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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - March 7, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 9)




    NSF Deadlines & Target Dates

    April 1, 1997

    Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation. Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 96-10)

    Teacher Enhancement. Education and Human Resources. Target Date. (NSF 95-150)

    Civil and Mechanical Systems (CMS). Engineering. Deadline.

    Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation (DMII). Engineering. Deadline.

    Management of Technological Innovation. Engineering. Deadline. (NSF 96-27)

    Western European Cooperative Programs. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Target Date. (NSF 96-14)

    April 4, 1997

    Improvements in Facilities, Communications, and Equipment at Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories. Biological Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-11)

    April 14, 1997

    Postdoctoral Fellowships in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education. Education and Human Resources. Deadline (NSF 97-42) (TENTATIVE)

    April 15, 1997

    Cooperative Science Programs with New Zealand and Australia. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

    April 29, 1997

    Advanced Technological Education. Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 96-10)

    May 1, 1997

    Networking and Communications Research. Computer and Information Science and Engineering. Deadline. (NSF 89-110)

    Implementation and Development Projects (IDP). Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 96-131)

    Instructional Materials Development. Education and Human Resources. Target Date. (NSF 95-150)

    Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR). Geosciences. Target Date.

    Cooperative Science Programs with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

    U.S.-France Cooperative Science Program. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

    Cooperative Research Programs with the Americas. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Target Date. (NSF 96-14)

    Ethics and Values Studies. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Target Date. (NSF 95-86)

    May 15, 1997

    Learning and Intelligent Systems. Biological Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 97-18)

    June 1, 1997

    Research on Education, Policy, and Practice (REPP). Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 96-138)

    Active Tectonics. Geosciences. Deadline. (NSF 95-137)

    Division of Earth Sciences. Geosciences. Deadline.

    Arctic Research. Office of Polar Programs. Deadline. (NSF 95-133)

    U.S. Antarctic Research. Office of Polar Programs. Deadline. (NSF 96-93)

    Arctic Social Sciences. Office of Polar Programs. Target Date. (NSF 95-133)

    Arctic System Sciences. Office of Polar Programs. Target Date. (NSF 95-133)

    June 2, 1997

    Informal Science Education. Education and Human Resources. Target Date. (NSF 95-150)

    June 9, 1997

    Course and Curriculum Development. Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 97-29)

    Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program. Education and Human Resources. Deadline. (NSF 97-29)

    June 12, 1997

    Small Business Innovation Research. Engineering. Deadline. (NSF 96-67)

    June 15, 1997

    Ecological Studies. Biological Sciences. Target Date. (NSF 93-103)

    Systematic and Population Biology. Biological Sciences. Target Date. (NSF 93-103)

    U.S.-France Cooperative Science Program. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

    U.S.-Germany Cooperative Research Co-Sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

    U.S.-Japan Cooperative Research, Including Short-Term Visits and Joint Seminars. Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Deadline. (NSF 96-14)

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    9-1 K*STAR Planning Grant (K*STAR)

    K*STAR NSF EPSCoR invites proposals to develop strategic plans for an innovative multi-disciplinary research project that builds Kansas' research competitiveness and capacity; and supports planning activities that result in an NSF educational grant proposal aimed to effect large-scale improvements. Priority will be given to planning activities for projects in areas considered national or state priorities, as identified in the Kansas' Strategic Technologies Report. Priority will also be given to projects in areas funded by NSF emphasizing SEM. Priority will be given to planning activities directed to the development of an educational grant aimed to effect large-scale improvements.

    Deadline: 04/21/97

    9-2 K*STAR Enhancement Project to Improve the Research Infrastructure and Capacity (K*STAR)

    K*STAR NSF EPSCoR plans to fund one research enhancement project for a two year period starting on October 1, 1997. The goal of the project is to strengthen the research infrastructure so that the volume, success rate and dollar levels of federal grants increase as faculty become more grant competitive. Of particular interest is an innovative project that shows great potential to build an area so that it can be self-sustaining and research competitive for its participating members. Funds to hire a faculty member of distinction, purchase major equipment, enhance the quality of graduate and postdoctoral students, and/or conduct collaborative research with industry are eligible components.

    Deadline: 04/21/97

    9-3 Information Infrastructure for Healthcare (NIST)

    The NIST Advanced Technology Program (ATP) is soliciting proposals under its focused program competition 97-03, Information Infrastructure for Healthcare (IIH). The goal of this Information Infrastructure for Healthcare focused program is to promote U.S. economic growth by supporting sustained, high-risk research and development which will accelerate the development of critical information infrastructure technologies to enable enhanced, more fully integrated medical information systems across the healthcare industry, greatly reducing costs and errors in handling medical information. Proposals submitted to this competition must be in the areas of infrastructure development technologies or user interface and efficiency-enhancement technologies. (CBD 12/23/96)

    Deadline: 04/30/97

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    9-4 American Seed Research Foundation Grants (ASRF)

    The purpose of the American Seed Research Foundation is to support research on seeds. The primary objective is to encourage research which explores the basic principle underlying why seeds behave as they do. Projects are funded over a three-year period. ASRF funding is supplemental to conventional sources. Grants are limited to $10,000 per year over the three-year life of the project. It is anticipated that ASRF selection of the projects for funding will be a significant factor in assisting the scientists to obtain additional support from other sources. ASRF funds are granted strictly for operational costs.

