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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - October 25, 1996





    38-1 EPA Research Grants (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, announces the availability of 1997 Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grants for research in the following areas: Exploratory Research, Ecosystem Indicators, Issues in Human Health Risk Assessment, Endocrine Disrupters, Ambient Air Quality, Health Effects and Exposures to Particulate Matter and Associated Air Pollutants, Drinking Water, and Contaminated Sediments. The mission of EPA is to protect both environmental quality and human health through effective regulations and other policy implementation through the application of sound science to assessment of environmental problems and to evaluation of possible solutions. Deadlines are 01/15/97, 01/22/97 or 02/15/97 according to topic.

    Deadline: See Above


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    38-2 North Central Biotechnical Program (Purdue University)

    Proposals are invited in support of the Mission and Objectives of the North Central Biotechnical Program (NCBP). This research program is targeted to providing the scientific and technical advances essential for creating new opportunities and economic gains in plant agriculture. The expected outcome would include such items as the development of new and better products from plant commodities, the improvement of the agricultural system from production through harvest, storage, and processing via the application of biotechnology.

    Deadline: 12/01/96


    38-3 Pork Research (NPPC)

    The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is soliciting research proposals dealing with pork production, meat science (pork), and human nutrition (meat or pork) issues. New this year is a requirement for a one paragraph explanation of how the research proposed, if successful, could help the pork industry. Research priorities include: efficient production of pork, consumer acceptance of pork, and societal issues. The NPPC Environmental Committee has a supplementary fund for projects dealing with the following issues: pig diet manipulation to reduce odor of excrement, and innovative approaches to swine production odors.

    Deadline: 12/02/96


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    38-4 Dibner Institute Fellows Programs 1997-1998 (Dibner Institute)

    The Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology invites applications to its two fellowship programs for 1997-1998: the Senior Fellows program and the new Post-Doctoral Fellows program. The Dibner Institute expects to have fifteen Senior Fellows each term and up to five Post-Doctoral Fellows each year. Candidates for Senior Fellowships should have advanced degrees in appropriate fields and offer evidence of substantial scholarly accomplishment and professional experience. Post-Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to outstanding young scholars of diverse countries of origin who have obtained the Ph.D. or equivalent within the previous five years.

    Deadline: 01/01/97


    38-5 Newberry Library Fellowships (Newberry)

    The Newberry Library offers a number of fellowships for research in residence. Most, but not all, require a Ph.D. Some are for research in any field appropriate to the Newberry's collection. Others are for subject specific research: Eighteenth Century Studies, American History, History of the American Indian or Cartography. Deadlines vary but most have January 20 deadlines.

    Deadline: Vary


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    38-6 Rehabilitation Long-Term Training (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for fiscal 1997 awards to support projects that provide basic or advanced training to address personnel shortages in rehabilitation. Funding includes six grants of $70,000 each in undergraduate education in rehabilitation services and eight for training in speech pathology and audiology. (FR 10/21/96)

    Deadline: 12/20/96


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    38-7 Gas-To-Liquids Program (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting cooperative agreement applications to conduct a three-phase program that will advance the technology of ceramic membranes for conversion of natural gas to synthesis gas and hydrogen to commercial readiness. The first phase will encompass ceramic material development, selection and characterization, membrane/reactor module fabrication, seal and manifolding technology development, benchscale process performance evaluations and engineering and economic analyses. Phase two will involve the scale-up of the technology to an engineering prototype unit to demonstrate an integrated process, obtain process engineering data, validate design concepts and provide additional data to refine prior engineering and economic evaluations. Phase three will use the technology database and engineering models developed in phases one and two to design, fabricate, construct and operate a fully integrated, proof-of-concept, commercially scalable process that reduces technical risks sufficiently to permit commercialization.

    (FR 10/18/96)

    Deadline: N/A


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    38-8 AFAR Research Grants (AFAR)

    The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) provides one to two-year awards to junior faculty to do research that will serve as the basis for longer term research efforts. AFAR-supported investigators study a broad range of biomedical and clinical topics including the causes of cellular senescence, the role of estrogen in the development of osteoporosis, the genetic factors associated with Alzheimer's Disease, the effects of nutrition and exercise on the aging process, and much more.

    Deadline: 12/16/96


    38-9 American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

    The American Institute for Cancer Research is the only major national cancer organization focusing exclusively on the area of diet, nutrition and cancer. The mission of the Institute is to increase the awareness and understanding of the role of diet and nutrition in cancer prevention and treatment, both for the scientific community and the general public. AICR's Research Department currently funds four research programs: Investigator Initiated Grants, AICR/NCTR Collaborative Research Grants, Post Doctoral Awards and Matching Grants.

