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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

February 18, 2011 (Vol. 20, No. 6)

Program Information

To receive program information, please contact Beverly Page, Information Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)532-5045, e-mail: bbpage@ksu.edu


NOTICE - The Funding Bulletin is available via email. To be added to the electronic mailing list, send an email message to: listserv@listserv.ksu.edu Leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type: sub fundingbulletin.

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs have sponsor restrictions on the number of proposals that may be submitted by a single institution and will require institutional screening to determine which applications will be submitted. Dr. Jim Guikema, Associate Vice President for Research, is the internal coordinator for limited submission programs. Please notify him at 785-532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by the Internal due date listed in the Funding Bulletin (FB 6-9) or by at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline if you wish to submit to a limited submission program. Currently posted Internal Deadlines:

  • URL: http://www.k-state.edu/research/funding/bulletins/bul11/limits11/index.htm


6-1 Disaster Resilience for Rural Communities (NSF)

In a joint announcement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and NSF call for proposals to advance basic research in engineering and the social, behavioral, and economic sciences on enhancing disaster resilience in rural communities. Any investigator may appear as a Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI or other senior personnel on only one proposal submitted in Fiscal Year 2011 in response to this particular solicitation. NSF 11-510 (GG 12/3/10)

Deadline: 3/4/2011


6-2 Conservation Innovation Grant (USDA)

The purpose of CIG is to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies, while leveraging the Federal Investment in environmental enhancement and protection in conjunction with agricultural production. CIG projects are expected to lead to the transfer of conservation technologies, management systems, and innovative approaches (such as market-based systems) into NRCS policy, technical manuals, guides, and references or to the private sector. CIG does not fund research projects. The Kansas NRCS will accept applications for single or multi-year projects, not to exceed three years. Kansas component CIG projects must take place in Kansas; multi-state projects will not be considered. USDA-NRCS-KS-11-01 (GG 2/16/11)

Deadline: 3/25/2011


6-3 Library Resident Research Fellowships (APS)

The American Philosophical Society Library offers short-term residential fellowships for conducting research in its collections. The Library is a leading international center for research in history of American science and technology and its European roots, as well as early American history and culture. The Library houses over 11 million manuscripts items, 350,000 volumes of printed materials, thousands of maps and prints, and more than a thousand hours of audio recordings of Native American languages. TGA 12/10

Deadline: 3/1/2011

6-4 NEA Literature Fellowships: Fiction and Creative Non-fiction, FY 2012 (NEA)

The NEA Literature Fellowships program offers $25,000 grants in prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) and poetry to published creative writers that enable the recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. Applications are reviewed through an anonymous process in which the only criteria for review are artistic excellence and artistic merit. For FY 2012, which is covered by these guidelines, fellowships in prose are available. 2011NEA03LFCW (GG 11/18/10)

Deadline: 3/3/2011

6-5 Fellowships (NEH)

Fellowships support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Recipients usually produce articles, monographs, books, digital materials, archaeological site reports, translations, editions, or other scholarly resources in the humanities. Projects may be at any stage of development. Fellowships support continuous full-time work for a period of six to twelve months. 20110503-FA (GG 2/16/11)

Deadline: 5/3/2011


6-6 Blueprint for Neuroscience Research Science Education Award (R25) (NIH)

This FOA solicits applications focused on improving kindergarten through twelfth grade science education in areas related to the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research. Applications must be innovative, creative, and have a clear plan for improving science knowledge and enthusiasm for science among the targeted students or teachers. Plans for evaluation must be included in the application. Partnerships between educators and scientists in the development of the science education project are highly encouraged. RFA-DA-11-013 (NIHG 2/11/11)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 3/11/2011; Applications 4/1/2011


6-7 Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Centers of Excellence (DOE)

The Department of Energy's (DOE's) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), is issuing a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled, "Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Centers of Excellence." Eligibility for this Funding Opportunity Announcement is restricted to U.S. Colleges and Universities and University-Affiliated Research Institutions with accredited graduate engineering programs. The goal of GATE is to overcome technology barriers preventing the development and production of cost-effective, high-efficiency vehicles for the U.S. market by training a future workforce of automotive engineering professionals who are knowledgeable about, and experienced in, developing and commercializing advanced automotive technologies. DE-FOA-0000442 (GG 2/16/11)

Deadline: 4/18/2011

6-8 University Turbine Systems Research (DOE)

