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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

April 20, 2012 (Vol. 21, No. 15)

Program Information

To receive program information, please contact Beverly Page, Information Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)532-5045, e-mail: bbpage@ksu.edu


NOTICE - The Funding Bulletin is available via email. To be added to the electronic mailing list, send an email message to: listserv@listserv.ksu.edu Leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type: sub fundingbulletin.

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs have sponsor restrictions on the number of proposals that may be submitted by a single institution and will require institutional screening to determine which applications will be submitted. Dr. Jim Guikema, Associate Vice President for Research, is the internal coordinator for limited submission programs. Please notify him at 785-532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by the Internal due date listed in the Funding Bulletin (FB 15-1, 15-3) or by at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline if you wish to submit to a limited submission program. Currently posted Internal Deadlines:


15-1 Scholarship Program (Grant)

The Scholars Program supports the professional development of early-career researchers in the social, behavioral, and health sciences. The goal is to help Scholars tackle important questions that will advance theory, policy, and practice for youth and to do so with an expanded array of expertise that includes different methods, disciplinary perspectives, and content knowledge. Potential Scholars should have a promising track record of conducting high-quality research, but want to pursue a qualitative shift in their trajectory as researchers. The Foundation supports research to understand and improve the everyday settings of youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States. Major divisions (e.g., College of Arts and Sciences, Medical School) of an institution may nominate only one applicant each year.

Deadline: Internal 5/15/2012; Nominations 7/3/2012


15-2 National Pork Board RFP (NPB)

The National Pork Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with: A-Environment, B-Swine Health, C-Animal Welfare, D-Pork Safety - Pre Harvest, H- Public Health, and Q- Feed Cost Mitigation.

Deadline: 5/22/2012

15-3 Farm to School Grant Program (USDA)

The Farm to School Grant Program is part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which authorized and funded USDA to assist eligible entities, through grants and technical assistance, in implementing farm to school programs that improve access to local foods in eligible schools. The new investments will assist schools in procuring food from local producers. Farm to school initiatives can also include agriculture and nutrition education efforts such as school gardens, field trips to local farms, and cooking classes. Applicants are encouraged to first submit a Letter of Intent and then apply for either a Planning Grant or an Implementation Grant. Only one application per eligible entity is permitted. USDA-FNS-F2S-2012 (GG 4/16/12)

Deadline: Internal 5/10/2012; Letters of Intent 5/18/2012; Proposals 6/15/2012

15-4 Common Bean Productivity Research for Global Food Security Competitive Grants Program (USDA)

The purpose of the Common Bean Productivity Research for Global Food Security program for fiscal year (FY) 2012 is to develop approaches and/or methods that can address challenges to common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) production among small holder producers in food insecure countries. These insecure areas of the world including many Feed the Future countries such as East and Southern Africa. USDA-NIFA-CBPR-003745 (GG 4/13/12)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/8/2012; Applications 6/27/2012


15-5 Bridging Cultures Through Film (NEH)

The Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics program supports documentary films that examine international and transnational themes in the humanities. These projects are meant to spark Americans' engagement with the broader world by exploring one or more countries and cultures outside of the United States. Proposed documentaries must be analytical and deeply grounded in humanities scholarship. The Division of Public Programs encourages the exploration of innovative nonfiction storytelling that presents multiple points of view in creative formats. The proposed film should range in length from a standard broadcast length of thirty minutes to a feature-length documentary. 20120627-TW (GG 4/10/12)

Deadline: 6/27/2012


15-6 Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE) (NSF)

The Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE) program seeks to advance research at the frontiers of STEM learning and education, and to provide the foundational knowledge necessary to improve STEM learning and education in current and emerging learning contexts, both formal and informal, from childhood through adulthood, for all groups, and from before school through to graduate school and beyond into the workforce. The goals of the REESE program are: 1) to catalyze discovery and innovation at the frontiers of STEM learning and education; 2) to stimulate the field to produce high quality and robust research results through the progress of theory, method, and human resources; and 3) to coordinate and transform advances in education and learning research. NSF 12-552

Deadline: 7/17/2012


15-7 Technology Research, Development, and Tools for Clean Biomass Cookstoves (DOE)

The goal of this solicitation is to increase the viability and deployment of renewable energy technologies through research, development, and tools that lead to clean and efficient biomass cookstoves. This solicitation seeks to develop cookstove technologies that: Are low-cost and affordable in regions that currently rely predominantly on biomass fuels for household energy; Are durable and safe, address the conditions, use the biomass fuels, and meet the needs of the people in geographical areas in which the stoves will be ultimately deployed; Aim to meet or exceed the highest level of stove performance for total and indoor emissions, efficiency, and safety; and Achieve field performance that is comparable to stove performance in laboratory testing. DE-FOA-0000709 (GG 4/13/12)