    Deadline: 12/31/96, 07/01/97


    38-10 Immunobiological Consequences of Aging (NIH)

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the National Institute on Aging (NIA), and the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) invite applications for basic immunological research that will clarify the effects of senescence on immune function. NIAID is responsible for promoting research on the basic structure and functions of the immune system and the changes that occur in the immune system that initiate or contribute to disease. The purpose of this program announcement is to stimulate research that will provide fundamental, conceptual insight into the rational design of prophylactic and therapeutic measures for improving the immunobiological health of aging humans. PA-97-003

    (NIHG 10/18/96)


    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01


    38-11 Health Effects Institute Research (HEI)

    The Health Effects Institute has announced its 1996 Research Agenda. Funding is available for studies in one of the following areas: RFA 96-1 Mechanisms of Particle Toxicity: Fate and Bioreactivity of Particle-Associatiated Compounds; and RFA 96-2 Health Effects of Exposure to Air Pollutants from Motor Vehicle Emissions. 96-1 is for studies to investigate the biologic role of constituents of inhaled particles, including their bioavailability and fate and how they interact with cellular components. RFA 96-2 provides an application mechanism for investigators whose area of interest falls outside the topics targeted in RFA 96-1 but is relevant to HEI's current priorities. The deadline is open.

    Deadline: Letters of Intent for 96-1 10/30/96; Applications 12/17/96


    38-12 Pilot Studies on Gene Therapy Vectors for Metabolic Diseases (NIH)

    The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) invites applications for pilot and feasibility studies proposing innovative strategies for gene therapy vector development. These grants will allow investigators to obtain preliminary data on novel approaches to gene therapy relevant to the treatment of genetic metabolic diseases. Topics for this program announcement will be limited to pre-clinical vector development designed to increase the level and the duration of gene expression in vivo. Research designed to elucidate the basic mechanisms and cellular factors involved in the processes of vector entry and transgene expression will also be responsive to this announcement. PAR-97-002 (NIHG 10/18/96)

    Deadline: 02/01, 06/01, 10/01


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    38-13 Project on Death in America (Open Society Institute)

    The mission of the Project on Death in America is to understand and transform the culture and experience of dying through initiatives in research, scholarship, the humanities, and the arts; to foster innovations in the provision of care, public education, professional education, and public policy. The Project on Death in America's Scholars Program hopes to identify outstanding faculty and clinicians and to support them in disseminating existing models of good care, developing new models for improving the care of the dying, and developing new approaches to the education of health professionals about the care of dying patients and their families.

    Deadline: 01/08/97


    38-214 Social Service Research (Kellogg Foundation)

    The W.K.Kellogg Foundation recently announced grants awarded for a new program to study the effects of the shift in responsibility for social services from the federal government to the states. Research will focus on investigations of the transfer of authority, or devolution.

    Deadline: Open


    38-15 State Justice Institute Grants (SJI)

    The State Justice Institute is inviting grant and cooperative agreement applications for projects to improve the operation of state courts. Special interest areas include education and training for judges and other key court personnel; dispute resolution and the courts; application of technology; court management, financing and planning; resolution of current evidentiary issues; substance abuse and the courts; children and families in court; improving the court's response to domestic violence and other gender-related crimes of violence; and the relationship between state and federal courts.

    (FR 10/15/96)

    Deadline: varies


    38-16 Summer Institutes on the United States (USIA)

    The U.S. Information Agency is inviting applications to develop and conduct a program for multinational university educators on the role of religion and religious institutions in U.S. history and multiple summer programs on the U.S. political system, economy and society.

    (FR 10/17/96)

    Deadline: 12/20/96


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    38-33 Energy Fellowship Program (Link)

    Awards will be made to doctoral students in academic institutions for energy research to enhance both the theoretical and practical knowledge and application of energy research and to disseminate the results of that research through lectures, seminars and publications. Preference will be shown to proposals dealing directly with energy and which explore ideas not yet fully tested, rather than to further development of programs already in progress.

    Deadline: 12/01/96


    38-18 Morris K. Udall Dissertation Fellowship (Morris K. Udall Foundation)

    The Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation was authorized by the United States congress in 1992 to honor Congressman Morris K. Udall and his legacy of public service. Next spring, the Foundation anticipates awarding two fellowships of up to $24,000 each to outstanding students whose dissertation is in the area of environmental public policy and conflict resolution. In order to be considered for an award, students must be United States citizens or permanent residents. The purpose of the dissertation fellowship is to offset a scholar's living expenses while he or she completes the dissertation. The fellowship must be used for the final year of writing the dissertation.

    Deadline: 01/15/97

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