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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - May 2, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 17)





    17-1 Industrial Ecology Research Fellowships (NSF/Lucent)

    The National Science Foundation and the Lucent Technologies Foundation are soliciting proposals for the Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellowship Program. This joint program supports an individual or several individuals working together in an area of research or teaching that advances the emerging field of industrial ecology. Proposals may come from a broad range of departments--engineering, the physical sciences, economics, business, law, and public policy. Example topic areas for this program may address life cycle assessment, design tool development, environmentally benign processes and products, environmental impact prioritization models, design for material and energy minimization, and product use interactions with the environment. (NSF 97-95)

    Deadline: 06/27/97

    17-2 Workplace Safety and Health Training (DOL)

    The Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is inviting applications to conduct safety and health training and education in the workplace. The program emphasizes educating workers and employers in small businesses of 250 or fewer workers; training workers and employers about new OSHA standards; and training workers and employers about high-risk activities identified by OSHA or as part of an OSHA special emphasis program. Grantees must develop training and/or education programs that address designated topics, recruit workers and employers for training, conduct training and follow-up with trainees to see if they made changes to reduce hazards in their work places. Designated target areas include safety and health programs for small businesses; ergonomics; scaffolding; and workplace violence. (FR 04/17/97)

    Deadline: 06/13/97

    17-3 Breast Cancer Research (DOD)

    The U.S. Army is soliciting applications for Breast Cancer Research. Proposals are sought across all areas of basic, clinical, behavioral, and epidemiologic research including, for example, all disciplines within the basic sciences, clinical sciences, social and psychosocial sciences, public health, economics, quality of life, alternative therapies, occupational health, public policy, nursing research, and environmental concerns. The Research category contains Idea awards, Clinical Translational Research (CTR), and Computer-Based Decision Support System awards. Idea awards are to stimulate and reward speculative but especially promising and creative ideas that may yield a high payoff. CTR awards are to support projects that apply highly promising preclinical insights to relevant human populations. The Training/Recruitment category consists of Pre- and Postdoctoral Traineeships, Career Development Awards and Sabbaticals. BCRP-BAA-97

    Deadline: 06/25/97

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    17-4 Early Head Start (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department's Administration on Children, Youth and Families is inviting applications under the Early Head Start program to provide comprehensive child and family development services for low-income families with children under age three and pregnant women. Projects must promote the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of infants and toddlers; support parents in their role as primary caregivers and educators; strengthen community support for families with young children; and develop highly trained, caring and adequately compensated program staff. ACYF-HS-93600-07-03 (FR 04/17/97)

    Deadline: 06/16/97

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    17-5 Climate and Global Change (NOAA)

    The Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is inviting applications for research to help predict climate change and associated regional implications on time scales ranging from seasons to a century or more. Priorities include research on aerosols and climate forcing; Atlantic climate change; atmospheric chemistry; climate change data and detection; climate dynamics and experimental prediction; climate observations; economics and human dimensions of climate fluctuations; education; the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project; the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange Study; and paleoclimatology. (FR 04/22/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 05/23/97, Applications 08/15/97

    17-6 Origin of Solar Systems Research (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration solicits basic research proposals to conduct scientific investigations related to understanding the formation and early evolution of planetary systems and to provide the fundamental research and analysis necessary to detect and characterize other planetary systems. These investigations may involve analytical and numerical modeling, laboratory research, and observational studies in the following areas: star formation, solar nebula processes, accumulation and dynamical evolution, analysis of primitive materials, and detection of other planetary systems. NRA 97-OSS-06

    Deadline: 06/20/97

    17-7 Institute for Advanced Aerospace Concepts (NASA)

    NASA intends to establish an Institute for Advanced Aerospace Concepts. This is an advance notice of a possible future procurement. The purpose of the Institute is to provide an independent, open forum for the analysis and definition of space and aeronautics advanced concepts to compliment the advanced concepts activities conducted within the NASA Enterprises. It will focus on revolutionary concepts--specifically systems and architectures--that can have a major impact on future missions of the NASA Enterprises. The Institute may be managed by a host organization (or group of organizations) which will initiate the Institute proposal, select the Director and support the operation of the Institute.

