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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - September 10, 2004 (Vol. 13, No. 33)


33-1 Research on Research Integrity (NIH)

The Office of Research Integrity, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the National Institute of Nursing Research, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) invite applications to support research on research integrity. The purpose of the proposed grant program is to foster empirical research on societal, organizational, group, and individual factors that affect, both positively and negatively, integrity in research. Proposals must have clear relevance to biomedical, behavioral health sciences and health services research. Applicants are strongly encouraged to take into consideration problems or issues that are relevant to the missions of specific NIH institutes and programs or AHRQ. RFA-NS-05-003 (NIHG 8/6/04)

Deadline: 11/23/2004

33-2 Science Fellowships for Postdoctoral Women (L'Oreal)

L'Oreal USA has announced the start of the application process for year two of the L'Oreal USA for Women in Science Fellowship Program to benefit young women researchers. This year, the fellowship will be opened to postdoctoral associates only. The program's core remains the same: to support the aspirational goals of young women interested in pursuing careers in the life and physical sciences as well as math, engineering, and computer science.

Deadline: 10/15/2004

33-3 Kansas NSF EPSCoR First Awards (KS/EPSCoR)

Kansas NSF EPSCoR offers the First Award program for early career faculty to become competitive for funding from the research directorates at the National Science Foundation. Eligibility is limited to tenure track faculty at KSU, KU, or WSU who: are within the first three years of faculty appointment; have not previously received a First Award; are not currently or have previously been lead principal investigator of a research grant funded by a federal agency; and are not currently funded from the Phase IV NSF EPSCoR research grant in ecological genomics; bioinformatics, or lipidomics.

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/8/2004; Applications 12/2/2004


33-4 National Research Initiative Competitive Grants (USDA)

USDA has issued its National Research Initiative (NRI) Program announcement for FY 2005. For FY 2005 the NRI Program will accept applications for fundamental research, mission-linked research, and integrated research, extension, and education projects. The NRI will support: 1) high priority fundamental and mission-linked research of importance in the biological, environmental, physical, and social sciences relevant to agriculture, food, and the environment, and 2) competitively awarded research, extension and education grants addressing key issues of national and regional importance to agriculture, forestry, and related topics. This year no more than 20% of available funds will support integrated research, extension, and education grants. Eligibility, requirements for matching funds, and types of projects are different for research grants compared to integrated grants. Due dates vary by program with the earliest receipt date, October 29, for the Plant Genome, Bioinformatics, and Genetic Resources. (FG 9/3/04)

Deadline: 10/29/2004


33-5 University Research in Biomass Technologies (DoE)

The intent is that any science and technology developed under this announcement will assist in developing the eventual production of non-petroleum based fuels, chemicals/materials and heat and power particularly for enabling emerging and future biorefineries. The program also hopes to build university/laboratory collaboration in this solicitation by making the state-of-the-art investments by DOE in equipment and facilities at the National Bioenergy Center accessible to those teams selected. One objective of the Biomass Program is to increase its total investment in program-directed, enabling research as a means of increasing and developing the pool of qualified scientists and engineers in the field of biomass and bioenergy. It is expected that individuals at the graduate school level will be involved in conducting biomass and bioenergy related research. To be responsive to this FOA, an application's participants must consist of a consortium that includes at least four United States institutions of higher education and at least one participating industry member (US based). DE-PS36-04GO94025

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/22/2004; Applications 10/13/2004

33-6 Instrument Incubator (NASA)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is announcing opportunities to participate in Science Management Division research and development activities focused on new instrument development programs, with a particular emphasis on Earth systems science. Proposals are invited for instruments for measuring: 1) Atmospheric aerosols and trace gases, including in the lower troposphere; 2) Ice topographic measurements; and 3) Tropospheric winds. NN-H-04-Z-YF-009-N (FG 8/4/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/20/2004 Applications11/2/2004


33-7 Developmental Grants Program and New Opportunities Awards (MRCE)

The Midwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research (MRCE) is accepting applications for 2 funding programs: the Developmental Grants Program and New Opportunities Awards. Ten Developmental Grants will provide $50,000 direct costs for one year to support innovative pilot/feasibility projects that address key questions in biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Letters of intent are required. Investigators wishing to propose additional capabilities for the MRCE and Region VII (MO, KS, IA, NE, and Cleveland, OH) are encouraged to apply for a New Opportunities Award. The MRCE will apply to the NIAID for funds to support additional projects such as alteration and renovation of facilities, projects.

