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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - July 18, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 27)





    27-1 Postdoctoral, Short-Term Fellowships in Biomedical Science (NIH/JSPS)

    The National Institutes of Health's Fogarty International Center and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science are inviting applications for postdoctoral fellowships and short-term fellowships to enhance collaborative research between U.S. and Japanese biomedical and behavioral scientists. Funders plan to award 10 postdoctoral fellowships of three to 11 months and 20 short-term fellowships of seven days to 60 days. (NIHG 06/20/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

    27-2 AIDS Epidemiology Research (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications for epidemiological and behavioral research studies of AIDS and HIV infection. Priority research issues are pediatric HIV infection, including spectrum of disease, medical management, secondary prevention and social impact; and acceptability of HIV/STD prevention methods, other than condoms, among women and men. Announcement 735

    (FR 07/08/97)

    Deadline: 08/08/97

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    27-3 Studies to Commercialize Agriculture Research (USDA)

    The Agriculture Department is inviting proposals for short-term pilot projects under the three-stage Small Business Innovation Research program to test novel approaches to agriculture topics designed to lead to commercialization. Areas include forests and related resources; plant production and protection; animal production and protection; air, water and soils; food science and nutrition; rural and community development; aquaculture; industrial applications; and marketing and trade. (FR 07/03/97)

    Deadline: 09/04/97

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    27-4 Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers/Dissemination Project (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to establish rehabilitation research and training centers to improve rehabilitation methods and service delivery systems and provide training to service providers at different levels and a knowledge dissemination project to ensure the spread of findings from projects, centers and other research. Funding is available for a center to focus on maintaining the employment status and addressing the personal adjustment needs of individuals who are late-deafened or hard-of-hearing; a center to address improving vocational rehabilitation outcomes for individuals who are substance abusers; a center aimed at improving employment and independent living outcomes for persons with disabilities in rural areas; and a center to focus on providing technical assistance on parenting with a disability. CFDA 84.133, 84.133D (FR 07/01/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

    27-5 Adult Literacy Services (NIFL)

    The National Institute for Literacy is inviting cooperative agreement applications to build capacities of adult education and literacy service delivery systems and other human resource development systems to meet the education and training needs of adults with learning disabilities. Grantees will develop and implement mechanisms for supporting systemic change in provision of services, including working with state, regional and national system administrators to achieve adoption of effective policies and programs that support quality education opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. CFDA 84.257B (FR 07/11/97)

    Deadline: 08/29/97

    27-6 Disability and Rehabilitation Research (ED)

    The Education Department's National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research is inviting applications for research on disability and rehabilitation, under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC). RRTCs conduct coordinated and advanced research to produce new knowledge that will improve rehabilitation methods and service delivery systems, alleviate or stabilize disabling conditions and promote maximum social and economic independence for individuals with disabilities. CFDA 84.133B (FR 07/14/97)

    Deadline: 08/28/97

    27-7 School-To-Work Services Enhancement (ED)

    The Education and Labor departments are inviting proposals to enhance current school-to-work services by partnering existing out-of-school youth initiatives with federally-funded related services in their states. Eligible entities include adult high schools, Job Corps, public post-secondary and secondary schools, vocational education entities, employers, labor organizations, apprenticeship agencies, local government agencies and community-based organizations. SGA/DAA 97-017 (FR 07/11/97)

    Deadline: 08/14/97

    27-8 Early Childhood Development, Social Service Research (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department's Administration for Children and Families is seeking proposals for pilot research projects in a variety of areas under the three-phase Small Business Innovation Research program, which seeks to develop products and devices for commercialization. ACF plans to make one award in each of the following areas: effective dissemination of the Head Start program's research, best practices and innovations in childhood education and development; establishment of standards and general guidelines for driver qualifications for certification for preschool pupil transportation; development of opportunities for home-based small businesses for people with developmental disabilities under welfare reform; and development of job opportunities related to providing individuals with disabilities greater accessibility to jobs by and in developing devices and other aids. ACF 97-1 (CBD 07/02/97)

    Deadline: 08/14/97

    279 Civic Eduction Institute for the Middle East (USIA)

    The U.S. Information Agency is inviting proposals to conduct a three to four week U.S. based institute on innovative approaches to curriculum development and teaching methodology in civic education and social studies for 15 educators from Israel, Jordan and West Bank/Gaza. (FR 07/10/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

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    27-10 Optical Processing (DOD)

    Rome Laboratory is soliciting white papers for various scientific studies and experiments to increase RL's knowledge and understanding in the area of optical processing, photorefractive devices and other non-linear optical devices to implement processing algorithms without the necessity of optoelectronic conversion, microwave/millimeter wave processing aimed at antenna phased array control, interconnects for large radio frequency (RF) antenna systems, conversion of light energy to RF energy, and coherent RF photonic techniques, digital optical processing to include optical interconnects for high performance computers, architectures, algorithms, switching and logic, non-linear optics aimed at low power systems which process totally in the optical domain with minimal or no electronic conversion, high rate sources/detectors/modulators for analog and/or digital operation, network optical processing for multi-gigabit per second transmission, and integrated optoelectronic circuits (OEICs) and integrated optomicrowave circuits (OMICs) for future low cost reproducible implementation of advanced photonic systems. BAA 97-06 (CBD 07/10/97)

