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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - July 16, 2004 (Vol. 13, No. 27)


27-1 Extramural Research Facilities Improvement Program (NIH)

The National Center for Research Resources makes grants or contacts to expand, remodel, renovate, or alter existing research or animal facilities or construct new research or animal facilities. The facilities will be used for basic and clinical biomedical and behavioral research and research training. In collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NCRR also encourages applications for major alteration and renovation (A&R) projects that support the NIAID biodefense and emerging infectious diseases research agenda. Activities that may be supported include major alteration and renovation of existing biosafety level-3 (BSL-3) laboratory/vivarium space, and the upgrade of BSL-2 laboratory/vivarium space to BSL-3 space in existing buildings. Extensions to existing buildings will be considered. PAR-04-122 (NIHG 7/9/04)

  • URL: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-04-122.html

Deadline: 9/14/2004, 12/15/2004

27-2 Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (NSF)

The Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (FIBR) Program supports integrative research that addresses major questions in the biological sciences. FIBR encourages investigators to identify major understudied or unanswered questions in biology and to use innovative approaches to address them by integrating scientific concepts and research tools from across disciplines including biology, math and the physical sciences, engineering, social sciences and the information sciences. Proposers are encouraged to focus on the biological significance of the question, to describe the integrative approaches, and to develop a research plan that is not limited by conceptual, disciplinary, or organizational boundaries. Pls, Co-Pls or Senior Personnel may be involved with only one full proposal in the same year. NSF 04-596 (Posted 7/1/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 10/4/2004; Applications 2/16/2005


27-3 National Humanities Center Fellowships (NHC)

Located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, the National Humanities Center is a private nonprofit institution that provides an environment for individual research and the exchange of ideas among scholars. During the 2005-06 academic year, the center will offer forty residential fellowships for advanced study in the humanities. Most of the center's fellowships are unrestricted. The following designated awards, however, are available for the 2005-06 academic year: three fellowships for scholars in any humanistic field whose research concerns religion; three fellowships for young scholars (up to ten years beyond receipt of doctorate) in literary studies; a fellowship in art history or visual culture; a fellowship for French history or culture; and a senior fellowship in Asian Studies, theology, or American art history.

Deadline: 10/15/2004


27-4 Center on Standards and Assessment Development (ED)

The purpose of this Education Department program is to produce, and advance the use of, knowledge to improve the results of education and early intervention for infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities. This priority supports one cooperative agreement for a center to support States in developing, implementing, and improving alternate achievement standards aligned to grade level content standards, alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards, and alternate assessment based on grade-level achievement standards. CFDA #84.324U (FR 7/7/04)

Deadline: 8/9/2004

27-5 MEPI Partnership Schools Program (STATE)

The Office of Partnership Initiative, Bureau of Near East Affairs (NEA), Department of State, announces an open competition for proposals for the development, implementation, management, and oversight, of innovative, cost-effective approaches to enhance the quality and relevance of education in the Middle East, with an emphasis on primary and secondary education. NEA seeks a partner(s) to design, plan, and execute the PSP, and other appropriate education reform initiatives, in cooperation with regional governments, and other interested parties. The purpose of the program is to work with governments in the Middle East to respond to the critical need to modernize and upgrade elements of their national education systems, including: standards and assessment, curriculum development; professional development; administration (management and training); parental involvement; community participation and private sector support; and, technology utilization. State-GRANTS-063004-001 (FG 6/30/04)

Deadline: 8/17/2004

27-6 Math, Science Education Research (ED)

The Education Department seeks proposals for research to identify existing and new approaches to mathematics and science education aimed at effectively raising student achievement in those subjects. The program aims to develop new interventions; establish the efficacy of existing interventions through small-scale replication trials; and test their effectiveness at scale. CFDA #84.305K (FR 7/1/04)

Deadline: 10/28/2004

27-7 Reading Comprehension, Scale-Up (ED)

The Education Department solicits applications to develop and evaluate interventions to improve reading comprehension and take effective interventions to scale. The program supports projects that address the underlying causes of problems with reading comprehension; develop assessments for use in instructional settings to identify sources of comprehension difficulties; and provide evidence of the effectiveness of interventions taken to scale. CFDA #84.305G (FR 7/1/04)

Deadline: 10/28/2004

27-8 Student Support Services: TRIO (ED)

The Education Department seeks applications under the federal TRIO programs to help increase the number of disadvantaged low-income students, students with disabilities and first generation college students by providing support services designed to increase their retention rates. CFDA #84.042A (FR 7/8/04)