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/15/2004; Application 11/15/2004

33-8 Beta Cell Biology Consortium (U19) (NIH)

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases invites new and the competitive continuation of applications to participate in an international consortium of investigators and institutions, the Beta Cell Biology Consortium (BCBC). The BCBC will work collaboratively to conduct research to 1) understand how endogenous beta cells are made by studying pancreatic development, with the hope of making pancreatic islets in culture, 2) explore the potential of animal and/or human stem cells (embryonic or adults; if human embryonic, only NIH-approved hES cell lines as a source for making pancreatic islets may be used, and 3) determine the basic mechanisms underlying beta cell regeneration in the adult as a basis for producing new cellular therapies for diabetes. The BCBC will be responsible for collaboratively generating necessary reagents, mouse strains, antibodies, assays, protocols, and technologies that are beyond the scope of any single research effort. RFA-DK-04-017 (NIHG 6/25/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/19/2004; Application s11/19/2004

33-9 K-INBRE Grants (KU/NIH)

The K-INBRE Scientific Steering Committee for the K-INBRE, an NIH-funded Kansas initiative, is calling for proposals to support: 1) Pilot grants; 2) Bridging grants; 3) Institutional Core Facilities; and 4) Recruitment Packages. The purpose of this research support is to further the ability of Kansas researchers to compete successfully for NIH funds. Eligibility is open to Tenure and Research Track Faculty Investigators on the ten K-IMBRE campuses, in all areas of Cell and Developmental Biology to include 1) reproduction and embryonic development, 2) organogenesis, 3) developmental neuroscience, and 4) cellular and developmental pathologies.

EMAIL: hchapman@kumc.edu

Deadline: 10/8/2004

33-10 KU COBRE Awards (KU/NIH)

A deadline has been announced for the federal research funding award program for the NIH COBRE (Center of Biomedical Research Excellence) Award grants from the Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics. COBRE Awards are designed to help faculty attain competitive funding early in their careers. Faculty members who have not served as a principal investigator on an NIH R01 research grant are encouraged to submit applications for inclusion in the University of Kansas NIH COBRE grant renewal application. Research related to cancer, which falls primarily under the umbrella of the National Cancer Institute of the NIH, other relevant NIH agencies, and the COBRE Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics, will be considered for the COBRE Award.

Deadline: 10/13/2004

33-11 Immunobiology of Xenotransplantation (NIH)

The purpose of this RFA is to solicit applications from single institutions or consortia of institutions to establish cooperative interdisciplinary research programs for development of pre-clinical, porcine to non-human primate (NHP) models of xenotransplantation. The goals of this program are: 1) to delineate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of xenograft rejection and the induction of tolerance and accommodation; 2) to develop effective strategies to improve xenograft survival; and 3) to characterize the physiological compatibility/limitations of xenografts. RFA-AI-04-042 (NIHG 8/6/04)

Deadline: 11/23/2004


33-12 Population Research Infrastructure Program (NIH)

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), through the Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch (DBSB), Center for Population Research (CPR), invites applications for infrastructure grants in support of population research relevant to the DBSB mission. Applicants may request funds to support infrastructure development and/or research designed to: 1) enhance the quality and quantity of population research conducted at an institution; and 2) develop new research capabilities to advance population research through innovative approaches. RFA-HD-04-022 (NIHG 8/13/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/25/2004; Applications 11/23/2004

33-13 Intellectual Property Rights In Genetics and Genomics (NIH)

The purpose of the RFA is to encourage the study of the role of laws and policies regarding intellectual property rights in genetics and genomics research and development, and the effect of such laws and policies on progress in these fields and on commercialization, drug development, health care delivery, and the public health. RFA-HG-04-004 (NIHG 6/4/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/21/2004; Applications 11/18/2004

33-14 Democracy Grants (STATE)

The Office for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL/PHD) announces an open competition for assistance awards. Organizations may submit grant proposals that address programs and activities that foster democracy, human rights, press freedoms, and the rule of law in the Western Hemisphere. Projects should not exceed two years in duration. Shorter projects with more immediate outcomes may receive preference. Project activity should take place abroad. U.S-based or exchange projects are strongly discouraged. State-GRANTS-083004-001 (FG 8/31/04)

Deadline: 10/12/2004


33-15 Youth-Led Social Change Projects (YAN)

Youth Action Net is offering awards to youth leaders and their emerging projects that promote social change and connect youth with local communities. These youth-led projects should have clearly defined goals and have potential for growth or further replication. The grant program is open to all young people aged 18 to 29. Individuals applying must have a leadership role in a youth-led initiative that works to create positive change in their community.

  • URL: http://www.youthactionnet.org/yan_awards

Deadline: 10/1/2004

33-16 Youth Leaders for Literacy Grants (NEA)

An initiative of the National Education Association and Youth Service America, Youth Leaders for Literacy seeks to help youth direct their enthusiasm and creativity into reading-related service projects. The program is accepting grant applications for youth-led projects that will begin on NEA's Read Across America Day, March 2, 2005, and culminate on YSA's National Youth Service Day, April 15-17, 2005. Applicants aged 21 or younger can apply as individuals or groups. To be eligible for grant funds (up to $500 per project), applicants must include a scheduled activity (read-aloud session, trip to the library, book making, etc.) each week of the six-week project period as part of the proposed service project.

Deadline: 10/22/2004