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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 13, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 23)





    23-1 Senior Fellowships on International Peace and Conflict Issues (USIP)

    The United States Institute of Peace invites applications for senior fellowships in its Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace. These fellowships support practitioners and scholars working on projects concerning the sources and nature of international conflict and ways of managing conflict and sustaining peace. Proposals in all fields are welcome. Priority will be given to proposals that promise to make a timely contribution to the understanding and resolution of ongoing and emerging international conflicts. Fellows carry out their projects while in residence at the Institute in Washington.

    Deadline: 10/01/97

    23-2 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program (NSF)

    The goal of the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) Program is to enable the development of innovative, research-based, graduate education and training activities that will produce a diverse group of new scientists and engineers well-prepared for a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Supported projects must be based upon a multidisciplinary research theme and organized around a diverse group of investigators from U.S. Ph.D. granting institutions with appropriate research and teaching interests and expertise. The research theme may draw upon investigators from one or more departments within an individual institution or from more than one institution. (NSF 97-112)

    Deadline: Preproposals 09/08/97, Proposal 12/15/97

    23-3 Support of Scientific Meetings By NIH (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes the value of supporting scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops that are relevant to its scientific mission and to public health. Support of these meetings is contingent on the interests and priorities of the individual Institutes and Centers (I/C) as well as the investment that each I/C determines is appropriate. Each I/C has the flexibility to support conferences according to its specific needs. (NIHG 05/09/97)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01

    23-4 Biomedical Engineering Research (Whitaker)

    The Whitaker Foundation's Biomedical Engineering Research Grants program supports projects that establish the academic research careers of biomedical engineering investigators. The research project must apply or develop substantive engineering methods and techniques that solve important medical problems. Applicants with traditional engineering backgrounds should develop appropriate collaborations with colleagues in the life sciences and medicine. Conversely, life scientists or clinicians should collaborate with colleagues in engineering or the physical sciences. The goals of the program focus on the early career development of biomedical engineering researchers.

    Deadline: 08/01/97, 12/01/97

    23-5 Strengthening the Patient-Provider Relationship in a Changing Health Care Environment (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

    This new $5 million, three-year initiative will provide for research support and convening activities analyzing the impact of the changing health care environment on the patient-provider relationship. The Foundation is interested in a wide variety of projects that examine the patient-provider relationship. In particular, the program is interested in soliciting proposals that address the following questions: How do various financial incentives and reimbursement arrangements affect the patient-provider relationship? What is the impact of different utilization management strategies on the patient-provider relationship? How do organizational features of health care organizations, including the plan-provider relationship, affect the patient-provider relationship? How do providers respond to patient requests for specific medical interventions? How do health care organizations address patient concerns about conflicts of interest? and What innovations have strengthened the patient-provider relationship?

    Deadline: 08/31/97

    23-6 Chemical Mixtures (ATSDR)

    The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is inviting cooperative agreement applications for research to develop methods to determine the health effects of hazardous substances in combination with other substances with which they are commonly found at National Priorities List sites and facilities. The objective is to develop methods of toxicity assessment of chemical mixtures so as to promote public health practices based on current scientific understanding and to evaluate exposure to environmental chemicals of populations living in the vicinity of hazardous waste sites. Areas include hazards associated with chemical mixtures found in the environment that affect public health; measuring the potential toxicity to humans from exposure to chemical mixtures; the pharmacokinetic behavior of chemical mixtures; the endpoints and target organs that would be affected; the mechanisms of action, progression and repair of the injury caused by chemical mixtures; biomarkers that would permit determining the health of an organism; qualitative and quantitative assessment methods for chemical mixtures; and methods for assessing multiple health effects. Announcement 747 (FR 06/05/97)

    Deadline: 07/15/97

    23-7 Healthy Work Organizations (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting applications for cooperative agreements to design, implement and evaluate organizational change interventions to create healthy work organizations. The purpose of the program is to focus on worksite primary prevention efforts, which may involve examining ongoing studies in companies where changes are being introduced and new studies that test models of healthy work organizations. Interventions may consist of structural and/or functional changes targeting culture/climate, values or management practices. Announcement 753 (FR 06/06/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 07/08/97, Application 07/24/97

    23-8 Canadian Studies Research Grant Program (Canada)

    The Research Grant Program promotes research in the social and human sciences, journalism, business, trade, environment, and law with a unique relevance to Canada, or in the context of the bilateral or North American relationship; and the social, cultural, political and economic issues that impact on these relationships in the 1990s.

