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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - September 12, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 32)





    32-1 Centers for Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research (NIH)

    The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), share the common objective of fostering research that will ultimately reduce the extent of adverse human heath effects occurring as a consequence of exposure to hazardous environmental agents. NIEHS and EPA invite grant applications for Centers that will develop multidisciplinary basic and applied research in combination with community-based prevention research projects to support studies on the causes and mechanisms of children's disorders having an environmental etiology, identify relevant environmental exposures, intervene to reduce hazardous exposures and their adverse health effects, and eventually decrease the prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of environmentally related childhood diseases. ES-97-004 (NIHG 08/29/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 09/30/97, Application 01/21/97

    32-2 National Digital Library (LOC)

    The Library of Congress is inviting proposals to create digital collections of primary resources for distribution on the internet-- specifically, collections of textual and graphic materials that illuminate the period 1763-1920 and that complement and enhance the American Memory collections already mounted in the National Digital Library. (FR 07/29/97)

    Deadline: 11/03/97

    32-3 Long-Term Cancer Survivors: Research Initiatives (NIH)

    The National Cancer Institute invites research grant applications to identify important areas that have an impact on long term survivors of cancer. The purpose of this RFA is to support research that will lead to a decrease in the physiologic and psychological morbidity associated with long term (more than 5 years) survival after cancer treatment by addressing specific areas that affect cancer survivors to a greater extent than members of the population at large. Questions related to the experiences of the cancer survivor encompassing both physiologic and psychological variables are to be explored and interventions to promote positive outcomes evaluated where appropriate. CA-97-018 (NIHG 09/05/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 10/24/97, Applications 11/25/97

    32-4 Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Woodrow Wilson Center)

    The Woodrow Wilson Center awards approximately 35 fellowships annually to individuals for advanced research in the humanities and social sciences. Applicants must have a doctorate or equivalent professional accomplishments. Fellowships are generally for an academic year.

    Deadline: 10/01/97

    32-5 Fulbright Visiting Scholars (CIES)

    Three Visiting Scholar programs are being offered: The Scholar-in-Residence (SIR) program which allows colleges and universities or departments to host a Fulbright lecturer for a semester or academic year in the social sciences or humanities, and the Occasional Lecturer Program which provides travel support for visiting scholars already in the US to guest lecture at other campuses. A separate funding opportunity exists for universities to host an expert on the European Union (EU), bringing to campus a senior EU official or a faculty member from an EU university.

    Deadline: 11/01/97

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    32-6 Humanities Center Fellowships (National Humanities Center)

    The National Humanities Center, a residential institute for advanced study in history, languages and literature, philosophy, and other fields of the humanities, awards fellowships to scholars of demonstrated achievement and to promising younger scholars. Most fellowships are for the academic year, though a few may be awarded for the fall or spring semester.

    Deadline: 10/15/97

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    32-7 Business and International Education (ED)

    The Education Department is soliciting applications for grants to enhance international business education programs and expand the capacity of the business community to engage in international economic activities. CFDA 84.153A (FR 08/05/97)

    Deadline: 11/07/97

    32-8 Centers for International Business Education (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for grants to provide the federal share of the cost of planning, establishing and operating centers for international business. CFDA 84.220A (FR 08/05/97)

    Deadline: 11/10/97

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    32-9 TRIO Programs (ED)

    The Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Centers portions of the TRIO programs are currently soliciting applications. The Educational Opportunity Centers Program should conduct projects designed to provide information regarding financial and academic assistance for individuals who desire to pursue a program of postsecondary education, and assist individuals applying for admission to institutions of higher education. The Talent Search should conduct projects to identify qualified youths who are low-income and potential first-generation college students and to encourage them to complete high school and enroll in postsecondary education.

    Deadline: Opportunity Centers 09/30/97; Talent Search 10/31/97

    32-10 Area and Language Studies (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for grants to strengthen and improve undergraduate instructions in international studies and foreign languages in the United States. ED favors projects that require entering students to have completed at least two years of secondary school foreign language instruction; require each graduating student to earn two years of postsecondary credit in a foreign language or have demonstrated equivalent foreign language competence; or, for two-year degree granting institutions, offer two years of post-secondary credit in a foreign language. CFDA 84.106A (FR 08/05/97)

    Deadline: 11/03/97

    32-11 Fulbright International Education Administrators Programs (CIES)

    Special Fulbright programs for administrators in international education include short-term group seminar programs in Germany, Japan and Korea. The three-week seminar in Germany during April/May 1998 is on current issues in German Higher education and international educational exchange. Applications are invited from full-time administrators. A four-week seminar in late June 1998 is offered on higher education, society and culture in Japan. Applicants should have at least three years of full-time work experience in foreign student admissions or advising, study abroad, education exchange services, or international programs. A two-week seminar in June 1998 is offered on higher education, society and culture in Korea.

