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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 20, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 24)





    24-1 East European Studies (ACLS)

    The American Council of Learned Societies supports postdoctoral research, dissertation research, and language training for scholars in the social sciences or humanities for research that focuses on Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, or the successor states of Yugoslavia. Proposals dealing with Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia are particularly encouraged. Except for the travel grants and advanced language training, support is for research undertaken outside East Europe.

    Deadline: Fellowships 10/31/97; Travel and Language Training 01/31/98

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    24-2 Cooperative Agreement for the Development of a Cultural Star Cities Program (NEA)

    The National Endowment for the Arts will request proposals leading to the award of a Cooperative Agreement for the development of a business plan to create a Cultural Star Cities Program (working title only) in the United States, similar to the European City of Culture Program, and a Strategy for Implementation. The work will include: researching the effectiveness and value of the European Cultural Capital Program; researching comparable award programs both in the United States and elsewhere; identifying potential partners; and preparing a plan to implement the program in the United States. (FR 06/13/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

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    24-3 Children with Severe Disabilities (ED)

    The Education Department's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services is inviting applications for an array of priorities to address education for children with severe disabilities, including centers for research on critical issues and special projects. Funding areas include: an Urban Center on Implementing Inclusive Education for Children with Severe Disabilities; first-year funding of a project to provide technical assistance for establishing, developing and coordinating parent training and information projects supported under IDEA; development of a national plan for training personnel to teach blind and low-vision children, both under projects of national significance in personnel training; and initial funding of a Research Institute on Secondary Education Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities. (FR 06/10/97)

    Deadline: 07/29/97

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    24-4 Glass Industry Initiative (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting proposals for research and development to improve efficiency, innovation and environmental protection in glass production. This R&D will deal with improvements in the manufacture of glass in the U.S. focusing on four aspects of glass manufacturing, namely: production efficiency, energy efficiency, innovative types or uses of glass and environmental protection and recycling. (FR 06/06/97)

    Deadline: Preapplications 07/07/97, Applications 09/15/97

    24-5 Instrumentation Grants for Research in Computer and Information Science (NSF)

    The Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate of the National Science Foundation plans a limited number of grants for the purchase of research equipment, instrumentation, or software for research in areas of science or engineering supported in the CISE Directorate. The equipment should be necessary for the pursuit of specific research projects in CISE disciplines. Local computing equipment (including workstations, specialized processors, parallel processors, and local area networks) may be supported under this program. Particular emphasis is given to those unique or new research capabilities that will ensue from the acquisition of the equipment. The equipment should be required for at least 2 research projects and no more than 5 research projects. (NSF 96-113)

    Deadline: 08/06/97

    24-6 Advanced Completion Systems (DOE)

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Federal Energy Technology Center (FETC), is interested in pursuing cost-shared proposals for research, development, and demonstration in the area of Advanced Completion Systems. The focus of this solicitation is on the advancement of completion technologies to improve economics and/or reduce completion costs in order to increase recoverable reserves. The solicitation solicits efforts to develop a new or improve an existing completion and/or multilateral technology/methodology. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to perforation design, completion fluids technology, downhole equipment, splitter tools, tubingless and coiled tubing technology, service company equipment that facilitates completion, completion/frac treatment optimization, cementing methodologies, underbalanced completion techniques, downhole completions, multilateral designs, or multilateral tieback systems. DE-RA26-97FT34174 (CBD 06/05/97)

    Deadline: 09/08/97

    24-7 Materials Research Science & Engineering Centers (NSF)

    Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSECs) support interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary materials research and education while addressing fundamental problems in science and engineering that are important to society. MRSECs are expected to have strong links to industry and other sectors, and will lead ultimately to a national network of university-based centers in materials research. MRSECs address fundamental materials research topics of intellectual and strategic importance, contribute to national priorities by fostering active collaboration between academia and other sectors, and enable researchers to address problems of a scope and complexity requiring the advantages of scale. (NSF 97-98)

    Deadline: Preproposals 09/12/97

    24-8 Effects of Roadside Design on Rollover (DOT)

    The Federal Highway Administration has a requirement to research the effects of Highway Design on rollover. The research goal is to develop and evaluate effective, affordable and implementable highway design treatments that reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle rollovers. The objectives will be to identify directions for future research that are most likely to yield effective, affordable and implementable highway design treatments to mitigate rollovers and develop a detailed plan for future research for studies to perform that research. (CBD 06/17/97)

    Deadline: 07/18/97

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    24-9 Alcohol, Hormones, and Medical Complications (NIH)