    Deadline: 09/30/97

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    23-9 Soil Research (USDA)

    The Agricultural Department is inviting proposals for research and development in specific areas relating to soil, soil-related agriculture issues, climate change and ecosystem management. The program emphasize laboratory and field methods development and other research within the following areas: soil-water and temperature; geomorphic modeling; soil quality/soil health; soil biological processes in soils and carbon cycling; soil genesis and taxonomy; spatial variability and scaling. Critical research issues include utilization of the Natural Resources Conservation Service soil database; new and developing issues in agriculture; global climate change; use-dependent and temporal soil properties; relationship of the pedosphere to atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; paleo-environment; scaling data; and ecosystem management. (FR 06/06/97)

    Deadline: 07/10/97

    23-10 Agricultural Telecommunications (USDA)

    The Agriculture Department is inviting applications to help develop an agricultural communications network to foster and strengthen agricultural extension, resident education and research and domestic and international marketing of U.S. commodities and products. Applicants must demonstrate that they participate in a network that distributes programs consistent with the following objectives: making optimal use of available resources for agricultural extension, resident education and research by sharing resources with participating institutions; improving the competitive position of U.S. agriculture in international markets by disseminating information to producers, processors and researchers; training students for careers in agriculture and food industries; promoting interaction amoung leading agricultural scientists; enhancing the ability of U.S. agriculture to respond to environmental and food safety concerns; and identifying new uses for farm commodities and increasing demand for U.S. agricultural products. (FR 06/04/97)

    Deadline: 08/04/97



    23-11 International Postdoctoral Fellowships (ACLS)

    This competition will provide fellowships to support scholars doing humanistic research on the societies and cultures of Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. The fundamental criteria for selection of awards will be the intellectual value of the proposed research and the likelihood that the research will produce significant and innovative scholarship on foreign societies, scholarship which makes important theoretical or substantive contributions to particular disciplines, or to multidisciplinary or comparative research. These fellowships are intended as salary replacement to help scholars devote six to twelve continuous months to full-time research and writing.

    Deadline: 10/15/97

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    23-12 Applied and Computational Mathematics (DARPA)

    The DARPA Applied and Computational Mathematics Division of the Defense Sciences Office supports advanced mathematical algorithms research to provide scientific computational capability needed for future DoD systems. This Applied and Computational Mathematics BAA covers two selected research topics: (1) advanced mathematical modeling and signal processing technology for unified design and optimization of DoD sensor systems and (2) Optimized Portable Application Libraries. DARPA is seeking to develop and demonstrate innovative mathematical advances in physics-based modeling and signal processing applied to the end-to-end design and optimization of DoD sensor systems. DARPA's Optimized Portable Applications Libraries program is aimed at the development and application of algorithm design methodologies that enable automatic generation of application libraries for broad classes of architectures and DoD signal and image processing applications. Algorithmic innovations or revolutionary uses of adaptive computing technology are particularly encouraged. (BAA97-16)

    Deadline: 09/30/97

    23-13 Geological Evolution Research from Miocene to Recent for the Northeastern Mojave Desert Area (DOD)

    The U.S. Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO) located at the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, California is seeking collaborative research proposals related to the geological evolution from the Miocene of the area east of the Sierra Nevada and west of Death Valley including Northeastern Mojave Desert. Emphasis should be placed on the hydrothermal systems that existed there in the past and that exist there at present, and the role of crustal extension in how those systems evolved. (CBD 04/10/97)

    Deadline: 09/30/97

    23-14 Hazard Control Technology (CDC)

    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is inviting cooperative agreement applications to demonstrate approaches to motivating small businesses to adopt hazard control technology. Grantees will address health and safety problems affecting small businesses by identifying and verifying control solutions. Case studies will form the basis for a document on lessons learned that will provide guidance for future prevention efforts of small businesses. Announcement 755 (FR 06/06/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 07/03/97, Applications 07/22/97

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    23-15 Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences Call For Nominations (Burroughs Wellcome)

    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund announces its Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences Program. This award program will provide up to six years of support during the advanced postdoctoral and beginning faculty years. Candidates must have completed at least one year and not more than four years of postdoctoral training at the time of application. Individuals who hold a faculty appointment as an assistant professor or who know they will hold such an appointment within a year of the application deadline, are not eligible. Since an institution may submit only six nominations, R. W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 103 Fairchild Hall, will coordinate the application process. Please submit nominations to Dr. Trewyn by September 15.

    Deadline: 10/01/97

    23-16 Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program (Francis Families Foundation)

    Parker B. Francis Fellowships grants are awarded to institutions for stipends for post-doctoral candidates who will devote the major part of their professional effort in research related to pulmonary disease. Clinical and basic science departments are equally suitable but it is expected that the proposed research will be of a fundamental nature. Grants are made for three years of support. The director of any training program or pulmonary division or research laboratory may sponsor a candidate for fellowship. Each department may submit only one application annually.

    Deadline: 10/15/97

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    23-17 Grants to Increase Economic Literacy (Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Inc.)

    The Mission of the Foundation is to address the issue of economic illiteracy in the United States. Currently, special attention is give to proposals and projects with national impact that address the following issues: the difficulty of learning economics as well as finding and funding the best ways to teach the subject; testing the impact of economic education; and the large number of students at risk of leaving school, and hence never effectively participating in the nation's economic system.

    Deadline: 09/15/97

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