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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - December 10, 2004 (Vol. 13, No. 45)



The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, including PreAward Services, will be closed for the holidays December 24 until January 3. The Funding Bulletin will not be published during the holiday break. The next issue will be published January 7, 2004. All of us in the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


45-1 Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Program (USDA)

The Rural Utilities Service (RUS) announces its Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Program grant application window for funding during fiscal year (FY) 2005. Distance learning and telemedicine grants are specifically designed to provide access to education, training and health care resources for people in rural America. The grants, which are awarded through a competitive process, may be used to fund telecommunications, computer networks, and related advanced technologies. (FR 12/3/04)

Deadline: 2/1/2005

45-2 Fellowships in Egypt (ARCE)

Fellowships in Egypt are available to pre-doctoral candidates who will be in the all-but-dissertation state at the beginning of the fellowship tenure, and to postdoctoral scholars. Fellowships are for a minimum stay of three months for projects in: Archaeology, Economics, Humanistic Social Sciences, Literature, Architecture, Egyptology, Humanities, Political Science, Art, History, Islamic Studies, and Religious Studies.Two short-term fellowships are also available for Museum Curatorial Fellowships for professional museum curators. Applicants for this need not hold a Ph.D.

Deadline: 1/5/2005

45-3 Genomics:GTL (DoE)

The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) and the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) of the Office of Science (SC), Department of Energy (DOE) announce their interest in receiving applications for research from large, well integrated, multidisciplinary research teams that support the Genomics:GTL research program. A central theme of the entire Genomics: GTL program is to develop the necessary experimental and computational capabilities to enable a predictive understanding of the behavior of microbes and microbial communities of interest to DOE. Proposals that integrate strong experimental biology and computational science research components are strongly encouraged. DE-FG01-04ER04-32 (FG 9/27/04)

Deadline: 1/18/2005


45-4 National Agricultural Workers Pesticide Safety Training and Education Program (EPA)

EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) is soliciting proposals from eligible parties for an EPA cooperative agreement to provide financial assistance to an eligible organization to continue an effort to conduct a national train-the-trainer program to educate farmworkers about how to reduce risks from pesticides. As part of this program the grantee will train pesticide safety educators who will work with farm worker service organizations, growers, and other members of the agricultural community in key rural areas with high pesticide use and large numbers of farmworkers conducting pesticide safety programs for agricultural workers and their families. (FR 12/1/04)

Deadline: 1/18/2005


45-5 Camargo Foundation Residential Fellowships (Camargo)

The Carmargo Foundation maintains a study center in Cassis, France, for the benefit of fellows who wish to pursue projects in the humanities and social sciences related to French and Francophone cultures, as well as creative projects by visual artists, photographers, video artists, filmmakers, media artists, composers, and writers. The foundation offers, at no cost, furnished apartments as well as a reference music library, a darkroom, an artist's studio, and a music composition studio

Deadline: 1/15/2005


45-6 Radon Communication, Education, Outreach, and Risk Reduction Projects (EPA)

EPA's goal is to reduce the public health risk from indoor radon gas by promoting public awareness of the health risks from exposure to indoor radon, and encouraging the public to test homes for elevated levels of indoor radon, mitigate elevated levels of indoor radon, build new homes with radon-resistant features, and to test and fix schools with elevated radon levels. To achieve this goal, EPA's objectives are to develop nationally-applicable, performance-based activities and events that will, for example, promote public awareness and understanding of the health benefits of reducing exposure to elevated levels of radon gas; encourage the public to test homes for elevated levels of radon gas; and increase and track the number of schools tested, mitigated for elevated levels of radon, or built with radon-resistant new construction features. OAR-ORIA-IED-04-16 (FG 11/4/04)

Deadline: 1/17/2005

45-7 Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 14 (NASA)

NASA and The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) are pleased to announce the Cycle 14 Call for Proposals for Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Observations for funding and Archival Research and Theoretical Research programs.