    Deadline: 11/01/97

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    32-12 Partnerships for Academic-Industrial Research (PAIR) in Support of Energy-Relevant Fundamental Research (DOE)

    The Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Energy Research (ER), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces its interest in receiving grant applications for performance of basic research to support important, long-term national objectives in energy relevant research. The purpose of this program is to promote research activities involving academic researchers, their students, and industrial researchers. DOE encourages submission of applications to conduct high-quality basic research on fundamental issues important to the efficient, economical, safe, and environmentally responsible production and use of energy.

    Deadline: 11/05/97

    32-13 Thermal Hydraulic Research (NRC)

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is seeking innovative ideas in the general area of two-phase flow modeling. Research proposals are solicited in three areas pertaining to two-phase flow simulations: 1) advancement of the numerical methods used in the simulation of two-phase flows as related to the NRC thermal-hydraulic codes (RELAP5 and TRAC-P); 2) quantification of the uncertainties associated with two-phase flow models; and 3) the development and assessment of two-phase flow models for use in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code. RS-RES-98-038 (CBD 09/03/97)

    Deadline: 11/04/97

    32-14 CISE Research Infrastructure Program (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation's CISE Research Infrastructure Program provides support for the establishment, enhancement and operation of major experimental facilities planned to support all of the research areas in the CISE Directorate. It may also assist activities for integration of research and education. A primary objective of the RI program is to stimulate experimental work in CISE-research, as measured by increased scientific activity and increased participation in research of both faculty and graduate students. Support is provided for equipment, software, maintenance, and appropriate technical support staff. Only one proposal per institution will be accepted in any one year. R.W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, will coordinate proposal submission. Please contact him at 532-6195 if you wish to submit a proposal.

    Deadline: 10/20/97

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    32-15 Biotic Surveys & Inventories (NSF)

    The Division of Environmental Biology of the National Science Foundation has established the Biotic Surveys and Interventories Program (BS&I). BS&I invites proposals to document levels of diversity of species throughout the world, especially fungi, prokaryotes, protists, and invertebrate animals from all marine, aquatic, and terrestrial habitats. The majority of BS&I awards are for discovery (using traditional and/or molecular techniques), collecting, identifying, classifying and naming biota of a substantial geographic or oceanographic region. (NSF 97-136)

    Deadline: 11/07/97

    32-16 Morris Animal Foundation Grants (Morris)

    The Morris Animal Foundation is accepting pre-proposals for canine, feline, equine, wildlife, lama, wildlife/special species, and avian research funding. In addition, Morris will consider applications for pilot studies for companion animals and wildlife. The Foundation also encourages studies to test potential useful protocols to reduce pain perception of animals.

    Deadline: Preproposals 11/01/97

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    32-17 Fulbright German Studies Seminar (CIES)

    A three-week interdisciplinary seminar on German society today begins in Bonn and includes visits to Berlin and other German cities during June and July 1998. The specific thematic focus for 1998 is `Deutschland und Mitteleuropa.' Participants will meet leading experts in German government, media, business, and education and discuss Germany's current role in European politics-- in particular, its relations with Poland and the Czech Republic. The 1998 seminar will be conducted in German.

    Deadline: 11/01/97

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    32-18 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (NSF)

    Applications for NSF's 1998 Graduate Research Fellowships are now available. Fellowships are awarded to citizens, nationals or permanent resident aliens of the US for graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, behavioral, and social sciences, and in the history and philosophy of science. Applicants should be at or near the beginning of their graduate study. Separate competitions are conducted for Graduate Fellowships and Minority Graduate Fellowships, each with additional awards offered for women in engineering and computer and information science. Application forms are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format, as well as in NSF's FastLane. (NSF 97-133)

    Deadline: 11/06/97

    32-19 Graduate Research Fellowships (NOAA)

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is inviting applications for research fellowships to conduct research on the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. Projects must address the effect of non-point source pollution on estuarine ecosystems; evaluative criteria and/or methods for estuarine ecosystem restoration; the importance of biodiversity and effects of invasive species on estuarine ecosystems; or mechanisms for sustaining resources within estuarine ecosystems.

    Deadline: 11/01/97

    32-20 Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships (Spencer Foundation)

    The Spencer Foundation offers dissertation fellowships of $17,000 for one year to support doctoral candidates in a variety of fields whose dissertations promise to contribute fresh perspectives to the history, theory or practice of formal or informal education. Application forms must be requested by applicants by 10/10/97. There are no citizenship restrictions.

    Deadline: 10/22/97

    32-21 Canadian Studies Graduate Student Fellowship Program (Canadian Government)

    This program offers graduate students an opportunity to conduct part of their doctoral research in Canada. Research is promoted in the social and human sciences, journalism, business, trade, and law with a view to contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of Canada and its relationship with the United States and/or other countries of the world.

    Deadline: 10/31/97

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