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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - November 5, 2004 (Vol. 13, No. 41)


41-1 Professional Exchanges Programs in Africa, East Asia, Eurasia, Europe, the Near East/North Africa, South Asia and the Western Hemisphere (State)

This program was listed in last week's Funding Bulletin. There is an institutional limit of no more than 2 proposals per program theme and 4 proposals total for this competition. Please contact Jim Guikema, Associate Dean for Graduate Research, 532-6195, email: guikema@ksu.edu, by Thursday, November 11, if you are planning to apply for this program so that we can assure that K-State won't exceed its proposal limit and be disqualified.

Deadline: Internal 11/11/04; 11/19/04


41-2 Science of Learning Centers (SLC) (NSF)

The Science of Learning Centers program (SLC) offers awards for large-scale, long-term Centers that will extend the frontiers of knowledge on learning of all types and create the intellectual, organizational, and physical infrastructure needed for the long-term advancement of learning research. Centers will be built around a unifying research focus and will incorporate a diverse, multidisciplinary environment involving appropriate partnerships with academia, industry, all levels of education, and other public and private entities. Catalyst awards will also be made during the initial years of the program. Catalyst awards are designed to enable partnership-building and research activities that facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to questions that require multiple areas of expertise. NSF 05-509 (Posted 10/15/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 2/24/2005; Applications 1/14/2005

41-3 Bioenergy, Environment, Health (CPBR)

The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, Inc. (CPBR), is now issuing a Request for Preproposals for its 2006 competitions. Proposals are requested for research that: 1) involves plant biotechnology and 2) addresses industrial problems and opportunities related to bio energy and/or the environment and/or health. Preproposals should also address one or more of the industrial research needs and one or more of the "breaking news" industrial needs submitted by the member companies in October, 2004.

Deadline: 12/10/2004


41-4 Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship Grants Program (USDA)

This program awards grants to train students for master's and/or doctoral degrees and provide additional postdoctoral training for Fellows who have completed their doctoral degrees at colleges and universities that have demonstrable teaching and research competencies in the food and agricultural sciences. Post-doctoral Fellowships will not be awarded in FY 2005. In FY 2005, applications are being solicited in the following national need areas: 1) animal, resources, engineering, 2) natural resources and the environment; 3) agricultural systems & natural resources engineering; 4) marketing & management; 5) food science & human nutrition; 6) human or family science & consumer sciences; and 7) multidisciplinary &/or multi-relief. USDA-GRANTS-102704-001 (FG 10/27/04)

Deadline: 1/5/2005


41-5 Sundance Theatre Lab (Sundance)

The Sundance Theatre Laboratory is a three-week long workshop that offers playwrights, directors, choreographers, composers, solo performers, and ensembles the time, space, and support to develop new plays and musicals or to explore new approaches to existing scripts. Participants must be available for the entire length of lab.The Laboratory is held in July.

Deadline: 12/15/2004


41-6 Research in Support of the National Space Weather Program (NSWP) (NSF)

The National Space Weather Program (NSWP) is a multi-agency Federal program seeking to mitigate the adverse effects of space weather. The NSWP goal is to ultimately achieve timely, accurate, and reliable space environment observations, specifications, and forecasts. Information about the NSWP can be obtained from the National Space Weather Program Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan. Proposals may be submitted for basic research in solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric, ionospheric, and thermospheric physics aimed at meeting the goals of the NSWP. NSF 05-508 (Posted 10/15/04)

Deadline: 1/16/2004

41-7 Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) (NSF)

The Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) program seeks to increase the number of qualified students entering the fields of information assurance and computer security and to increase the capacity of the United States higher education enterprise to continue to produce professionals in these fields and to meet the needs of our increasingly technological society. The SFS program is composed of two tracks: 1) The Scholarship Track provides funding to colleges and universities to award scholarships to students in the information assurance and computer security fields for the final two years of undergraduate study, or for two years of master's-level study, or for the final two years of Ph.D.-level study. 2) The Capacity Building Track provides funds to colleges and universities to improve the quality and increase the production of information assurance and computer security professionals. Professional development of information assurance faculty and development of academic programs can be funded under this track. The proposing organization must be an accredited U.S. university or college or, for capacity building, part of a consortium that either 1) has been designated by the National Security Agency as a Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE) or 2) has an information assurance program that meets the criteria equivalent to those necessary for designation as a CAE/IAE. NSF 05-507 (Posted 10/12/04)

Deadline: 1/11/2005


41-8 Cancer Research (Kimmel)

A program of the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research, the Kimmel Scholars Program annually provides research grants to America's most promising young cancer researchers. The goal of the grant program is to improve the basic understanding of cancer biology and to develop new methods for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Applications are limited to those who achieved the equivalent rank of assistant professor on or after July 2001.

