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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - November 15, 1996





    40-1 Collaboration, Visualization, and Information Management Technology (DOD)

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting proposals for research and technology development to (1) enhance the ability of teams to collaborate through shared artifacts and information spaces supporting multiple views, and (2) advanced capabilities of networked systems to manage multi-medial and multi-mode information. The focus of this BAA is on the integration of humans and networked information systems to improve collaboration and information utility. This solicitation builds on and extends ongoing efforts to build collaboration middleware and digital library technology. Areas of interest include: Intelligent Collaboration and Visualization, Information Management, and CVIM Integration Testbed. BAA 97-09

    Deadline: Abstract 12/23/96

    40-2 Methods and Models for Integrated Assessment (NSF)

    Methods and Models for Integrated Assessment (MMIA) is a funding opportunity for global change research at the National Science Foundation (NSF). In concert with other US/GCRP agencies, NSF has identified integrated assessment as an important approach for providing information to policy and decision makers. Assessing the combined influence of multiple systems is central to understanding important issues such as global environmental change, large-scale technological change, and international socio-political evolution. Integrated assessment refers to approaches for examining the complex interactions among earth's physical, biological, and human systems. (NSF 96-154)

    Deadline: 02/14/97

    40-3 Implementation and Development Projects for Women and Girls (NSF)

    The Implementation and Development Projects (IDP) for Women and Girls program has three major goals: to encourage the design of innovative activities which will improve the recruitment and retention of women and/or girls in SEM education and careers; to encourage the implementation of existing models or research in new settings or with new populations that will enhance the access of women and girls to improved SEM education and/or careers in SEM fields; and to encourage through either immediate change or a systemic approach, positive and permanent changes in the academic, social and /or scientific climate for more equitable inclusion of girls and women in SEM. (NSF 96-131)

    Deadline: Preliminary Proposal Target Date 01/02/97

    40-4 Travel/Host Grants for American Scientists (NRC)

    The National Research Council, Office for Central Europe and Eurasia, offers grants to individual American specialists who plan to establish new research partnerships with their colleagues from Central/Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. This program, Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering (COBASE), is designed primarily to prepare these new partnerships for competition in National Science Foundation programs. Funding is available for short-term project development (a two-week visit for proposal preparation) and long-term grants (visits for collaborative research for a period of one to six months).

    Deadline: Project Development 12/30/96; Long Term 07/07/97

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    40-5 Equine Research (AQHA)

    As a leading voice in the equine industry, the American Quarter Horse Association is dedicated to a better understanding of the equine, as well as to its future enjoyment by all people. AQHA places a premium on research projects that address problems of prime importance to the general equine population and those persons involved in the day to day management of horses. AQHA research priority list includes: the diagnosis and treatment of acute gastrointestinal disorders, such as colic; the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal defects of nutritional origin, such as O.C.D., epiphysitis, etc.; the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders, such as endometritis; the immunization of foals; the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, such as Potomac Fever, salmonella, etc.; and the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases such as `bleeding', and pneumonia.

    Deadline: 01/01/97

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    40-11 John Carter Brown Library Research Fellowships (John Carter Brown Library)

    The John Carter Brown Library, an independently funded and administered institution for advanced research in history and the humanities located on the campus of Brown University, will award Research Fellowships for the year June 1, 1997 - May 31, 1998. Fellowships are of two types: Short Term Fellowships for periods of two to four months, and Long Term Fellowships for six months. Recipients of all Fellowships are expected to be in regular residence at the John Carter Brown Library and to participate in the intellectual life of Brown University. Therefore, preference may be given to applicants able to take up the Fellowship during the academic year, September to May.

    Deadline: 01/15/97


    40-13 Winterthur Research Fellowships (Winterthur Museum)

    Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library invites applications for research in the library and museum collections. Two categories of fellowships are available: National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, available to scholars pursuing advanced research for four to twelve months' work and Winterthur Research Fellowships, available to academic, museum and independent scholars, and to support dissertation research from one to six months.

    Deadline: 12/01/96


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    40-15 Cognitive Studies for Education Practice Postdoctoral Fellowships (McDonnell)

    The James S. McDonnell Foundation invites requests for its postdoctoral fellowship program in Cognitive Studies for Educational Practice (CSEP). CSEP's goals are to encourage and support research applying the principles of cognitive science and cognitive psychology to improve learning, teaching, and teacher preparation for pre-college education. The Foundation hopes to encourage the development of educational tools, soundly based on cognitive science, for use in the classrooms or in the professional development of teachers.

