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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - May 28, 2004 (Vol. 13, No. 20)


20-1 Rehabilitation Research and Training: Employment Outcomes (ED)

The Education Department's National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation invites applications for rehabilitation research and training centers devoted to improving rehabilitation services and outcomes--specifically employment outcomes--for individuals with disabilities. This announcement focuses on one center each on the following priorities: employment policy and individuals with disabilities; employment service systems; workplace supports and job retention; and substance abuse and employment outcomes CFDA #84.133B (FR 05/24/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/24/2004; Applications 7/23/2004

20-2 Informal Science Education (NSF)

The ISE program invests in projects that develop and implement informal learning experiences for individuals of all ages and backgrounds that are designed to increase their interest, engagement, and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as projects that advance the theory and practice of informal science education. Projects may target either public audiences or professionals whose work directly affects informal STEM learning. ISE projects are expected to demonstrate strategic impact, collaboration, and innovation.","

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/11/2004, 8/13/2004, LOIs 11/5/2004, 1/6/2005


20-3 North Central Integrated Pest Management Center Working Groups Grant Program (USDA)

The North Central Integrated pest Management Center (NC-IPM Center) requests proposals for the Working Groups Grant Program for 2004. Working Groups will support the continuum of research and extension efforts needed to increase the implementation of integrated pest management (IPM). This RFA encourages the coordination of state and regional efforts to develop up to six Working Groups. All Working Groups will address the following criteria: 1) identify and prioritize regional IPM issues for commodities or specific issues. These issues can be used as funding priorities for other NC IPM Center and USDA grant programs; 2) address the goals of the National IPM Roadmap including evaluation of IPM successes.

Deadline: Preproposals 6/30/2004; Proposals 8/30/2004

20-4 Topics in the Areas of Food Safety, Food Security, Food Processing and Human Health (FDA)

The Food and Drug Administration has a requirement for the study, evaluation, review, technical investigation and analysis of current and emerging knowledge and technology in selected areas of food processing, food safety, food security, and human health issues. Three kinds of analysis/reviews shall be requested under the terms of this contract: Comprehensive reviews, Abbreviated Reviews, and Technical Investigation and Analysis for Potential Solutions. 223-40-2503 (FBO 5/10/04)

  • URL: http://www.fedbizopps.gov

Deadline: 6/24/2004


20-5 Investor Education

The NASD Investor Education Foundation invites nonprofit groups and researchers to apply for funding for projects that will help the foundation achieve its mission of providing investors with high quality, easily accessible information and tools to better understand investing and the markets. The foundation is particularly interested in funding projects that address priority areas identified by NASD's 2003 Investor Survey. Those priorities include educating women and helping young people set financial goals.

Deadline: 7/2/2004


20-6 Community Development Work-Study (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department solicits applications to provide assistance to economically disadvantaged students who participitate in a community development work-study program. CFDA #14.512 (FR 5/14/2004)

Deadline: 6/16/2004


20-7 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) (DOD)

The Department of Defense has announced the FY 2005 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), a part of the University Research Initiative (URI). DURIP is designed to improve the capabilities of institutions of higher education to conduct research and to educate scientists and engineers in areas important to national defense, by providing funds for the acquisition of research equipment. Grants will be for the purchase of research equipment costing more than $50,000, for items that typically cannot be purchased within the budgets of single-investigator awards. BAA DAAD 19-03-R-009 (FGCW 05/25/04)

Deadline: 8/26/2004

20-8 Atmospheric Science Program (DOE)

The Energy Department invites applications for experimental and theoretical studies to improve simulation and prediction of radiative forcing by aerosols and their effects on climate. The program focuses on: uncertainties associated with the loading, distribution, and fate of atmospheric aerosols and their chemical and microphysical properties that affect the absorption and scattering of radiation; and uncertainties associated with direct and indirect effects of aerosols on radiation and cloud formation.","

  • URL: http://www.science.doe.gov/ober/CCRD/atsi.html

Deadline: 6/21/2004

20-9 Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (NASA)

NASA has issued a revised due date and additional information on interagency collaboration in section B14 of research opportunities in space science 2004 astrobiology science and technology for exploring planets. This ASTEP program announcement allows a single proposal for both research support, as well as for access to extreme polar and/or under-sea environments in which to test the hardware that is proposed for development. Priority for selections will be given to proposed activities with documented relevance to the Mars Exploration Program, as well as the potential to affect missions planned for 2009 and later.