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) invites applications to investigate how alcohol-induced hormonal changes can lead to medical complications. Studies are encouraged to establish cause-and-effect relationships and to clarify the biochemical and molecular mechanisms by which alcohol influences the synthesis, secretion and action of various hormones. Also, studies are encouraged to interpret the mechanisms of interactive effects of alcohol and hormones which may cause tissue injury. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is interested in research applications examining how alcohol use influences the development of age-related changes in the endocrine system. The Endocrinology Research Programs at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), in particular, are interested in studies which focus on hormonal regulation of gene expression under normal and pathological conditions, including alcohol-induced altered conditions of hormonal release and response. PA-97-062 (NIHG 05/30/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    24-10 Health Care Policy and Research National Research Service Award (NIH)

    The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) awards National Research Service Award (NRSA) institutional training grants to eligible institutions to develop research training opportunities for qualified individuals selected by the institution who have demonstrated an interest in health services research and who seek to prepare for careers in the systematic examination of the organization, provision, financing, and effectiveness of health care services. A goal is to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to conduct future research which will meet the needs of patients, providers, plans, purchasers, and/or policy makers. Accomplishing the above effectively will require fostering a mixture of academic and applied training opportunities to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue traditional academic careers, as well as those who opt for careers in applied research settings. Applicants are encouraged to foster cooperation and partnerships with relevant components of the health care delivery. HS-97-001 (NIHG 06/13/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 07/10/97, Applications 09/23/97

    24-11 Research on Low Back Pain and Common Spinal Disorders (NIH)

    This initiative invites applications directed to the study of the pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment of three common causes of low back pain: herniated nucleus pulposus; spinal stenosis; and idiopathic low back pain. The following are examples of research topics that are appropriate for this PA; however, they are not to be considered as exclusive or limiting: studies of the natural history of these common low back conditions/disorders; the role of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators in the development and maintenance of acute and chronic pain, and in nerve root injury; a better understanding of the neurophysiology of low back pain in these disorders; studies to test the hypothesis that clinical spinal instability relates the spinal derangement or loss of stability to pain; identify the important factor(s) associated with clinical instability in low back pain; and a better understanding of the contributing of proteoglycans, and/or their degradation products, as a cause of low back pain. PA-97-058 (NIHG 05/16/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    24-12 Research in Exobiology (NASA)

    The goal of NASA's Exobiology Program is to understand the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe. Research is focused on achieving this goal by tracing the pathways taken by the biogenic elements, leading from the origin of the universe through the major epochs in the evolution of living systems and their precursors. These epochs are: (1) the cosmic evolution of the biogenic compounds; (2) prebiotic evolution; (3) the early evolution of life; and (4) the evolution of advanced life. NRA 97-OSS-11

    Deadline: 09/05/97

    24-13 Basic and Applied Biomedical Research in Combat Casuality Care (DOD)

    The Office of Naval Research and the Naval Medical Research and Development Command are jointly soliciting preproposals directed at basic and applied biomedical research focusing on Navy-relevant aspects of combat casualty care, particularly hemorrhagic shock and blood products. The following aspects of hemorrhagic shock research and development are of interest: mechanisms and treatment of hypoxic injury at the cellular and molecular level; neural induction and neuro/endocrine regulation of cytokines and other soluble mediators involved in hemorrhagic shock; novel therapeutic interventions for severe hemorrhage and shock; methods for casualty stabilization and life sustainment following massive hemorrhage; and design, testing and evaluation of supportive and therapeutic resuscitation fluids. The following aspect of blood product research and development are also of interest: methods for the extension of liquid storage of red cells and platelets; cryopreservation of blood products not requiring post-thaw cryoprotectant washout; bone marrow transplantation for military contingencies; and impact of blood substitutes at the molecular, cellular & organ system levels in treatment of hemorrhagic shock.

    Deadline: 07/15/97

    24-14 Intervention Studies in Agricultural Safety and Health (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), announces that grant applications are being accepted for innovative small projects relating to occupational safety and health in the agriculture industry. Such projects are intended to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of methods or approaches for preventing injuries and illnesses among agricultural workers. Thus, this announcement is not intended for traditional hypothesis-testing research projects to identify and investigate the relationships between health outcomes and occupational exposures to hazardous agents. Announcement 736

    Deadline: 07/15/97

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    24-15 Health Care Improvement and Quality Assurance Research (NIH)

    The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) invites applications for research and demonstration projects on the use of measurement in improving the quality of health care. Applications are sought in three areas: methods and measures to allow translation of scientific information and medical care into quality measures and strategies to improve clinical practice; studies of the relationship between organizational change and quality measurement and improvement in health care: and studies of the use of information derived from measurement about quality of care by consumers, patients, employers, providers, and insurers to make decisions. HS-98-003 (NIHG 06/13/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 08/01/97, Application 09/16/97

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