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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

May 29, 2009 (Vol. 18, No. 20)

Program Information

To receive program information, please contact Beverly Page, Information Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)532-5045, e-mail: bbpage@ksu.edu


NOTICE - The Funding Bulletin is available via email. To be added to the electronic mailing list, send an email message to: listserv@listserv.ksu.edu Leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type: sub fundingbulletin.

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs have sponsor restrictions on the number of proposals that may be submitted by a single institution and will require institutional screening to determine which applications will be submitted. Dr. Jim Guikema, Associate Vice Provost for Research, is the internal coordinator for limited submission programs. Please notify him at 785-532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by the Internal due date listed in the Funding Bulletin (FB 20-8, 20-10) or by at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline if you wish to submit to a limited submission program. Currently posted Internal Deadlines:

  • URL: http://www.k-state.edu/research/funding/bulletins/bul09/limits09/index.htm


20-1 NIST Recovery Act Measurement Science and Engineering Research Grants Program: Providing the Technology Infrastructure to Address National Priorities (NIST)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will provide grants and cooperative agreements for measurement science and engineering research in the following six focus areas of critical national importance: energy, environment and climate change; information technology/cybersecurity; biosciences/healthcare; manufacturing and physical infrastructure. The program is intended to advance the state of knowledge and practice in these areas of critical national importance, in support of NIST's mission to promote U.S. innovation nd industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life. 2009-NIST-ARRA-MSE-RESEARCH-01 (GG 5/26/09)

Deadline: 7/13/2009


20-2 Soy Improvement for Animal Utilization (USB)

The United Soybean Board has issued an RFP for the Improving Soybean Meal and Soy Product Utilization in Animal Diets program. RFP 0305 - Soy Improvement for Animal Utilization.

  • EMAIL: tbarfield@smithbucklin.com

Deadline: 6/12/2009

20-3 United Soybean Board Requests for Proposals (USB)

The United Soybean Board has released several RFPs with the following topics: RFP 0382 - Swine NRC Guidelines; RFP 0387 - Value of US Meat Exports Update; RFP 0377 - Update the Economic Analysis of the Impact of Animal Agriculture on Soybean Producers and the Nation; RFP 0375 - Animal Agriculture Liaison.

  • EMAIL: tbarfield@smithbucklin.com

Deadline: 6/5/2009

20-4 Rangeland Research Program (USDA)

The goal of the Rangeland Research Program (RRP) is to contribute to the improvement of U.S. rangeland resources and the ecosystem services they provide by supporting the development of new and emerging rangeland science methodologies which specifically address the interrelationships between multiple disciplines. The primary purpose of RRP is to provide U.S. agricultural producers, rural landowners, and land managers with integrated science strategies to make informed land management decisions with an emphasis on enhancing the restoration and sustainable integrity of rangeland. USDA-CSREES-OP-002303 (GG 5/26/09)

Deadline: 7/7/2009


20-5 Preservation Education and Training Grants (NEH)

The Preservation and Access Education and Training program is central to NEH's efforts to preserve and establish access to cultural heritage resources. Thousands of libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations across the country maintain important collections of books and manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings and moving images, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, art and material culture collections, electronic records, and digital objects. Preservation and Access Education and Training grants help the staff of cultural institutions, large and small, obtain the knowledge and skills needed to serve as effective stewards of humanities collections. Grants also support educational programs that prepare the next generation of conservators and preservation professionals, as well as projects that introduce the staff of cultural institutions to recent improvements in preservation and access practices. (GG 3/30/09)

Deadline: 7/1/2009


20-6 Recovery Act, ARL-Photovoltaics (ARL)

The fundamental research solutions sought through this announcement from the Army Research Laboratory are intended to revive the renewable energy industry and provide the capital over the next three years to eventually double domestic renewable energy capacity. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate is soliciting white papers for Novel Materials and Device Development for High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaics and intends to award no more than two assistance instruments or contracts. Research and Development solutions are sought for new semiconductor materials and device architectures for high efficiency (>30%) solar photovoltaics solutions that will provide power for charging batteries (during daylight hours) for small autonomous systems. W911NF-07-R-0001-03-ARRA (GG 5/21/2009)

Deadline: 6/30/2009

20-7 Recovery Act Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship Program (NIST)

The primary program objectives of the NIST Recovery Act Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship Program are: 1) Provide opportunities for scientists and engineers in training to perform research in broad areas of measurement science at NIST through Research Training Fellowships which will be offered to qualified undergraduate students, graduate students, and to postdoctoral researchers; 2) Provide opportunities for practicing scientists and engineers in the public and private sectors to perform research in broad areas of measurement science at NIST through Senior Research Fellowships. A recipient of a NIST Recovery Act Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowships Program award will work jointly with NIST to publicize NIST measurement science opportunities. and will identify candidates for fellowships. NIST and the recipient will collaborate in selecting Fellows for particular research opportunities. 2009-NIST-ARRA-MSE-FELLOWSHIP-01 (GG 5/26/09)