    Deadline: 05/18/97

    17-8 Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Guest Investigator Program (NASA)

    This NASA Research Announcement solicits basic research proposals for participation in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration program to analyze scientific data from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory and to conduct correlative and theoretical research closely tied to Compton observations. NRA 97-OSS-05

    Deadline: 06/12/97

    17-9 Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation invites proposals to establish an Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems (ICIS). The Institute will be chartered for five years and charged to act as a catalyst to establish an integrated CIS community, to enable the CIS community to formulate a common vision and new paradigms for CIS research and education, and to provide the mechanism and structure for communications, knowledge and information systems, connectivity, and partnerships across the national and international CIS community. The Institute is not established to conduct research. (NSF 97-81)

    Deadline: Notices of Intent 06/01/97; Proposals 07/11/97

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    17-10 Allergy and Immunology Institute Grants (ILSI)

    The International Life Sciences Institute's Allergy and Immunology Institute (AII) was established in 1989 to advance scientific understanding in the areas of allergy and immunology, particularly as they relate to the management of food allergies. AII is currently accepting preproposals for the 1998 New Investigator Award and Food Allergy Award for Food Scientists. New Investigator Awards are for basic and/or limited clinical research in food allergy and immunology designed to provide support for promising investigators and encourage the applications of new scientific developments to the understanding of underlying mechanisms and potential interventions in allergic diseases related to foods. Food Allergy Awards for Food Scientists are intended to provide food scientists who demonstrate the interest and potential to become investigators in allergy and immunology, with a focus on food allergy, with funding to support research in several areas.

    Deadline: Preproposals 06/16/97

    17-11 Molecular Approaches to Mental Disorders of Late Life (NIH)

    The principle objective of this request for applications (RFA) is to attract new investigators to build upon and extend basic research on fundamental aspects of neuronal function to develop clinical approaches to the understanding of mechanisms, clinical course, and treatment of late life mental disorders. The results of these investigations are expected to lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies that reduce symptoms of psychcopathology and improve neurobehavioral functioning in late life. The major focus of this RFA is on late onset mental disorders: psychoses, affective disorders, and anxiety disorders. (NIHG 04/25/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 06/05/97, Applications 07/10/97

    17-12 Cancer and TEFS for Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Chemicals (NIH)

    The goal of this request for applications (RFA) is to provide data to aid the NIEHS in defining the mechanisms of action of agents under study by the NTP to improve the risk assessment process, and, thereby, better protect the public health. This program utilizes the R03 Small Grants Program to encourage investigator-initiated applications that will utilize animals/tissues/cells or sera from an NTP study involving exposure to dioxin-like compounds by providing additional information on mechanisms of action. ES-97-003 (NIHG 04/25/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 06/06/97, Applications 07/09/97

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    17-13 Community Outreach Partnership Centers (HUD)

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development announces the availability of Fiscal Year 1997 funding to make grants to establish and operate Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC). Grants under the COPC program must focus on the following specific problems: problems associated with housing, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, infrastructure, health care, job training, education, crime prevention, planning, community organizing, and other areas deemed appropriate by the Secretary. Furthermore, the COPC Act states: `The Secretary shall give preference to institutions of higher education that undertake research and outreach activities by bringing together knowledge and expertise in the various social science and technical disciplines that relate to urban problems. COPC programs must combine research with outreach, work with communities and local governments and address the multi-dimensional problems that beset urban areas. (FR 03/20/97)

    Deadline: 06/19/97

    17-14 Research on Violence Against Women (DOJ)

    The Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs is inviting applications to conduct research to examine violence against women through evaluation of welfare, victim advocacy and media campaigns. Research will be conducted in two areas to effectively implement the Violence Against Women Act: practitioner-researcher partnerships and research on priority issues, including evaluation of state antistalking efforts and legislation; welfare reform and its effects on domestic violence; victim support; and media influence. (FR 04/21/97)

    Deadline: 06/25/97

    17-15 Law Enforcement Stress Reduction Demonstration and Training (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice is inviting proposals for demonstration and training programs to reduce stress among law enforcement officers and their families. Proposals will develop, demonstrate and assess innovative stress reduction programs for state and local law enforcement personnel and their families and methods to develop and deliver training on how to plan, implement and manage new programs. (FR 04/21/97)

    Deadline: 06/16/97

    17-16 Violence Against Women Policies: Evaluation (NIJ)

    The National Institute of Justice is inviting proposals to evaluate the arrest policies programs funded by the Office of Justice Programs under the Violence Against Women Act. The evaluation will assess the effectiveness of arrest policies in the context of a system-wide, coordinated approach to domestic violence. (FR 04/21/97)

    Deadline: 06/12/97

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    17-17 Inventors Program (BFGoodrich)

    The BFGoodrich Collegiate Inventors Program recognizes and rewards college and university students (undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate) whose innovations, discoveries and research are deemed the year's most outstanding. The invention, idea or process submitted must be original, and the result of work completed by a student (or team) with his or her faculty advisor. In addition, the invention should be reproducible, and may not have been: (1) made available to the public as a commercial product or process or (2) patented or published more than one year prior to the date of submission to the competition.

    Deadline: 06/03/97

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