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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

April 6, 2012 (Vol. 21, No. 13)

Program Information

To receive program information, please contact Beverly Page, Information Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)532-5045, e-mail: bbpage@ksu.edu


NOTICE - The Funding Bulletin is available via email. To be added to the electronic mailing list, send an email message to: listserv@listserv.ksu.edu Leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type: sub fundingbulletin.

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs have sponsor restrictions on the number of proposals that may be submitted by a single institution and will require institutional screening to determine which applications will be submitted. Dr. Jim Guikema, Associate Vice President for Research, is the internal coordinator for limited submission programs. Please notify him at 785-532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by the Internal due date listed in the Funding Bulletin (FB 13-1, 13-8) or by at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline if you wish to submit to a limited submission program. Currently posted Internal Deadlines:


13-1 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT) (NSF)

The Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program has been developed to meet the challenges of educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines, and technical, professional, and personal skills. The program is intended to establish new models for graduate education and training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. It is also intended to facilitate diversity in student participation and preparation, and to contribute to a world-class, broadly inclusive, and globally engaged science and engineering workforce. Only one submission per institution is allowed. NSF 11-533

Deadline: Internal 4/16/2012; Letter of Intent 5/1/2012; Proposal 7/2/2012

13-2 Core Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering (BIGDATA) (NSF)

The Core Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering (BIGDATA) solicitation aims to advance the core scientific and technological means of managing, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting useful information from large, diverse, distributed and heterogeneous data sets so as to: accelerate the progress of scientific discovery and innovation; lead to new fields of inquiry that would not otherwise be possible; encourage the development of new data analytic tools and algorithms; facilitate scalable, accessible, and sustainable data infrastructure; increase understanding of human and social processes and interactions; and promote economic growth and improved health and quality of life. This solicitation focuses on common interests in big data research across the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF 12-499

Deadline: Midscale Projects 6/13/2012, Small Projects 7/11/2012


13-3 National AgrAbility Program (USDA)

AgrAbility increases the likelihood that individuals with disabilities and their families engaged in production agriculture (AgrAbility customers) become more successful. The primary outcome is enhanced quality of life for people with disabilities in agriculture. The program supports cooperative projects in which State Cooperative Extension Services (CES) based at either 1862 or 1890 Land-Grant Universities subcontract to private, non-profit disability organizations. Measures of success may include improvements in customers' financial stability or access to life activities and the capacity of states and regions to deliver services this population requires in a timely and satisfying manner. To address the specialized needs of AgrAbility's customers, the program builds service capacity on national, regional, state, and local levels through education and networking. In the absence of capacity, projects provide assistance to customers. The National AgrAbility Project supports the state and regional projects in developing their capacity to meet these objectives. USDA-NIFA-SLBCD-003740 (GG 3/29/12)

Deadline: 5/17/2012

13-4 Specialty Crops (KDA)

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for the 2012 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Funds for the program are awarded to the agency by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service. The funds are in turn granted to projects and organizations that promote the competitiveness of specialty crops. The Kansas Department of Agriculture seeks to fund projects that primarily fit into the following areas: Economic development-- Improving efficiency and reducing costs of distribution systems, including projects that seek to understand gaps in systems and supply/demand issues related to specialty crops; Investing in specialty crop research, including research on the feasibility of growing novel specialty crops that aren't currently produced (or are produced in very small quantities) in Kansas; Controlling pests and disease, as well as addressing issues such as pesticide drift that affect specialty crops; and Regional efforts to start incubator or community kitchen projects to encourage the development of value-added products from specialty crops. Education--Increasing child and adult nutrition knowledge and consumption of specialty crops; Developing materials to better educate specialty crop producers and buyers on food safety practices, including Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Good Handling Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices; and Projects that create awareness of Kansas specialty crops for consumers. Food Access/Food Security--Projects that bring together local producers and organizations that seek to improve access to specialty crops.

Deadline: 5/18/2012


13-5 Guest Artist Initiative Program (SDCF)

The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, the not-for-profit foundation affiliated with the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, has announced a Call for Proposals for the SDCF Guest Artist Initiative Program, a grant program for colleges and universities to fund and facilitate the hiring of professional stage directors and choreographers as guest artists. To be eligible for this grant, the project must be produced by a regionally or nationally accredited college or university located in the U.S.; be mounted by December 31, 2013; and be fully funded. It is not required for the producing school to have hired guest artists in the past. Projects for which the guest artist has already been selected are ineligible. (PND 3/23/12)

Deadline: 5/14/2012


13-6 Rural Health and Safety Education (USDA)

