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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - February 21, 1997 (Vol. 6, No. 7)





    7-1 Integrated Assessment of Global Climate Change Research (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting preapplications and applications for research grants specifically aimed at analyzing the costs and benefits of potential actions with respect to controlling greenhouse gases and possible climate change. DOE will fund technology innovation and diffusion projects that focus on such issues as decomposing the effect of technology innovation and diffusion into changes in the GDP and the rate and nature of technology diffusion from the United States to developing countries; projects to expand the range of representations in integrated assessment models of the response of ecosystems and other sectors to potential climate changes; and analysis of environmental technologies. Notice 97-06 (FR 02/11/97)

    Deadline: 03/27/97

    7-2 Life in Extreme Environments (NSF)

    The Directorates for Biological Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical and Physical Science, and the Office of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation announce the creation of an opportunity to enhance knowledge about `Life in Extreme Environments' (LExEn) through highly interdisciplinary, integrated research programs. The LExEn research program will explore the relationships between organisms and the environments within which they exist, with a strong emphasis upon those life-supporting environments that exist near the extremes of planetary conditions. In addition, the LExEn program will explore planetary environments in our solar system and beyond to help identify possible sites for life. Research is required to enhance understanding of the microbial systems on Earth, particularly with respect to their diversity and the mechanisms that allow microbes to survive and alter extreme environments. It is intended that this Special Competition will constitute the beginning of a new emphasis on basic research on LExEn related issues, and therefore projects that show potential for establishing a foundation for future innovative research will receive special consideration. Because of the importance of the interactions between living organisms and the extreme environments within which they exist, studies are particularly encouraged that cross disciplinary boundaries and foster collaborative investigations. (NSF 97-45)

    Deadline: 04/14/97

    7-3 National Security Education Institution Grants (DOD)

    The Defense Department's National Security Education Program (NSEP) invites applications for institutional grants to establish and improve international studies and foreign language programs. The NSEP Grants Program supports initiatives which increase and enhance the study of languages and cultures critical to U.S. national security; and develop and expand a cadre of professionals and future leaders with substantial knowledge of languages and cultures who can use this ability to deal more effectively with global issues. Areas of emphasis are: 1) improving language acquisition and cultural knowledge; 2) improving study and work opportunities abroad; 3) stimulating faculty involvement; 4) improving information dissemination; and 5) broadening the base of interdisciplinary and institutional relationships.

    Deadline: Preliminary Proposals 04/18/97

    7-4 Intervention Studies for Construction Safety (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is inviting applications for intervention projects that evaluate and develop methods for preventing illnesses and injuries among construction workers. Research should assess the effectiveness of policies, regulations, education, training and outreach programs to further reduce occupational hazards, especially diseases and injuries, of construction workers. (FR 02/18/97)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 03/14/97; Applications 05/14/97

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    7-5 Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA)

    The Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA) Research Support Committee is now seeking proposals for research projects from several agencies. Priorities adopted by the Committee of Research Support are: improved variety development; seed technology-testing, processing; and certified seed marketing research. Further priority will be given proposals that are likely to result in early benefit to growers. Currently supported investigators must submit a letter specifying changes or continuation as is.

    Deadline: 03/24/97

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    7-6 Education Development and Demonstration (NEH)

    The Education Development and Demonstration Program provides grants to schools and colleges to improve humanities education in the United States. The program supports teachers and educational institutions in exemplary efforts to engage students in sustained, thoughtful study of the humanities. All projects should address how specific humanities topics are best taught and learned. A special three-year opportunity--Teaching with Technology--supports projects to strengthen education in the humanities by developing and using information technologies. This Special Opportunity seeks to support projects of national significance that will extend these benefits to a broad range of those studying the humanities disciplines in schools, colleges, and universities.

    Deadline: Humanities 04/18/97, 09/15/97; Other 10/01/97

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    7-7 Special Studies Program (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for studies to asses the impact and effectiveness of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), especially research on testing the use of an instrument to measure student progress and evaluating state-federal administrative information exchange. (FR 01/21/97)

    Deadline: 04/14/97

    7-8 Technology, Media and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for projects and centers to advance the design and use of technology, media and materials in the education of children and youths with disabilities. ED will fund projects that create innovative tools for students with disabilities by designing or adapting technology, assistive technology, educational media or materials to improve their education. ED is especially interested in applications that meet one or both of these priorities: development of tools to help individuals with disabilities to achieve a broad range of outcomes, including independence and improved quality of life; and those thatfoster creation of state-of-the-art instructional environments in and out of school. (FR 01/21/97)