Deadline: 8/3/2004

27-9 Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer (NIH)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites center grant applications, using the cooperative agreement (U54) mechanism, to establish the Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer (TREC) Centers in nutrition, energetics, energy balance, and physical activity. These Centers will involve scientists from multiple disciplines and will encompass projects spanning the biology and genetics of behavioral, socio-cultural, and environmental influences on nutrition, physical activity, weight, energy balance, and energetics. RFA-CA-05-010 (NIHG 7/9/04)

Deadline: Letter of Intent 10/15/2004 Applications 11/16/2004

27-10 Secondary Analysis of NAEP Data (ED)

The Education Department invites proposals for studies that perform secondary analysis of data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. CFDA #84.902B (FR 7/1/04)

Deadline: 10/28/2004


27-11 Earth System History (NSF)

The goals of the Earth System History (ESH) program are to: 1) encourage innovative research on the natural variability of the Earth's climate system from records preserved in geo-biologic archives, and 2) provide a comprehensive understanding of Earth's changing climate with regard to forcing mechanisms, interactions, and feedbacks. NSF 04-597 (Posted 7/6/04)

Deadline: 10/13/2004, 10/13/2005


27-12 Novel Approaches to Enhance Animal Stem Cell Research (NIH)

The purpose of this program announcement (PA) is to encourage the submission of applications for research to enhance animal stem cells as model biological systems. Innovative approaches to isolate, characterize and identify totipotent and multipotent stem cells from nonhuman biomedical research animal models, as well as to generate reagents and techniques to characterize and separate those stem cells from other cell types is encouraged. PA-04-125 (NIHG 7/9/04)

Deadline: 10/1/2004, 2/1/2005, 6/1/2005

27-13 Studies of Energy Balance and Cancer in Humans (NIH)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites investigator-initiated research applications on energy balance in humans. These studies will focus on research to define factors affecting energy balance and to define mechanisms influencing cancer risk, prognosis, and quality of life. These studies may range from new analyses of existing data sets to additional collection of data and biological specimens in ongoing investigations. In order to be eligible for this Program Announcement (PA), an applicant must have previously collected measures from human subjects on two or more of the following exposures: diet, physical activity, body composition, and/or related biomarkers (such as blood, urine, exfoliated cells, and/or tissue samples). PA-04-124 (NIHG 7/9/04)

Deadline: 10/1/2004, 2/1/2005, 6/1/2005

27-14 USAMRMC Broad Agency Announcement (DoD)

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command's (USAMRMC) mission is to provide solutions to medical problems of importance to the American war fighter at home and abroad. The scope of this effort and the priorities attached to specific projects are influenced by changes in military and civilian medical science and technology, operational requirements, military threat assessments, and national defense strategies. The extramural research and development program plays a vital role in the fulfillment of the objectives established by the Command. The USAMRMC's BAA is intended to solicit research ideas. W81XWH-BAA04-1 (FBO 7/8/04)

Deadline: 9/30/2004


27-15 Homeland Security Center for Behavioral and Social Aspects of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (DHS)

The Department of Homeland Security is inviting applications for another Homeland Security Center, this one addressing the Behavioral and Social Aspects of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Respondents to this BAA should be cognizant of the fact that the Science & Technology Directorate is a mission-driven program dealing with the security of the U.S. on weapons of mass destruction, disruption and effect. Consequently, outcomes derived from the research and education of this center should emphasize applications related to domestic security while reflecting on the international context of terrorism. Approaches should be broadly integrated across all lines of research. KU is currently working to develop a proposal for this center. For information about possible collaborations, contact Barbara Romzek, Associate Dean for Social Sciences, b-romzek@ku.edu, 785-864-3661. BAA04-023 (FG 7/7/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 7/30/2004; Proposals 9/30/2004

27-16 2004 National Direct Professional Corps (CNCS)

The Corporation for National and Community Service announces the availability of fiscal year 2004 AmeriCorps funds to award Professional Corps program grants to eligible organizations. These grants will support programs addressing critical community needs through the service of professionals, such as teachers, nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians (EMT), and other health care providers, social workers, early childhood development staff, engineers, lawyers, paralegals, police officers and firefighters in communities with inadequate numbers of such professionals. The scope of these programs must be multi-state. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and subdivisions of states, including city and local government entities. (FG 7/2/04)

Deadline: 8/17/2004