The University Turbine Systems Research "UTSR" program addresses key technologies needed to enable the development of advanced turbines and turbine-based systems that will operate cleanly and efficiently when fueled with coal-derived synthesis gas and hydrogen fuels. Developing turbine technology to operate on coal-derived synthesis gas and hydrogen is critical to the development of advanced coal based power generation technologies such as integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and the deployment of IGCC power plants that capture and sequester carbon dioxide. The Advanced Turbine Program is an investment in secure U.S. electric power production that is clean, efficient, affordable, and fuel-flexible, and will make possible the continued use of coal, our Nation's largest domestic fossil energy resource. DE-FOA-0000459 (GG 2/16/11)

Deadline: 4/1/2011

6-9 NIST Construction Grant Program (NCGP) (DOC)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States (U.S.) Department of Commerce (DoC), is soliciting grant proposals for the construction of new research science buildings or for the expansion of existing buildings to increase the space currently available for supported scientific research activities. For purposes of the Program, "research science building" means a building or facility whose purpose is for the conduct of scientific research, including laboratories, test facilities, measurement facilities, research computing facilities, and observatories. In addition, "expansion of existing buildings" means that space to conduct scientific research is being expanded from what is currently available for the supported research activities. Only 2 solicitations per institution are allowed. 2011-NIST-NCGP-01 (GG 1/25/11)

Deadline: Internal 2/22/2011; Letters of Intent 2/24/2011

6-10 2011 Broad Agency Announcement (Army)

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for various research and development topic areas. The ERDC is responsible for conducting research in the broad fields of hydraulics, dredging, coastal engineering, instrumentation, oceanography, remote sensing, geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, soil effects, vehicle mobility, self-contained munitions, military engineering, geophysics, pavements, protective structures, aquatic plants, water quality, dredged material, treatment of hazardous wastes, wetlands, physical/mechanical/chemical properties of snow and other frozen precipitation, infrastructure and environmental issues for installations, computer science, telecommunications management, energy, facilities maintenance, materials and structures, engineering processes, environmental processes, land and heritage conservation, and ecological processes. W912HZ11BAA02 (GG 1/10/11)

Deadline: 1/31/2012


6-11 Recognition Grants (KHF)

The Recognition Grants program is designed to expand the Kansas Health Foundation's support to a broad range of health-related organizations in the state. While the majority of the foundation's funding is through invited proposals, the Recognition Grants program is designed to fund unsolicited requests and is targeted to organizations and agencies proposing meaningful and charitable projects that fit within the foundation's mission of improving the health of all Kansans. PND 2/11/11

Deadline: 3/15/2011, 9/15/2011

6-12 Targeting Resistance in Select Gram-Negative Pathogens (R21/R33) (NIH)

Escalating resistance to antibacterial agents in healthcare settings is an increasing contributor to morbidity, mortality and rising healthcare costs. In addition to antimicrobial stewardship and hospital hygiene measures, there is a critical need for the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat antibiotic resistance infections. While several drug candidates are in development for gram-positive pathogens of concern, significant obstacles remain in the development of new treatment for infections caused by resistant gram-negative bacteria. Antibacterial agents not subject to currently observed resistance mechanisms are desperately needed. An alternative approach to combating these infections is to develop adjunctive therapies to potentiate the activity of existing antimicrobials. RFA-AI-11-009 (NIHG 2/11/11)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/26/2011; Applications 5/26/2011


6-13 Congressional Research Awards (Dirksen)

The Dirksen Congressional Center invites applications for grants to fund research on congressional leadership and the U.S. Congress. The Center, named for the late Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen, is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and educational organization devoted to the study of Congress and its leaders. The competition is open to individuals with a serious interest in studying Congress. Political scientists, historians, biographers, scholars of public administration or American studies, and journalists are among those eligible. The Center encourages graduate students who have successfully defended their dissertation prospectus to apply and awards a significant portion of the funds for dissertation research. TGA 12/10

Deadline: 3/1/2011

6-14 Building and Enhancing Criminal Justice Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships (DOJ)

NIJ is interested in funding multiple projects in support of criminal justice researcher-practitioner partnerships, as well as capturing, in detail, relevant accounts of these collaborations. Such partnerships have frequently been encouraged in solicitations for research. However, this solicitation specially aims to support activities that capture and build on these efforts and that provide opportunities for creating, enhancing, and sustaining criminal justice researcher-practitioner partnerships that will lead to better criminal justice policy, practice, and research. Projects that address issues and agencies in the juvenile justice system are also eligible. For the purpose of this solicitation, practitioner or criminal justice practitioner refers to those persons working in public-, private-, or community-based agencies related to law enforcement; corrections, including parole, probation, and offender reentry; the criminal judicial system; forensic sciences; or crime victim services. Similarly, practice-based organizations or agencies refer to public-, private-, or community-based criminal justice agencies. NIJ-2011-2819 (GG 12/1/10)