer Research Award is presented annually by the American Association for Cancer Research to a nontenured scientist at the level of Assistant Professor engaged in meritorious basic, clinical, or translational cancer research at a non-government, not-for-profit research facility. A letter of nomination must be submitted by an Active, Corresponding, Emeritus, or Honorary Member of the AACR, to whom the applicant is known personally.

    Deadline: 12/15/97

    39-17 Initiative for Minority Students: Bridges to the Baccalaureate Degree (NIGMS)

    The National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the Office of Research on Minority Health (ORMH) re-announce two research initiatives directed at increasing the number of underrepresented minorities entering careers in biomedical research. The programs target two different underrepresented minority student populations: those in colleges and universities offering only Master of Science degree programs in biomedically-related sciences and those in two-year junior or community colleges. This program seeks to encourage the development of new and innovative programs and the expansion of existing programs to improve the academic competitiveness of underrepresented minority students and facilitate their transition into the next stage towards careers in biomedical research. GM-98-001 (NIHG 10/17/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/21/97, Applications 01/16/97

    39-18 Initiative for Minority Students: Bridges to the Doctoral Degree (NIH)

    This program seeks to encourage the development of new and innovative programs and the expansion of existing programs to improve the academic competitiveness of underrepresented minority students and facilitate their transition into the next stage towards careers in biomedical research. GM-98-002 (NIHG 10/17/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/21/97, Applications 01/16/97

    39-19 New Approaches to Improve the Viability and Function of Transfused Platelets (NIH)

    The Transfusion Medicine Scientific Research Group, Division of Blood Diseases and Resources, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, announces the availability of a Request for Applications on the above subject. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the conduct of research on the alterations produced in blood platelets during collection/ processing and storage, on the development of detection techniques for monitoring viability and function of platelets after collection/processing and during storage, and on the prevention of defects responsible for loss of function. HL-97-016 (NIHG 10/17/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/28/97, Applications 01/22/97

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