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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

February 20, 2009 (Vol. 18, No. 7)

Program Information

To receive program information, please contact Beverly Page, Information Specialist, Research and Sponsored Programs, phone: (785)532-5045, e-mail: bbpage@ksu.edu


NOTICE - The Funding Bulletin is available via email. To be added to the electronic mailing list, send an email message to: listserv@listserv.ksu.edu Leave the subject line blank. In the message area, type: sub fundingbulletin.

Limited Submissions

Limited submission programs have sponsor restrictions on the number of proposals that may be submitted by a single institution and will require institutional screening to determine which applications will be submitted. Dr. Jim Guikema, Associate Vice Provost for Research, is the internal coordinator for limited submission programs. Please notify him at 785-532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by the Internal due date listed in the Funding Bulletin (FB 7-9) or by at least two months prior to the sponsor deadline if you wish to submit to a limited submission program. Currently posted Internal Deadlines:

  • URL: http://www.k-state.edu/research/funding/bulletins/bul09/limits09/index.htm


7-1 Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Navy and Marine Corp Science and Technology (DOD)

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is interested in receiving proposals for Long-Range Science and Technology (S&T) Projects which offer potential advancement and improvement of Navy and Marine Corps operations. This is an announcement to declare ONR's broad role in competitive funding of meritorious research across a spectrum of science and engineering disciplines. Prior to preparing proposals, potential offeror are strongly encouraged to contact the ONR point of contact (POC) whose program best matches the offeror's field of interest. Work funded under this BAA may include basic research, applied research and some advanced technology development (ATD). ONRBAA-09-001 (GG 1/29/09)

Deadline: 9/30/2009


7-2 Specialty Crop Research Initiative (USDA)

The Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) was established to solve critical industry issues through research and extension activities. Specialty crops are defined as fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, and horticulture and nursery crops, including floriculture. SCRI will give priority to projects that are multistate, multi-institutional, or trans-disciplinary; and include explicit mechanisms to communicate results to producers and the public. Projects must address at least one of five focus areas: research in plant breeding, genetics, and genomics to improve crop characteristics; efforts to identify and address threats from pests and diseases, including threats to specialty crop pollinators; efforts to improve production efficiency, productivity, and profitability over the long term; new innovations and technology, including improved mechanization and technologies that delay or inhibit ripening; and methods to prevent, detect, monitor, control and respond to potential food safety hazards in the production and processing of specialty crops. USDA-CSREES-SCRI-002038 (GG 2/2/09)

Deadline: 4/15/2009


7-3 Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program (DOT)

The purpose of the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program (GAMTTEP) is to improve the preparation of students, particularly women and minorities, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through curriculum development and other activities related to transportation. To fulfill this purpose, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is soliciting proposals to conduct programs to improve students' STEM skills at the elementary and secondary school levels (kindergarten through 12th grades (K-12)) throughout the nation. These programs will also assist in building the capacity of educational agencies to plan, implement, sustain, and evaluate transportation education activities in order to facilitate interest in the field of transportation and ultimately supply skilled employees needed for the future transportation workforce. Local and State Educational Agencies are encouraged to partner with other entities, including higher education institutions. DTFH61-09-RA-00003 (GG 2/11/09)

Deadline: 3/11/2009

7-4 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) (ED)

This program provides fellowships in areas of national need to assist graduate students with excellent academic records who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in their courses of study at the institution. A project must provide fellowships in one or more of the following areas of national need: Biology, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, and Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research. CFDA 84.200 A (FR 2/13/09)

Deadline: 3/16/2009


7-5 Astronomy and Physics Research and Analysis (NASA)

The Astronomy and Physics Research and Analysis (APRA) program solicits basic research proposals for investigations that are relevant to NASA's programs in astronomy and astrophysics and includes research over the entire range of photons and particles of cosmic origin. The APRA program seeks to support research that addresses the best possible 1) state-of-the-art detector technology development for instruments that may be proposed as candidate experiments for future space flight opportunities; 2) science and/or technology investigations that can be carried out with instruments flown on suborbital sounding rockets, stratospheric balloons, or other platforms; and 3) supporting technology, laboratory research, and/or (with restrictions) ground-based observations that are directly applicable to space astrophysics missions. To meet these goals, proposals are solicited in the following five broad categories: Detector Development; Suborbital Investigations; Supporting Technology; Laboratory Astrophysics; and Ground-Based Observations. NNH08ZDA001N-APRA (GG 2/9/09)

Deadline: 3/27/2009

7-6 George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Research (NSF)

The Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) in the Directorate for Engineering (ENG) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) invites proposals for research that uses the George E. Brown, Jr Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) to advance knowledge discovery and innovation for 1) earthquake and tsunami loss reduction of our nation's civil infrastructure, and 2) new experimental simulation techniques and instrumentation for NEES. NEES compromises a network of earthquake engineering experimental equipment sites available for experimentation on-site or in the field and through telepresence. An individual may be included as a Principal Investigator (PI) or co-Principal (co-PI) in only one proposal in any annual competition and may be included as Senior Personnel in a second proposal in any annual competition. NSF 09-524 (GG 12/22/08)

Deadline: 3/27/2009


7-7 Awards for Cancer-Relevant Research and Training (KSU)

The Terry C. Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research at K-State strives to support and enhance cancer-related research and training at K-State. Scientists performing cancer-relevant research are invited to become affiliated scientists and apply for various cancer center awards. Innovative Research Awards provide seed money to gather preliminary data crucial for future major grant proposals. Faculty Equipment Awards provide funds for new equipment. Travel Awards are provided in modest amounts to affiliates who wish to travel to learn new scientific techniques or visit collaborators at other institutions. Awards for graduate student travel and summer stipends are also available.