Deadline: 12/7/2004

41-9 Research Grants To Prevent Unintentional Injuries (CDC)

The purposes of the program are to: 1) Solicit research applications that build the scientific base for the prevention and control of fatal and nonfatal injuries and related disabilities; 2) Encourage professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines of epidemiology, behavioral and social sciences, medicine, biostatistics, public health, law, criminal justice, and engineering to perform research in order to prevent and control injuries more effectively; 3) Encourage investigators to propose research that: involves intervention development and testing as well as research on methods; enhances the adoption and maintenance of effective intervention strategies among individuals, organizations, or communities. CE05-022 (FR 10/27/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/26/2004 Applications 1/25/2005

41-10 Research on the Economics of Diet, Activity, and Energy Balance (NIH)

Obesity has become a major focus of public health efforts at the national, state, and local levels. The major focus of this Program Announcement (PA) is to solicit projects that enhance the state-of-the-science on the causes of obesity and to inform federal decision making on effective public health interventions for reducing the rate of obesity in the United States. Research strategies that nest economic analysis within a broader interdisciplinary context of other social and behavioral sciences as well as the epidemiological, bio-statistical, medical, and biological disciplines relevant to public health policy are especially encouraged. PA-05-009 (NIHG 10/29/04)

Deadline: 2/1/2005, 6/1/2005, 10/1/2005

41-11 Novel Preclinical Tools for Predictive ADME-Toxicology (HHS)

The NIH invites grant applications to support the development, standardization, and validation of novel approaches to obtain comprehensive absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) and toxicological (TOX) profiles that could better predict how new molecular entities will perform in humans to reduce the failure rate in clinical testing. This is an NIH Roadmap initiative. RFA-RM-04-023 (NIHG 10/29/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 12/17/2004; Applications 1/21/2005

41-12 Site Specific Approaches to Prevention or Management of Pediatric Obesity (NIH)

The purpose of this RFA is to invite qualified scientific investigators to submit applications designed to develop and test intervention approaches for the prevention or management of overweight in children and adolescents through age 20 years. The focus is on utilizing specific sites where children and adolescents can be reached through innovative overweight prevention or weight management interventions. RDA-DK-04-013 (NIHG 10/29/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 12/23/2004 Applications 1/24/2005

41-13 Typical/Disordered Language: Phenotype Assessment Tools (NIH)

The NIDCD and NICHD jointly are providing support for R21 Developmental/Exploratory grant awards to begin the process of adapting, norming and/or developing language measures that can be used in the characterization of the behavioral phenotypes of language disorders and specific aspects of typical language acquisition. RFA-DC-05-001 (NIHG 10/29/04)

  • URL: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-DC-05-001.html

Deadline: Letter of Intent 1/24/2005 Application 2/24/2005

41-14 Membrane Protein Production and Structure Determination (NIH)

This RFA solicits applications to enhance the rate of membrane protein structure determination and to facilitate the determination of membrane protein structures. Methods development for expression, oligomerization, solubilization, stabilization, purification, characterization, crystallization, isotopic labeling of membrane proteins, and for determination of their structures by electron microscopic, x-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry, and other biophysical techniques are emphasized. RFA-RM-04-026 (NIHG 10/22/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 12/23/2004; Applications 1/24/2005


41-15 Impact of Sexual Violence in Corrections Concept Paper (DOJ)

National Institute of Justice is seeking concept papers proposing research to identify and evaluate the impact of sexual victimization committed in correctional settings on individuals, whether currently incarcerated or under other forms of correctional supervisions. Successful applicants must demonstrate how the proposed research will advance knowledge, practice, and policy on the topic of sexual violence in the corrections field. DOJ-GRANTS-110104-002. (FG 11/1/04)

Deadline: 12/8/2004

41-16 Intervention and Evaluation Trials To Prevent Intimate Partner Violence (CDC)

The purpose of the program is to conduct efficacy and effectiveness trials of intervention strategies to prevent intimate partner violence and/ or its negative consequences, particularly studies of strategies that have not been well studied, for at-risk or underserved populations. RFA CE05-017 (FR 10/27/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/26/2004 Applications 1/25/2005

41-17 Children, Youth and Families at-Risk New Communities Project (USDA)

The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service requests applications for the Children, Youth, and Families at-Risk New Communities Project (CYFAR/NCP) for fiscal year (FY) 2005 to marshal resources of the Land-Grant and Cooperative Extension Systems so that, in collaboration with other organizations, they can develop and deliver educational programs that equip limited resources families and youth who are at-risk for not meeting basic human needs with the skills they need to lead positive, productive, contributing lives. New Communities Projects should be supported by faculty across Extension and university departments and should be integrated into Extension base programs. USDA-GRANTS-102504-001 (FG 10/25/04)

  • URL: http://www.csrees.usda.gov/funding/rfas/cyfar.html

Deadline: AES 11/23/2004; Applications 12/1/2004