    Deadline: 08/31/97

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    27-11 Human Spongiform Encephalopathies Research (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to develop new diagnostic methods and research to determine the incidence of emerging human spongiform encephalopathies. Human spongiform encephalopathy is believed to be a variant of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), popularly known as `mad cow disease'. Grantees must test the application of novel diagnostic methods to research the incidence of emerging human spongiform encephalophathies; develop research programs to monitor emergence of the disease; and identify new cases of the disease. Announcement 793 (FR 07/09/97)

    Deadline: 08/08/97

    27-12 Prevention, Early Detection and Control of Cancer (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting applications for cooperative agreements to conduct nationwide educational activities related to prevention, early detection and control of various cancers for priority populations. These awards aim to help recipient organizations educate their constituents about cancer prevention and early detection issues; increase access to cancer screening programs; identify priority populations; and develop strategies for reaching identified priority populations nationwide. Priority cancers are those of the breast, cervix, colon, rectum and skin. Priority populations include Hispanics, African-Americans, American Indian/Alaska Natives, youths, urban Americans and the elderly, among others. Program options may range from generating publications to developing, testing and evaluation cancer control efforts. CFDA 93.283, Announcement 773 (FR 07/08/97)

    Deadline: 08/08/97

    27-13 Genome Technologies (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting applications for innovative resources and technologies to support a planned Joint Genome Institute (JGI) that will develop an automated high throughput DNA sequencing factory. Funding is for one award to help develop a pilot DNA sequencing production line at the JGI and two to four awards to generate innovative technologies, instrumentation and automated systems for the DNA sequencing production line. Funding also includes two to four awards for pilot and proof-of-principle studies in these areas: strategies for full-length cDNA clone generation and sequencing; strategies for expression mapping, subcellular localization and pathway tracing; economic approaches for revealing single base pair polymorphisms and characterizing their haplotypes; and affordable approaches for using model organisms to systematically relate phenotype information to anonymous genes discovered in the human genome. 97-17 (FR 07/01/97)

    Deadline: Preapplications 08/01/97, Applications 10/16/97

    27-14 Breast and Cervical Cancer Health Education (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to replicate and dissemiante effective interventions for the early detection of breast and cervical cancer in conjunction with the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Examples of projects are interventions that reach priority populations and address cultural differences between individual providers and their clients; and training for healthcare providers that focuses skills-building and application of detection interventions in a culturally sensitive manner. CFDA 93.283 (FR 07/08/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

    27-15 North American Wetlands Conservation (DOI)

    The North American Wetlands Conservation Council, under the auspices of the Interior Department's Fish and Wildlife Service, is inviting applications for matching grants designed to restore and enhance wetlands areas.

    Deadline: 08/01/97

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    27-16 Juvenile Justice Studies (OJJDP)

    The Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice is inviting applications in four categories under its fiscal 1997 program plan. OJJDP is providing initial funding of four projects: a cost-benefit analysis of juvenile justice programs; an evaluation of teen courts; a survey of school-based gang prevention and intervention programs; and a study to identify a typology of juvenile sex offenders and examine treatment needs of the heterogeneous juvenile sex offender population. (FR 06/30/97)

    Deadline: 08/11/97

    27-17 Young Women at Risk: Prevention of Unplanned Pregnancies, HIV, and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces the availability of fiscal year (FY) 1997 funds for cooperative agreements for the prevention of unplanned pregnancies, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among young women aged 15-25 years, in the United States. Applied research programs that design, implement, and evaluate interventions to reduce unprotected sexual intercourse among young women and their male partners will be supported under this cooperative agreement. Research should assess factors that affect sexual decision-making, disease and pregnancy prevention behavior, such as the nature and the effect of implicit or explicit communication between heterosexual partners about sex and protective behavior; the importance of gender roles, relationship stage, concordance of couples' reproductive desires, the balance of power in the relationship; and the influence of other network, family, and sociocultural factors. Announcement 774 (FR 07/01/97)

    Deadline: 07/15/97

    27-18 Child Welfare Training (ACYF)

    The Health and Human Services Department is inviting applications to develop and improve education and training programs in child welfare and help child welfare agencies enhance staff skills. Awards are in four priority areas, including: four or five grants for interdisciplinary training of public agency workers and supervisors to improve child welfare services; three to five grants to train managers to support outcome-based management in child welfare; four or five grants to train public agency workers to conduct intake for comprehensive family needs assessment; and four or five grants for training to determine adult relatives as preferred caretakers in permanency planning. CFDA 93.648 (FR 07/08/97)

    Deadline: 08/22/97

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