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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - July 12, 1996






    26-1 Quaker Oats Foundation Grants (Quaker Oats Foundation)

    The Quaker Oats Foundation Makes grants in the areas of nutrition, hunger and minority education. The foundation funds public and private elementary, secondary and higher education programs. Projects should address the root causes of problems and provide long-term solutions.

    Deadline: 09/01, 02/01

    26-2 Land Use (NASA)

    Preproposals are invited by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for scientific investigations on land-cover and land-use changes that combine remotely sensed data with information from other sources. The Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Program has four areas of focus: forcing factors that drive changes in landscapes, and the resultant impacts on biogeochemical and hydrological cycles and energy and gas fluxes; responses and consequences in those parts of the world that are currently undergoing the most stress, where the stresses from human activities are sure to increase the most rapidly, and where major changes are already taking place; modeling and implications-- techniques to incorporate land-cover and land-use change into existing biogeochemical and biophysical models; and techniques and methods development and refinement in support of the scientific objectives of this program.

    Deadline: Preproposals 07/24/96

    26-3 International Education and Cultural Exchanges (USIA)

    The United States Information Agency is seeking proposals to develop exchange projects with counterpart institutions and groups in areas ranging from conflict resolution to intellectual property rights. USIA supports projects in the United States or overseas involving leaders in a variety of professions, from urban planning to education. Proposed themes and topics vary by country, for example, conflict resolution for Northern Ireland and Cyprus; wetlands management for Greece; market economics for Vietnam, Cambodia and/or Laos; and intellectual property rights for China. (FR 06/27/96)

    Deadline: 10/11/96

    26-4 Canadian Studies Course Development Program (Canadian Government)

    This program provides faculty with an opportunity to develop courses that will be offered as part of their regular teaching load or as a special offering to select audiences in continuing and/or distance education. Priority will be given to courses in the social and human sciences, journalism, business, trade, environment, and law with a unique relevance to Canada, or in the context of the bilateral or North American relationship.

    Deadline: 10/31/96

    26-5 National Environmental Education and Training Foundation Grants (NEETF)

    The NEETF supports environmental education, primarily programs that aim to create an environmentally conscious and committed public, an environmentally literate workforce and an environmentally advanced education system. The foundation encourages environmental education and training partnerships among government, community, business, non-profit and academic organizations. Projects should be tailored to inform adolescents and adults, beyond the classroom. Increasing environmental awareness, knowledge and skills should be part of the program. Projects may address environmental issues and hazards that pose health problems to society.

    Deadline: Preproposals 07/15/96; proposals 09/03/96

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    26-6 Managing Change in Agriculture (OSU)

    Oklahoma State University (OSU) through a grant from USDA is soliciting proposals for minigrants in the concept area of ``Managing Change in Agriculture''. Managing Change in Agriculture provides leadership and coordination of support for development of innovative programs at the state and regional level that will assist thousands of farms and agribusiness firms to successfully adjust to changes. For the purposes of this project, agribusiness includes natural resource firms. Skills developed in this program include strategic management, risk management, integrated systems management and marketing, optimal use of government policies and transition from subsidies to market signals, and interaction in controversial issues. The project will produce training materials for building awareness and educational options among system leadership and federal and state professionals.

    Deadline: 08/30/96

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    26-7 Richard Florsheim Art Fund (Richard Floresheim Art Fund)

    The Richard Floresheim Art Fund supports senior American artists whose public recognition may have declined, but who continue to be productive in their art work. The fund assists American artists over the age of 60 in three ways: partial funding of exhibitions, participation in exhibition catalogs and assisting in the purchase of works by museums, universities and other nonprofits that collect and display American art.

    Deadline: 10/01, 03/01

    26-8 E. Nakamichi Foundation Grants(E. Nakamichi Foundation)

    The E. Nakamichi Foundation supports appreciation of early, baroque, classical and similar music. The foundation makes grants to increase public awareness and understanding of early, baroque, classical and similar music that otherwise might not be available to the public on a commercial basis. Nakamichi generally makes grants to underwrite performances or to support their broadcast on public television or radio.

    Deadline: 09/15/96 & 02/01/97

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    26-9 Safe and Drug-Free Schools: Violence (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to develop, implement, expand or enhance innovative programs to reduce truancy and prevent drug use and violence in schools. ED will fund projects that infuse research-based knowledge about what works into the design, development and implementation of school-based strategies to prevent drug use among youths; remove firearms and other weapons from schools; prevent truancy and address the needs of youths who are out of the education mainstream; or prevent violent, aggressive or intimidating or other behavior arising from bullying or sexual harassment.