Deadline: 1/21/2005

45-8 Major Research Instrumentation (NSF)

The National Science Foundation seeks applications to acquire or develop costly equipment for shared inter- and/or intra-organizational scientific and engineering research and training. Proposals may be for a single instrument, a large system of instruments or multiple instruments that share a common or specific research focus. An organization may submit or be included as a partner or subawardee in no more than three proposals. If the organization submits or is included in three proposals, at least one of the proposals must be for instrument development. Please contact Jim Guikema, 532-6195, guikema@ksu.edu, by December 22 if you are interested in submitting a proposal. NSF 05-515 (Posted 11/1/04)

Deadline: Internal 12/22/2004, 1/27/2005

45-9 Fuel Cells (DOE)

Solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology development seeks to dramatically reduce the cost of SOFC stacks or increase the efficiency of SOCF power generation systems. New advances may improve performance, lower system costs, shorten development time, take advantage of economies of scale and mass customization, expand the fuel cell market, exploit the synergy between fuel cells and turbines or simplify the balance of plant (BOP). For this Topic Area, grant applications to advance solid oxide fuel cell technology are limited to the following: Cathode-Interconnect Contact Applications for the research and development of material sets and/or methods to provide for the electrical contact between advanced cathode and interconnect materials under typical SOFC operating conditions. DE-PS26-05NT42317-7 (FG 11/9/04)

Deadline: 1/10/2005

45-10 Missile Defense Science Technology and Research Broad Agency Announcement (MDA)

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is charged with developing and fielding a Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) to protect the United States, our allies and friends. The Ballistic Missile Defense layered approach includes sensors, kinetic energy systems, directed energy systems, battle management, and command control elements that will engage threat missiles in all phases of flight, from Boost Phase through Midcourse and into Terminal Phase. In support of these efforts, MDA programs are geared towards advancing technological thresholds in both hardware and software. HQ0006-05-MDA-MSTAR-BAA (FG 12/2/04)

Deadline: 1/31/2005


45-11 Neurofibromatosis Research (Army) (DOD)

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command invites proposals for Neurofibromatosis research. Funds are for concept awards, investigator initiated grants, new investigator awards and therapeutic development awards. (FR 11/22/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 1/25/2005; Proposals 2/22/2005

45-12 NIDCD Translational Research Grants (NIH)

The NIDCD is encouraging applications in translational research in the NIDCD mission areas of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech and language. The intent of this PAR is to provide a new avenue for basic scientists and clinicians or clinical scientists to jointly explore, initiate and conduct translational research projects. Multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, and academic-industrial collaborations studies are encouraged. This PAR is not intended for outcome studies, the extension of ongoing clinical research studies, or the optimization of current clinical protocols. PAR-05-023 (NIHG 11/26/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 1/22/2005; Applications 2/22/2005

45-13 NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology (NIH)

This RFA invites applications for the NIGMS National Centers for Systems Biology. The goal of the program is to promote institutional development of pioneering research, training, and outreach programs focused on quantitative, systems level analysis of biological phenomena of biomedical importance within the NIGMS mission. The NIGMS supports fundamental inquiries focused on molecular and cell biology, biophysics, genetics and developmental biology, human physiology in the areas of trauma, burn, inflammation, and multi-organ failure, and pharmacology and anesthesiology. GM-05-010 (NIHG 9/24/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 1/25/2005; Applications 2/25/2005

45-14 Preventing Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress in Diabetes and Obesity (NIH)

Hyperglycemia is a significant causative factor for the complications of diabetes mellitus. Recent advances on the cellular effects of hyperglycemia places the overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by the mitochondrial electron transport chain as a strong candidate for the core abnormality that leads to the other biochemical and cellular defects and the resulting tissue injury. The purpose of this RFA is to encourage the translation of these recent advances into therapies that can interrupt the increase in mitochondrial ROS and prevent their role in diabetic complications. RFA-DK-05-001 (NIHG 11/26/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 1/27/2005; 2/24/2005


45-15 NIJ Violence Against Women Research and Evaluation Concept Paper (DOJ)

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is soliciting concept papers for research and evaluation on violence against women in three areas: sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Proposed research should have the potential to reduce the level of violence against women, increase the safety of women, and improve criminal justice policy and practice. DOJ-GRANTS-111704-001 (FG 11/23/04)

Deadline: 1/5/2005


45-16 P3 Award: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet (EPA)

The P3 Competition will provide grants to teams of college students to research, develop, and design solutions to challenges to sustainability. P3 highlights people, prosperity, and the planet - three pillars of sustainability - as the next step beyond P2 or pollution prevention.

Deadline: 1/27/2005

45-17 National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowship Program (EPA)

The National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) program is a comprehensive fellowship program that provides students an opportunity to participate in a fellowship project that is directly related to their field of study. Each year the NNEMS program offers approximately 40 research projects, developed and sponsored by EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in EPA's 10 regional offices and laboratories throughout the United States. The projects are specifically narrow in scope, allowing students to complete the research project while working full time at EPA during the summer or part-time during the school year. EPA-OEE-05-01 (FG 11/2/04)

Deadline: 1/15/2005