Deadline: 5/23/2012

15-8 Planetary Geology and Geophysics (NASA)

The Planetary Geology and Geophysics (PGG) program supports scientific investigation of planetary surfaces and interiors, satellites (including the Moon), satellite and ring systems, and smaller Solar System bodies, such as asteroids and comets. The goals of the PGG program are to foster the synthesis, analysis, and comparative study of data that will improve the understanding of the extent and influence of planetary geological and geophysical processes on the bodies of the Solar System. NNH12ZDA001N-PGG (GG 4/18/12)

Deadline: Notices of Intent 4/27/2012; Proposals 6/1/2012

15-9 Theoretical Research in Magnetic Fusion Energy Science (DOE)

The Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) of the Office of Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), announces its interest in receiving grant applications for theoretical and computational research relevant to the U.S. magnetic fusion energy sciences program. All individuals or research groups planning to submit applications for new or renewal funding in Fiscal Year 2013 should submit in response to this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). The specific areas of interest are: 1) Macroscopic Stability; 2) Confinement and Transport; 3) Boundary Physics; 4) Plasma Heating & Non-inductive Current Drive; and 5) Energetic Particles. Due to the limited availability of funds, Principal Investigators with continuing theory grants may not submit a new application in the same topical area(s) as their existing grant(s). An applicant may submit only one application in response to this FOA, but applications can target multiple topical areas. DE-FOA-0000707 (GG 3/27/12)

Deadline: 5/31/2012

15-10 University Small Grants Broad Agency Announcement (AFRL)

This BAA is a university grant vehicle that can provide small grants of $100k or less to students/professors in a timely manner for the purpose of engaging U.S./U.S. territories' colleges and universities in directed energy-related basic, applied, and advanced research projects that are of interest to the Department of Defense. Proposals may be submitted at any time. However, prospective offerors/applicants must call the technology points of contacts (POCs) listed in Paragraph C of the full text announcement to confirm funding is available for the technology area of consideration before submitting a proposal. Proposals are reviewed and evaluated as they are received. BAA-RDK-2012-0001 (GG 4/3/12)

Deadline: 4/1/2017


15-11 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (DOD)

Applications for the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) are being solicited by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Defense Health Program. All applications for PRMRP funding must specifically address at least one of the topic areas as directed by Congress, and must be directly relevant to the health care needs of the military service members, veterans, and/or beneficiaries. The FY12 PRMRP topic areas are: Arthritis, Composite Tissue Transplantation, Drug Abuse, Dystonia, Epilepsy, Food Allergies, Fragile X Syndrome, Hereditary Angioedema, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Interstitial Cystitis, Listeria Vaccine for Infectious Disease, Lupus, Malaria, Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery Science, Neuroblastoma, Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disease, Paget's Disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis, Scleroderma, Tinnitus, and Tuberculosis. W81XWH-12-PRMRP-DA (GG 3/27/12)

Deadline: Preapplications 5/9/2012; Applications 5/24/2012

15-12 DOD FY12 Neurofibromatosis Exploration-Hypothesis Development Award


The Exploration-Hypothesis Development Award supports the initial exploration of innovative, high-risk, high-gain, and potentially groundbreaking concepts in the NF research field. The proposed work should provide initial principles of an innovative question/concept, and results of studies conducted through this award may provide the scientific rationale upon which a new hypothesis can be based. This award is designed to provide investigators with the opportunity to pursue serendipitous observations. W8XWH-12-NFRP-EHDA (GG 3/22/12)

Deadline: 5/31/2012


15-13 International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) NSF)

The International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) program supports development of globally-engaged U.S. science and engineering students capable of performing in an international research environment at the forefront of science and engineering. The IRES program supports active research participation by students enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation. IRES projects involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs or in research projects specifically designed for the IRES program. NSF-12-551 (GG 4/9/12)

Deadline: 8/21/2012


15-14 Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation Program (DOJ)

OJJDP's Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation (FIRE) Program will support methodologically rigorous research and evaluation studies that inform policy and practice consistent with the Department of Justice's mission. OJJDP will fund field-initiated studies to understand the factors that influence the prevention of underage drinking, the enforcement of underage drinking laws, and individuals' and communities' attitudes and behaviors about underage drinking. OJJDP-2012-3299 (GG 4/18/12)

Deadline: 6/4/2012

15-15 W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship for Research in Race, Gender, Culture and Crime FY 2012 (DOJ)

NIJ seeks proposals for funding under the W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship for Research in Race, Gender, Culture, and Crime FY 2012. The Du Bois Fellowship Program seeks to advance knowledge regarding the confluence of crime, justice, and culture in various societal contexts. NIJ-2012-3086 (GG 2/2/12)

Deadline: 5/2/2012