    Deadline: 01/22/97


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    40-17 NSF/EPA Partnership for Environmental Research (NSF/EPA)

    A solicitation has been jointly issued by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for investigator-initiated research in FY 1997. Three areas of program interest include: water and watersheds; technology for a sustainable environment; and decision making and valuation for environmental policy.

    Deadline: 01/31/97


    40-19 Engineering Research Centers (NSF)

    The Division of Engineering Education and Centers is accepting proposals from academic institutions to establish three or four Engineering Research Centers (ERC) in FY 1998. Engineering Research Centers provide an integrated environment for academe and industry to focus on next-generation advances in complex engineered systems important for the Nation's future. Activity within ERCs lies at the interface between the discovery-driven culture of science and the innovation-driven culture of engineering, creating a synergy between science, engineering, and industrial practice. ERCs provide the intellectual foundation for industry to collaborate with faculty and students on resolving generic, long-range challenges producing the knowledge base for steady advances in technology and their speedy transition to the marketplace. ERCs integrate engineering education and research and expose students to industrial views in order to build competence in engineering practice and to produce engineering graduates with the depth and breadth of education needed for leadership throughout their careers. (NSF 97-5)

    Deadline: Notice of Intent 12/05/96, Preproposal 03/07/97


    40-21 Aerodynamic Measurement and Control Using MEMS (DOD)

    The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) announces a fiscal year 1997 competition for basic research on Aerodynamic Measurement and Control Using MEMS. This collaborative, three-year, interagency program is supported by DARPA in conjunction with the DARPA/ETO Program in MEMS and will be managed by AFOSR's Directorate of Aerospace and Materials Sciences. The primary goals of the program are to: 1) provide fundamental understanding of MEMS-based aerodynamic measurement and control approaches, 2) expand the operational range for MEMS-based actuators for aerodynamic flow control to stimulate the development of innovative approaches to flight and engine controls through basic research on MEMS-based flow control concepts including, but not limited to, those potentially applicable to micro-air vehicles. BAA 97-2

    Deadline: White Papers 11/30/96


    40-23 An Advanced Materials Intelligent Processing Center (ONR)

    The Materials S&T Division of the Office of Naval Research announces a program in the area of development of advanced processing techniques for composite materials. For example, these techniques encompass processes such as resin transfer molding of fiber reinforced resin-matrix composites and automatic composite structure lay up by means of tape laying or fiber placement. Intelligent processing requires advances in the scientific understanding of materials behavior, the development of advanced sensors, and the evolution of computer control programs ranging in sophistication all the way from deterministic to neural networks and artificial intelligence approaches. Due to the diverse nature of this effort, submissions by teams composed of industry-university combinations that could rapidly transfer advanced processing into products or systems of Navy relevance are encouraged. (CBD 11/12/96)

    Deadline: 12/12/96


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    40-25 Species at Risk Program (USGS)

    The U.S. Geological Survey is inviting applications for short-term research, inventory and monitoring projects that help develop conservation agreements, action plans and management alternatives that provide for species protection. Species at Risk (SAR) will focus on species for which there is concern but limited information on their abundance, distribution and/or status. (FR 11/08/96)

    Deadline: Letter of Interest 12/13/96


    40-27 Reproductive Biology (Lalor Foundation)

    Grants for basic postdoctoral research in mammalian reproductive biology as related to the regulation of fertility are available from the Lalor Foundation. The purpose of this program is to promote intensive research in this area and to encourage young investigators to pursue or continue academic research careers in reproductive biology.

    Deadline: 01/15/97


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    40-29 International Migration Program (SSRC)

    This program of the Social Science Research Council seeks to foster innovative research that will advance theoretical understandings of immigration to the United States, the processes of settlement, and the outcomes for both immigrants and native-born Americans. Proposals to research one or more of the following themes are encouraged, although the research need not be limited to the topics outlined: International migration: causes, processes, and types; Economic contexts, processes, and transformations; Sociocultural contexts, processes, and transformations; Political contexts, processes, and transformation. Awards are made for Dissertation Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Research Planning Grants.

    Deadline: 01/10/97


    40-31 Purina Mills, Inc. Research Fellowships (Purina Mills)

    The sponsor offers scholarships of $12,500 each to graduate students in any agricultural college for study in the field of nutrition and interrelated disciplines as they apply to dairy, poultry, and animal science. The application includes a detailed description of a research proposal, an important part of the application.

    Deadline: 02/03/97


    40-33 Environmental Fellowships (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting fellowship pre-applications to pursue master's and doctoral degrees in environmentally related fields. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and be pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in an environmentally related field of specialization. Academic disciplines eligible include physical, biological, social sciences, mathematics and computer science, engineering, and environmental law.

    Deadline: 01/03/97


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