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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - May 23, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 20)





    20-1 Crew System Ergonomics Information Analysis Center (DOD)

    This solicitation is for the establishment and operation of DOD Crew System Ergonomics Information Analysis Center (CSERIAC). Areas of interest include but are not limited to: scientific and technical knowledge and data concerning human characteristics and their relation to cognitive abilities and limitations; physiological needs and tolerances; performance and workload; anthropometry; biomechanical dynamics and physical strength; and the effects of environmental stress. It also includes, but is not limited to, the interaction of these characteristics with information presentation and communication; display and control design; human-computer interfaces; equipment and vehicle design; workstation and facility design; work design and organization; and health and safety. It also includes human factors engineering and design data concerning equipment intended to be used, operated, maintained or controlled in sea, land, air and space environments. (CBD 05/19/97)

    Deadline: 08/97

    20-2 Drug-Free Schools (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to demonstrate effective new methods of ensuring safe and drug-free schools, colleges and communities. Grants are available to: replicate effective strategies to prevent youth drug use or violence; for state and local education agency drug and violence prevention data collection; and to correct misperceptions of student alcohol and other drug use by students at higher education institutions and limit student access to and availability of alcohol and drugs. (FR 05/06/97)

    Deadline: 08/01/97

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    20-3 Sustainable Development Challenge Grant (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting proposals to catalyze community-based projects to promote environmentally and economically sustainable development, build local partnerships to ensure long-term health of ecosystem, human, economic and community vitality and well-being and leverage public and private investments to enhance environmental quality. Examples of potential activities are projects that demonstrate the range of environmental, economic and community benefits associated with alternative development patterns; demonstrate a cutting-edge approach to cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated property; and support a regional bottom-up process for managing rapid sprawling development. (FR 05/15/97)

    Deadline: 08/15/97

    20-4 Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis Program and Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer Science Team (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) intends to solicit research proposals for science investigations to be carried out as part of the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling and Analysis Program (ACMAP) of the Science Division of NASA's Office of Mission to Planet Earth. Proposals for membership in a newly reconstituted science team of the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) series of satellite instruments are also solicited with this announcement. ACMAP supports research in computational modeling and data analysis for studies on the trace constituent distributions of the troposphere and stratosphere, as well as dynamical properties of the stratosphere, emphasizing large regional and global scales. Component parts of ACMAP include (1) Stratospheric Dynamics and Related Data Analysis: (2) Atmospheric Chemistry Data Analysis; (3) Aerosols, Stratospheric Clouds, and Radiation; and (4) Multi-Dimensional Atmospheric Modeling. New proposals are desired for all of these areas, although the area most likely to receive increased funding in response to this solicitation is the use of atmospheric models to infer information and production and destruction of chemically active trace constituents at the Earth's surface.

    Deadline: 08/15/97

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    20-5 Low-Cost, High-Accuracy DNA Sequencing Technologies (NIH)

    This Request for Applications (RFA) seeks to stimulate research on next-generation technologies (including those for de novo sequencing, re-sequencing, or both) that have the potential to reduce the cost of high-accuracy genomic DNA sequencing by at least an order of magnitude. State-of-the-art technology can currently generate de novo sequence data containing less than 1 error per 10,000 base pairs at a total cost (including machines, personnel, supplies, and overhead) of approximately $0.50 per base pair. The goal of research under this RFA will be to drive the total cost of obtaining accurate (<1 error in 10,000 bp) de novo sequence to well below $0.05 per base pair; re-sequencing should cost considerably less. HG-97-002 (NIHG 05/16/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 08/01/97, Application 10/16/97

    20-6 Education Programs in Occupational Safety and Health (HHS)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces that applications are being accepted for fiscal year (FY) 1998 training grants in occupational safety and health. The purpose of these grants is to provide an adequate supply of qualified personnel to carry out the purposes of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This announcement includes an expanded emphasis on research and research training and an emphasis on establishing new and innovative training technologies for both Educational Resource Centers (ERCs) and Training Project Grants (TPGs). The Resource Center should have cooperative arrangements with a medical school or teaching hospital (with an established program in preventive or occupational medicine); with a school of nursing or its equivalent; with a school of public health or its equivalent; or with a school of engineering or its equivalent. It is expected that other schools or departments with relevant disciplines and resources shall be represented and shall contribute as appropriate to the conduct of the total program; e.g., epidemiology, toxicology, biostatistics, environmental health, law, business administration, and education. (FR 05/15/97)

    Deadline: 07/01/97

    20-7 Kidney Research Centers (NIH)