Deadline: 3/1/2009, 10/1/2009

7-8 NHLBI Career Transition Award (K22) (NIH)

The purpose of the NHLBI Career Transition Award (K22) program is to provide highly qualified postdoctoral fellows with an opportunity to receive mentored research experience in the NHLBI Division of Intramural Research and then to provide them with bridge funding to facilitate the transition of their research programs as new investigators at extramural institutions. To achieve these objectives, the NHLBI Career Transition Award will support two phases of research: an intramural phase (two years) and an extramural phase (three years), for a total of five years of combined support. Support for the intramural phase is provided by the candidate's laboratory or branch. Applicants may have only one individual Career Development Award application pending peer review at any time. PAR-09-102 (NIHG 2/13/09)

Deadline: 6/12/2009, 10/12/2009

7-9 NCMHD Health Disparities Research on Minority and Underserved Populations (R01) (NIH)

The overall objective of this FOA is to support all investigators whose current research focuses on disease/conditions that disproportionately affect ethnic racial minorities, underserved populations, and rural and low-income populations. The research may include, but is not limited to, chronic diseases such as: cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality, asthma, obesity and kidney disease. Specific targeted areas of research also may include studies that influence health disparities such as biological (e.g., genetics, cellular, organ systems) lifestyle factors, environmental (physical and family) social (peer influences), economic, institutional and cultural and family influences. Applicants may not submit more than one application in response to this FOA. RFA-MD-09-004 (NIHG 2/13/09)

Deadline: Internal 3/1/2009; Letters of Intent 3/17/2009; Applications 4/17/2009

7-10 Genetic Studies of Food Allergies Research Program (DOD)

The Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09) Defense Appropriations Act provides $2.5 million to the Department of Defense Genetic Studies of Food Allergies Research Program (GSFARP) to support scientifically meritorious proposals that may impact the field of genetics research in food allergies and/or genetics studies that impact patient care. W81XWH-09-GSFARP-IIRA (GG 2/11/09)

Deadline: Preapplications 3/26/2009; Applications 4/23/2009

7-11 DOD Prostate Cancer Idea Development Award (DOD)

The Idea Development Award supports innovative approaches to prostate cancer research that make an important contribution to prevention, detection, diagnosis, and/or treatment. The PCRP seeks applications from all areas of basic, preclinical, behavioral, and epidemiological research, that are responsive to one or more of the FY09 PCRP focus areas. Applications for the PCRP Idea Development Award must address one or more of the focus areas and have a direct relevance to prostate cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and/or treatment. Applications will be rated on their responsiveness to the FY09 PCRP focus areas, which are as follows: Imaging; Biomarkers; Therapy; Genetics; Tumor Biology; and Survivorship. W81XWH-09-PCRP-IDA (GG 1/24/09)

Deadline: Preapplications 3/3/2009; Applications 6/10/2009


7-12 NIJ FY09 Research and Evaluation on Sexual Violence and Teen Dating Violence (DOJ)

To date, there has been limited research on the effectiveness of the criminal justice system's response to sexual violence. To address this gap in the literature and to assist policymakers and practitioners in improving this response, NIJ welcomes research on all aspects of the criminal justice system's response to sexual violence against women. Both rigorous quantitative studies and qualitative investigations are encouraged. Proposals in the following priority areas are specifically encouraged: Research examining reporting, processing, and attrition of sexual assault cases within the criminal justice system, evaluation of multi-system responses to sexual violence, research on the use of forensic science to respond to sexual violence in stranger and non-stranger sexual assault cases. NIJ is also soliciting proposals for research and evaluation in the area of adolescent relationship abuse. NIJ-2009-2044 (GG 1/29/09)

Deadline: 3/30/2009


7-13 Awards for Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows for Cancer-Relevant Research, Training, and Travel (KSU)

The Terry C. Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research at K-State supports students and post-doctoral fellows wishing to participate in cancer-related laboratory research. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply along with a cancer center-affiliated faculty scientist for a Cancer Research Award. Student winners work in their mentors' laboratories in the spring and then receive $1,000. Mentors also receive $1,000 per student for research expenses. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows working with affiliated scientists may apply via their faculty mentors for Travel Awards to support travel to professional meetings or workshops. Faculty may also apply for summer stipends for their graduate students.

Deadline: Grad Travel 3/1/2009, Undergrad Research, Grad Travel 10/1/2009