    Deadline: 04/14/97

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    7-9 NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation announces a competition for Postdoctoral Fellowships in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education (PFSMETE). The primary objectives of the program are: to prepare Ph.D. graduates in science, mathematics and engineering with the necessary skills to teach Science Education in our Nation's diverse educational institutions; and to provide opportunities for outstanding Ph.D. graduates to develop expertise in a facet of science education research that would qualify them for the new range of educational positions that will come with the 21st century. PFSMETE Fellows have flexibility in the design of a research plan which could be uniquely suited to their professional interests. Disciplinary research that is integral to and supportive of the science education plan may be part of this plan. However, it is expected that the principal focus of the Fellows' time will be spent on research that can contribute significantly to augment the knowledge base in some area of science, mathematics, engineering or new tools or materials that improve the teaching and learning of SMET. (NSF 97-42)

    Deadline: 04/14/97

    7-10 Fuel Cell Systems Research (DOE)

    The Department of Energy is inviting applications for research on fuel cell technology directed toward transportation and building applications. Areas of interest include integrated power systems for transportation; critical components for transportation and the development of fuel cells for buildings. DE-RA02-97EE50443 (FR 02/06/97)

    Deadline: 03/14/97

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    7-11 Small Grant Program for the NIDCD (NIH)

    This program announcement supersedes all previous program announcements of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) Small Grant (R03) Program for support of pilot research that is likely to lead to a subsequent individual research project grant (R01) or a First Independent Research Support and Transition (FIRST) (R29) award application. The research must be focused on one or more of the areas within the biomedical and behavioral scientific mission of the NIDCD: hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice speech, or language. PAR-97-012 (NIHG 11/29/96)

    Deadline: 04/22/97, 08/22/97

    7-12 Skeletal Muscle Morphology, Metabolism, and Function (NASA)

    This research addresses several areas of muscle physiology, using human and animals in actual and simulated microgravity, including: 1) the role of altered growth-hormone physiology; 2) histological, immunochemical, and physiological studies of motor and sensory neural function; 3) intramuscular pressure, blood flow, and electromyography; 4) biomechanics and strength of muscle; 5) eccentric versus concentric muscle contractions; and 6) advanced exercise and hormonal countermeasures.

    Deadline: 04/15, 08/15

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    7-13 Healthy Start (HRSA)

    The Health Resources and Services Administration is inviting cooperative agreement applications to replicate successful Healthy Start projects, which since 1991 have developed and implemented community-based strategies to reduce infant mortality in areas with a high incidence of infant mortality. Funds will go to projects that operationalize and replicate one of the following service models: community-based consortium; family resource center; enhanced clinical services; risk prevention and reduction; care coordination/case management; outreach/client recruitment, facilitating services (for example, providing translation, transportation and child care); education and training; and adolescent programs. (FR 01/27/97)

    Deadline: 04/15/97

    7-14 Knowledge Development and Application (SAMHSA)

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is inviting grant and cooperative agreement applications for services studies and application activities to advance policy and practice to address substance abuse and mental health issues. (FR 02/10/97)

    Deadline: 04/11/97

    7-15 Substance Abuse Prevention Evaluation (DOJ)

    The Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is inviting applications to evaluate the effectiveness of youth-led substance abuse prevention programs to be funded by the President's Crime Prevention Council. This grant will support an evaluation that will address whether youth-led programs are more effective than adult-led efforts and identify key elements of implementing effective youth-led prevention activities and services. (FR 02/13/97)

    Deadline: 04/25/97

    7-16 Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Kansas)

    The Office of the Attorney General provides grants for programs that provide shelter and services to victims of child abuse and neglect and provide education to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect. Funding is available for ongoing operating expenses of programs (including court-appointed special advocate programs) providing: 1) temporary emergency shelter for victims of child abuse and neglect; 2) counseling and assistance to those victims; or 3) educational services directed at reducing the incidence of child abuse and neglect and diminishing its impact on the victim.

    Deadline: 03/24/97

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    7-17 Minority Dissertation Research Grants in Aging (NIH)

    Small grants to support doctoral dissertation research will be available for minority doctoral candidates. Grant support is designed to aid the research of new minority investigators and to encourage minority individuals from a variety of academic disciplines and programs to study topics relevant to aging. Possible topics of research include; Biology of Aging Program, Behavioral and Social Research Program, Neuroscience and Neuropsychology of Aging Program, and Geriatrics Program. AG-97-003 (NIHG 01/31/97)

    Deadline: 04/18/97

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