Rural Health and Safety Education focuses on: 1) Individual and Family Nutrition and Health Education providing a) info on the value of good health at any age; b) info to increase motivation to take responsibility for their own health; c) info about and access to nutrition and health promotion and educational activities; and d) training for volunteers and health services providers on nutrition and health promotion and health care services in cooperation with state, local and community partners. 2) Farm Safety Education that provides info and training on safety in the work place, including but not limited to: a) the prevention of occupational injury and death rates; b) the prevention of exposure to farm chemicals; and c) the prevention of agricultural respiratory diseases and dermatitis. 3) Rural Health Leadership Development Education. USDA-NIFA-RHSE-003744 (GG 4/5/12)

Deadline: 5/15/2012

13-7 DoD Peer Reviewed Medical Discovery Award (DOD)

The intent of the PRMRP Discovery Award is to support innovative, untested, high-risk/potentially high-reward concepts, theories, paradigms, and/or methods. Studies supported by this award are expected to lay the groundwork for future avenues of scientific investigation. The proposed research project should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on strong scientific rationale and study design. W81XWH-12-PRMRP-DA (GG 3/29/12)

Deadline: Preapplications 5/9/2012; Applications 5/24/2012

13-8 Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTDD) Network (U01) (NCI)

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and the Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTDD) initiative is to promote innovative research on high throughput approaches to the discovery and characterization of new cancer targets and their modulators. Projects resulting from this FOA are expected to bridge the gap between the enormous volumes of data generated by the comprehensive molecular characterizations of many cancer subtypes and the ability to use these data for the development of human cancer therapeutics and associated response markers. Applicants must propose research projects focused on high-throughput identification and/or characterization of potential targets for cancer therapy, and/or the identification of small molecules that modulate validated cancer targets. A single institute may submit up to two applications. RFA-CA-12-006 (NIHG 3/30/12)

Deadline: Internal 4/30/2012; Letters of Intent 5/21/2012; Applications 6/21/2012

13-9 Toward an Improved Understanding of HDL Function (R01) (NIH)

This FOA encourages grant applications that propose to develop, validate, and standardize assays to measure HDL function and biomarkers for HDL function and to identify new pathways and potential HDL targets in the relationship to HDL function. Innovative methods to determine HDL functional properties such as in vivo reverse cholesterol transport (RCT), anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic activities, and biomarkers for HDL function are encouraged. Projects that will explore HDL novel functional pathways and therapeutics related to HDL function are also encouraged. PA-12-143 (NIHG 3/30/12)

Deadline: 6/5/2012

13-10 Early Detection and Prevention of Mild Cognitive Impairment (R01) (NIH)

The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) seeks to stimulate research into technologies that have the greatest future impact for pre-symptomatic detection and preventive treatment and management of age- or treatment-related mild cognitive impairment (MCI), including those occurring in the setting of Life Limiting Illnesses (LLI). It is anticipated that findings from this research can improve our ability to identify at risk individuals and prevent or delay further neurodegeneration. RFA-NR-12-010 (NIHG 3/30/12)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/21/2012; Applications 5/21/2012


13-11 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Program Solicitation (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invites small business firms to submit research proposals under this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Solicitation. This year's solicitation has seven topics grouped into five general areas: Safe and Sustainable Water Resources; Chemical Safety for Sustainability; Sustainable and Healthy Communities; Air/Climate/Energy.The proposed research must directly pertain to EPA's environmental mission and must be responsive to EPA program interests included in the topic descriptions in this solicitation.

Deadline: 5/3/2012


13-12 Research on Domestic Radicalization (DOJ)

NIJ seeks proposals for funding research to support Federal, State, local, and tribal criminal justice agencies in meeting the challenges posed by domestic radicalization to violence. Proposals should develop and analyze information and data that have clear implications for criminal justice in the following focus areas: 1) Empirical Evaluation of Theories of Domestic Radicalization; 2) Examination of Radicalization Processes for Individuals; 3) Comparative Analysis of Violent Extremists, Organized Criminals, Gangs, Hate Groups and/or Cults; and 4) Influence of Community and Other Policing Strategies on Domestic Radicalization to Violence. NIJ-2012-3163 (GG 3/23/12)

Deadline: 5/29/2012

13-13 Service-Learning Projects (State Farm)

The State Farm Youth Advisory Board, a philanthropic program of State Farm, is accepting applications for youth service learning projects designed to create sustainable local change in communities across the United States and Canada. Projects must be designed to address the root cause of the following issues: access to higher education/closing the achievement gap, financial literacy, community safety and natural disaster preparedness, social health and wellness, and environmental responsibility. Applicant organizations must be a K-12 public or charter school, or institution of higher education. (PND 3/30/12)

Deadline: 5/4/2012