Deadline: 7/30/2004


20-10 Ground-Based Studies for Human Health in Space (NASA)

NASA is soliciting proposals for ground-based solo or team-based research projects on aspects of human health in space. NASA is seeking research in three program areas: biomedical model systems; biomedical research and countermeasures; and biomedical research under the National Space Biomedical Research Institute. Objectives are to: understand the physiological mechanisms responsible for space-flight-related biomedical and behavioral changes in humans in support of countermeasure development; develop counter measures to allow humans to live and work in micro-gravity for long periods; and identify, characterize and mitigate health, environmental and other health risks associated with space exploration. NNH04ZUU003N (FGCW 05/25/04)

Deadline: Available after May 28

20-11 Strategic Partnering to Evaluate Cancer Signatures (NIH)

The purpose of this initiative is to build on recent demonstrations that molecular signatures correlate with important clinical parameters in cancer. NCI invites investigators to form strategic partnerships that will bring together the multi-disciplinary expertise and resources needed to determine how the information derived from comprehensive molecular analyses can be used to improve patient care and ultimately, patient outcomes. Applicants are asked to propose evaluation of potential clinical usefulness of molecular signatures already developed using a variety of molecular analysis technologies including DNA, RNA or protein-based technologies. RFA-CA-04-015 (NIHG 1/30/04)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/22/2004; Applications 7/22/2004

20-12 Research to Study Virulence of Mycobacterium avium Complex Bacteria from Drinking Water (EPA)

Mycobacterium avium complex bacteria (MAC) are naturally occurring bacteria in the environment, including natural water supplies and municipally-treated drinking water. These bacteria can pose a significant health risk to humans, especially immunocompromised persons. Current detection methods are able to determine only the presence of MAC; new methodologies that generate information regarding the virulence of MAC strains found in water would be useful in assigning the level of risk to humans from exposure to drinking water

Deadline: 7/9/2004


20-13 Field-Initiated Adoption Service Demonstration Projects (ACF)

The Health and Human Services Department solicits applications to support continuous innovation and improvement in adoption services. Projects must address one or more of the following priorities: preventing the need for intervention services; strengthening rural families and communities; promoting ongoing relationships with adult role models; safe places with structured activities; opportunities to acquire marketable skills; and opportunities for community service and civic participation; faith-based and community initiatives; healthy marriage; and helping men become responsible, committed fathers. HHS-2004-ACF-ACYF-CO-0019 (FR 5/14/20040

Deadline: 7/13/2004

20-14 Community Partnership Outreach (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department seeks applications for college and university community outreach partnerships to address problems of urban areas. Grantees will establish and operate local community outreach partnerships reflecting five key components: outreach and technical assistance; empowerment efforts that engage community organizations and residents as partners with the institution for the duration of the project and beyond; applied research related to project outreach activities; assistance to target communities primarily from faculty and students; and university officials' support. CFDA #14.511 (FR 5/14/2004)

Deadline: 7/9/2004

20-15 Post-Adoption Services and Marriage Education (ACF)

The Administration for Children and Families seeks applications for demonstration projects to implement and evaluate post-adoption services that include a marriage education component. Projects must implement and evaluate a specifiable program that supports marriage for adoptive parents. Other services may include: education and support for families and children, such as respite care, counseling and case management services; services to prevent adoption disruption/ and crisis intervention. HHS-ACF-ACYF-CO-0021 (FR 05/24/04)

Deadline: 7/23/2004

20-16 Volunteer Service Challenge Grants (CNS)

The Corporation for National and Community Service seeks applications for challenge grants to foster expansion of sustainable community service and volunteer programs. Grantees must either greatly expand services by engaging citizens in meeting community needs or offer new services. CFDA #94.007 (FGCW 05/25/04)

Deadline: 6/8/2004

20-17 William T. Grant Scholars Program (Grant)

The William T. Grant Scholars Program supports promising post-doctoral researchers from diverse disciplines. Priority research areas are youth development; improving programs, policies, and institutions affecting young people; and adults' use of evidence and their view of youth. The Foundation focuses on young people ages 8-25, and is particularly interested in research that is interdisciplinary, examines young people in social, institutional, community, and cultural contexts, and addresses questions that advance both theory and practice.

Deadline: 7/1/2004


20-18 Student Research and Study: Early Doctoral, Dissertation (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department seeks applications under two programs: to enable beginning doctoral students to cultivate their research skills through preparation of research manuscripts; and enable Ph.D. candidates who are completing their studies to conduct dissertation research on policy-relevant housing and urban development issues. CFDA #14.512 (FR 5/14/2004)

Deadline: 6/16/2004