    This request for applications (RFA) invites investigators to submit research grant applications for the George M. O'Brien Research Centers Program. The emphases for this program are to: (1) attract new scientific expertise into the study of the basic mechanisms of kidney diseases and disorders; and (2) encourage multidisciplinary research focused on the causes of these diseases. In approaching the study of those disease processes, it is anticipated that extensive collaboration will be required between individuals in the clinical and basic sciences, including investigators with training and expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, epidemiology, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology. It is the express intent of this RFA to attract new investigators not currently active in this field and to explore new basic areas that may have clinical research applications. DK-97-001 (NIHG 05/02/97)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 08/25/97, Application 09/24/97

    20-8 Research on Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Pathogenesis (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is seeking fiscal year 1998 cooperative agreement applications to conduct research on Lyme disease and illnesses caused by other related Borrelia species to improve and standardize tools to accurately identify and characterize B. burgdorferi infection in humans and better understand the course of the disease. CDC proposes giving funding priority to projects that develop, validate and standardize diagnostic tests that are more sensitive and specific than those currently available and better characterize the etiologic agents, host-parasite relationships and the pathogenesis of infection, including the development of immunity to the infection. (FR 05/14/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 06/13/97, Applications 07/28/97

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    20-9 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (NIJ)

    The Justice Department's National Institute of Justice is inviting applications to evaluate state residential substance abuse treatment programs for prisoners funded by DOJ. Local evaluations should be designed to examine individual state programs in more detail than the scope of the national evaluation or standard state annual reports. Local evaluations may focus on all participating programs in an individual state, on some subset of programs in an individual state or on a single state program. Evaluators may address topics of importance in the individual states, for example, the number of program participants and the proportion who complete the program; supplemental demographic and other information; and in-prison performance of participants. (FR 05/16/97)

    Deadline: 06/24/97

    20-10 Drug Court Evaluation (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice is inviting proposals to evaluate four separate drug court sites: Las Vegas, Portland, Kansas City and Pensacola. Topics to be discussed include criminal recidivism; descriptive, historical, and attitudinal data; and design development for Phase II research. (FR 05/08/97)

    Deadline: 06/09/97

    20-11 National Service Fellowships (CNCS)

    The Corporation for National and Community Service requests proposals to be submitted for National Service Fellowships beginning in September 1997. The fellowships will be in the form of contracts, made directly to individuals, for up to a nine to ten month period. Proposals should explain a significant issue to be addressed, what contribution the fellow would make, and what outcomes would result from the efforts. Fellows will also serve on a self-managed team with other fellows to assess progress, consider synergy among projects, and for purposes of individual development. (FR 04/25/97)

    Deadline: 06/16/97

    20-12 Community Policing Measures (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice is inviting proposals to develop, refine and apply rigorous measures to distinct aspects of community policing, including context, characteristics of policing operations and organizations, direct outcomes of policing activities and consequences for the public. (FR 05/08/97)

    Deadline: 06/01/97

    20-13 University Head Start (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department is inviting applications for Head Start university research projects, Head Start doctoral research scholars and Head Start partnerships with historically black colleges and universities. Funds are available for a university project to improve translating research into practice; for four to six cooperative agreements to develop and test research and methods to prevent, identify and treat young children's mental health disorders; and for mentored research scholars. (FR 05/19/97)

    Deadline: Intent to Apply 06/21/97, Applications 07/21/97

    20-14 Child Care Research Partnerships (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department's Administration on Children, Youth and Families is inviting cooperative agreement applications to establish child care research partnerships to foster a crosscutting study of critical child care issues affecting welfare recipients and low-income working families. At least one member of the partnership must be a research group affiliated with an accredited university or four-year college. One other member must be a state agency which administers subsidized child care programs for low-income families. (FR 05/08/97)

    Deadline: 07/07/97

    20-15 Child Abuse, Neglect (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department's National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect will fund demonstration projects to prevent, assess, identify and treat child abuse and neglect. (FR 05/15/97)

    Deadline: 07/14/97

    20-16 Aging Research Grants (AARP)

    The AARP Andrus Foundation announces opportunities for funding in aging research in two areas: Aging and Financial Security and Living with Chronic Health Conditions. Proposals for Aging and Financial Security should address: Future Directions in Private Savings or The Economic Impact of Chronic Health Conditions. Proposals for Living with Chronic Health Conditions should address: New ways to Assess the Impact of Chronic Diseases or Maximizing Adaptation to Chronic Health Conditions. Letters of Intent will be considered for investigations outside these areas if the research questions are related to the overall concerns of the program initiative.

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 06/02/97

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