Deadline: 7/27/2009

20-8 Department of Energy EPSCoR Implementation Awards (DOE)

The Department of Energy has announced the opportunity to submit applications to the DOE EPSCoR Implementation Award Program. Kansas is eligible to submit one state-wide application to this program. The goal of this program is to focus on one energy-related research area of strategic importance to both DOE and Kansas and to exploit the talents of multiple investigators across the state. The application process includes a letter of intent in which the research project focus is summarized and the multiple investigators across the state are identified, and the partnership with DOE described; and a 3-5 page pre-proposal. The pre-proposal must present the most compelling case possible that the project would be fundable by DOE. The pre-proposals will be reviewed by the Kansas DOE EPSCoR Committee. Letters of Intent and Pre-Proposals may be sent to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, ATTN: DOE EPSCoR Committee, c/o James Guikema, Interim Kansas Coordinator, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs DE-PS02-09ER09-12 (GG 5/14/2009)

Deadline: KS Letters of Intent 6/12/2009; KS Preproposals 6/22/2009; DOE Proposals 10/13/2009


20-9 Research Opportunities for Flight Experiments in Space Life Sciences (NASA)

A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Announcement (NRA), entitled, Research Opportunities for Flight Experiments in Space Life Sciences has been released that solicits research proposals for space flight experiments in Space Life Sciences. Proposals are restricted to experiments that propose to use plants, insects, nematodes or microbial model specimens. The specific model organisms targeted for use are Arabidopsis thaliana, Brassica rapa, Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans, bacteria and fungi. NASA will also support a limited number of innovative competitive and multidisciplinary studies. Proposals for purely ground-based research will not be accepted or considered for this NRA. NRA NNH09ZTT002N

Deadline: Notices of Intent 6/15/2009; Proposals 9/14/2009

20-10 PSI: Biology Knowledgebase (U01) (NIH)

This FOA solicits applications to maintain and enhance the PSI: Knowledgebase in support of NIGMS PSI: Biology projects. The Knowledgebase will be one component of the PSI: Biology network. As a central information hub, the Knowledgebase plays a critical role in making the research of PSI: Biology widely available to other scientists and performs outreach activities to inform and solicit input from the scientific community to increase the impact of PSI: Biology. The awardee will become part of the PSI: Biology network Steering Committee and will work jointly with other investigators and NIH staff to manage the overall PSI: Biology initiative. Applicants may submit only one application. RFA-GM-10-004 (NIHG 5/8/09)

Deadline: Internal 6/10/2009; Letters of Intent 6/17/2009; Applications 7/17/2009


20-11 Indian Studies (AIIS)

The American Institute of Indian Studies is a cooperative, non-profit organization of sixty American colleges and universities that supports the advancement of knowledge and understanding of India, its people, and culture. Junior Research Fellowships are available to doctoral candidates at U.S. universities in all fields of study and are specifically designed to enable doctoral candidates to pursue their dissertation research in India. Senior Research Fellowships are for scholars who hold the PhD or its equivalent and enable scholars in all disciplines who specialize in South Asia to pursue further research in India. Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships are available to established scholars who have not previously specialized in Indian studies and to established professionals who have not previously worked or studied in India. Senior Performing and Creative Arts Fellowships are available to accomplished practitioners of the performing arts of India and creative artists who demonstrate that study in India would enhance their skills and develop their capabilities to teach or perform in the U.S.

Deadline: 7/1/2009


20-12 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) (DOD)

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) has posted a new Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). White Papers with supporting Quad Charts are being requested for the following area: Human, Social, Cultural, and Behavior Modeling (HSCB). The overarching goal of this program is to provide DoD and the U.S. Government with the ability to understand and effectively operate in human/social/cultural terrains inherent to non-conventional warfare missions. The military capability needs addressed in this BAA center on enabling modeling for Irregular Warfare (IW) and Security, Stability, Transition, and Reconstruction (SSTR) operations and on using computational models to support intelligence analysis, operations planning and analysis, training, and joint experimentation. BAA 09-Q-4590

Deadline: 6/11/2009

20-13 Second Chance Juvenile Mentoring Initiative (DOJ)

The Second Chance Act authorizes grants to government agencies and nonprofit groups to provide employment assistance, substance abuse treatment, housing, family programming, mentoring, victims support, and other services to help adult and juvenile ex-offenders make a successful transition from incarceration to the community. OJJDP-2009-2221 (GG 5/5/09)

Deadline: 6/15/2009


20-14 NIH National Graduate Student Research Festival (NIH)

The National Institutes of Health is recruiting candidates to participate in the fourth annual NIH National Graduate Student Research Festival, to be held November 12-13, 2009 in Bethesda, Maryland. Students must be enrolled in a PhD program in the U.S and on schedule to complete their PhD requirements by October, 2010. Selected students will spend two days discussing their research through poster sessions, meeting other students from around the U.S., learning about the research conducted at NIH, and exploring postdoctoral training opportunities on the NIH campuses.

Deadline: 7/1/2009