    Deadline: 04/20/97

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    9-5 Projects with Industry (ED)

    The Education Department will fund projects for partnerships with industry to create career opportunities for individuals with disabilities. CFDA 84.234M (FR 02/06/97)

    Deadline: 04/21/97

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    9-6 Dual Use Program (ARL)

    The Army Research Laboratory is soliciting proposals under the Dual Use Applications Program (DUAP). This initiative has as its primary purpose the development of dual use technologies with industry. At least 50% of the cost of the project must be provided by industry and the project must result in the development of a technology, not the application of a technology. Research topics are: 1) Defensive Information Warfare--provide basic research and technology development related to the enhancement of security and survivability of next-generation Army Tactical Battlefield Networks and Information systems; 2) High-accuracy Optical Character Recognition--provide accurate, high-quality electronic representations of foreign language documents. BAA Sol DAAL01-97-R-ARL

    Deadline: 04/14/97

    9-7 Dual Use Program (AF)

    Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, is interested in receiving proposals in the area of Dual Use Science and Technology. Projects should create and develop new product or process technologies which have potential for both Air Force and commercial applications. Teaming arrangements among companies and with a DOD or national laboratory are acceptable. Topics include: 1) Future Air Navigation and Traffic Avoidance Solution Through Integrated CNI; 2) Coherent Conformal Array/Continuous Transverse Stub(CTS) Antenna Technology; 3) Precise Reference Information for Information Superiority; 4) Collaborative Engineering and Virtual Prototyping; 5) Multifunction Structural Aperture. BAA 97-05-AAK

    Deadline: 04/15/97

    9-8 Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (DOE)

    The Office of Health and Environmental Research of the Office of Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), announces its interest in receiving applications to support the experimental and theoretical study of radiation and clouds in conjunction with the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program as part of the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Areas of support include: modeling of clouds and radiation including aerosol effects for use in General Circulation Models and related models; extension of fundamental research results or methodology to the development and evaluation of new analytic methods and algorithms that take advantage of ARM data; and development of advanced instrumentation. 97-07 (FR 01/27/97)

    Deadline: 04/29/97

    9-9 Advanced Technological Education (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation is inviting preliminary proposals for national and regional centers of excellence to provide broad systems-based approaches to occupation-driven technological education and curriculum, materials, faculty and other projects focusing on one or more aspects of advanced technological education. Eligibility includes two-year colleges, other associate degree granting institutions, two-year college systems and consortia of two-year colleges. In addition, NSF accepts proposals from consortia of other organizations, including four-year colleges and universities, secondary schools, professional and nonprofit societies, education research and development group, that include two-year colleges in leadership roles. (NSF 97-29)

    Deadline: 04/29/97

    9-10 Ultraviolet, Visible & Gravitational Astrophysics (NASA)

    This NASA Research Announcement solicits basic research proposals to conduct investigations which are relevant to the NASA Ultraviolet, Visible, and Gravitational Astrophysics Program. There are two primary goals: to obtain a better understanding of astrophysical objects and phenomena as revealed through their ultraviolet and visible radiation and to investigate topics in general relativistic and gravitational astrophysics. Proposed research may include observational topics, as well as experimental laboratory astrophysics. NRA 97-OSS-01

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 03/31/97; Proposals 06/02/97

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    9-11 Genome Research: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (DOE)

    The Department of Energy is inviting proposals to examine the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) surrounding the use of findings from the Human Genome Program. Proposals should address, analyze and anticipate issues arising from advances in understanding genetically influenced susceptibilities and characteristics. Areas may include research on confidentiality or development of educational materials to enhance public understanding of ELSI issues. (FR 03/03/97)

    Deadline: Pre-applications 04/17/97, Applications 07/10/97

    9-12 Research in Economic History (EHA)

    The Economic History Association supports research in economic history, regardless of the time period or geographic area. Grants-in-Aid are typically in amounts up to $1,500. Applicants must have completed the Ph.D. and must be members of the Economic History Association.

    Deadline: 04/01/97

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    9-13 Heritage Foundation Internships (Heritage Foundation)

    The Heritage Foundation offers interns opportunities to gain solid work experience conducting research for Heritage senior fellows, attending congressional briefings, and designing web-pages for Heritage's Internet site. Interns study the origins of conservative thought and the principles of American government in reading groups led by Educational Affairs staff. Students hear from top policy experts at intern seminars. Weekly seminars are conducted by congressional staffers, leading journalists, top Heritage domestic and foreign policy analysts, and Heritage Fellows such as former Attorney General Edwin Meese.

    Deadline: Varies

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