    Deadline: 08/02/96

    26-10 Safe and Drug-Free Schools: Hate (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to develop and implement innovative, effective strategies for preventing crimes and conflicts motivated by hate in localities directly affected by hate crimes. Strategies may include but are not limited to developing and disseminating curricula or other instructional materials on the causes and consequences of hate-motivated behavior and effective measures of intervening with youths to prevent such behaviors; school-community partnerships that provide opportunities for youths to engage in service learning activities designed to reduce the incidence of crimes and conflicts motivated by hate; and training of school personnel, parents and community members on issues related to hate crimes and conflicts. (FR 07/02/96

    Deadline: 08/02/96

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    26-11 Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences Call For Nominations (Burroughs Wellcome)

    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund announces its Career Awards in the Biomedical Sciences Program. This award program will provide up to six years of support during the advanced postdoctoral and beginning faculty years for at least 13 outstanding young investigators in the biomedical sciences in the United States and Canada. All candidates must have completed at least one year and not more than four years of postdoctoral training at the time of application. Since an institution may submit only six nominations, R. W. Trewyn, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 103 Fairchild Hall, will coordinate the application process. Please submit nominations to Dr. Trewyn by September 2, 1996.

    Deadline: 10/01/96

    26-12 HIV: Viral Load in Brain and Neurobehavioral Correlates (NIH)

    It is generally agreed that the presence of HIV within the central nervous system (CNS) contributes to the development of neurobehavioral impairments and neurologic syndromes that occur in a subset of HIV-infected individuals. This program announcement solicits research applications to identify effective ways to quantitate viral load within the CNS during life; correlate the quantity of virus within the CNS to the onset and course of neurobehavioral and neurological changes; identify specific biochemical or neurochemical alterations in neuronal function as a consequence of the presence of virus either directly of indirectly; and identify and test drugs that prevent or reverse the neuronal dysfunction. Collaborations between neuroscientists and immunologists/virologists are encouraged but not required. Fellowships are also solicited through this program announcement to encourage a broader range of scientists to conduct research in this field. PA-96-059 (NIHG 06/21/96)

    Deadline: 09/01, 01/02, 05/01

    26-13 Captain Planet Foundation (Captain Planet Foundation)

    The Captain Planet Foundation supports environmental education projects that take kids out of the classroom and encourages them to get involved in saving the Earth. Projects should offer students hands-on activities that take them out of the classroom and directly involve them in the environment. Projects should promote interaction between students and improve problem solving skills. The foundation is interested in projects that reach a large group of students or that can be expanded to include other students. Projects from urban and rural schools receive preference.

    Deadline: n/a

    26-14 Diabetes Interdisciplinary Research Programs (NIH)

    The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International invite investigator-initiated program project grant applications. These applications should incorporate an interdisciplinary research approach to: the development of innovative prevention and treatment strategies for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and its complications, the etiology and pathogenesis of IDDM and its complications, and\or the genetic susceptibility for IDDM and the complications of diabetes. This solicitation is intended to stimulate the application of advances in basic molecular biology, genetics, immunology, cell biology, and biophysics to the study of IDDM and its complications. DK-96-012 (NIHG 06/21/96)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 09/19/96; Applications 10/24/96

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    26-15 USIP Grants (USIP)

    The United States Institutes of Peace is soliciting applications for projects that fall within its general mandate to promote the peaceful resolution of international conflict. Grants may support academic research, curriculum development, public education, and other programs. (FR 06/19/96)

    Deadline: 10/01/96

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    26-16 Minority Research on Aging (Gerontological Society of America)

    Applications for 1996 awards under the Minority Leadership Development Program in Aging should be submitted to the Gerontological Society of America by September 24. Under this program, 10 minority predoctoral students who are interested in research careers will be awarded funds for travel, lodging, meals and registration at GSA's annual scientific meeting in Washington, D.C., November 17-21.

    Deadline: 09/24/96

    26-17 Canadian Studies Graduate Student Fellowship Program (Canadian Government)

    This program offers graduate students an opportunity to conduct part of their doctoral research in Canada. Research is promoted in the social and human sciences, journalism, business, trade, and law with a view to contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of Canada and its relationship with the United States and/or other countries of the world.

    Deadline: 10/31/96

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