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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - October 10, 2003 (Vol. 12, No. 40)


40-1 Targeted Excellence Program (KSU)

Appropriate signatures for the Targeted Excellence preproposals, due November 1 in the KSU Provost's Office, include the signatures of the primary project director, the department head(s) and dean(s) from all affected colleges. In addition, projects involving major co-project directors (limited to 2 additional faculty), require signatures from the co-projects directors and their respective department heads.

Deadline: 11/1/2003

40-2 FIPSE Workshop (KSU)

Sue Maes, Education Communications Center, Paul Lowe and Bev Page, Research & Sponsored Programs, are hosting a workshop for the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Comprehensive Program. Featured will be an audio conference with Brian Lekander, a FIPSE program officer, who will describe the goals of this year's competition and answer questions from the audience. The Workshop is October 15, 2002, 3:00-4:30 p.m., in Union Room 213. Please call PreAward Services, 532-6804, to reserve a space.

Deadline: 10/15/2003


40-3 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (ED)

The Education Department is inviting applications to provide graduate fellowships to outstanding students with financial need who plan to pursue the highest degree available in their chosen field of study. Projects must provide fellowships in one or more of the following areas: biology, chemistry, computer and information sciences, engineering, geological and related sciences, mathematics and physics. CFDA #84.200A (FR 08/12/03)

Deadline: 11/7/2003

40-4 Integrated Program for the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model and Safety Research (DOT)

This is a Pre-Solicitation notice. The Federal Highway Administration has a requirement to conduct research into heavy vehicle safety and vulnerability assessment regarding security and safety in all modes of transportation with demonstrated research capabilities to address issues of braking, vehicle electrification, and human factors. There are two main parts to this project, one involving the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) and a second involving several research tasks associated with human factors and transportation safety. Goals for the IHSDM part are to: 1) improve the interface for the IHSDM, 2) conduct a user requirements analysis and identify functional enhancements to the Driver/Vehicle Module (DVM), and 3) revise the current DVM to incorporate a heavy vehicle component. Goals for the safety research program part are to gain a better understanding of driver attitudes and behavior regarding intersections and available countermeasures, and use this information to: 1) conduct driver/intersection task analyses and other intersection analyses, and 2) conduct literature searchers in human factors transportation safety research areas. DTFH61-03-R-00128

Deadline: 11/5/2003

40-5 Extramural Research Facilities Improvement Program Projects (NIH)

The National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) makes grants or contracts to expand, remodel, renovate, or alter existing research or animal facilities or construct new research or animal facilities. The facilities will be used for basic and clinical biomedical and behavioral research and research training. Matching funds ($1 to $1) will be required for the specific project awarded. Matching funds must be a non-Federal funds set aside for this project and must be "in hand" at the time the award is made. RFA-RR-03-011 (NIHG 08/15/03)

Deadline: 11/13/2003, 2/18/2004


40-6 Risk Management Education (USDA)

The North Central Region's Risk Management Education Center is seeking proposals for comprehensive risk management education for agricultural producers in the 12-state North Central Region. Risk management activities include futures, options, crop insurance, cash forward contracting, debt reduction, production diversification, farm resources risk reduction, and environmental and human risk strategies. Projects must be producer focused and must address the human risks related to the subject matter and skills to be taught. Proposals will be invited based on preproposal review.

Deadline: Internal 11/5/2003, Preproposals 11/14/2003

40-7 Animal Health in the Developing World (Wellcome)

"Animal Health in the Developing World" is a global initiative that focuses on livestock diseases in the developing world and their impact on human health and wellbeing. Most topics relating to livestock diseases will be considered, but some scientific areas are particularly encouraged including: livestock epidemiology; drug, vaccine and diagnostic development; host immunity and disease resistance; and disease transmission. The Trust will also fund public engagement research or activities that strengthen the translation of research outcomes into practical benefits. These activities will establish and strengthen partnerships between scientists and the beneficiaries of research (livestock keepers, community policy makers and animal health practi-


Deadline: Preliminary Proposals 12/12/2003


40-8 Business and International Education Program (ED)

The Business and International Education Program provides grants to institutions of higher education to enhance international business education programs and to expand the capacity of the business community to engage in international economic activities. Invitational Priorities are: 1) Applications from institutions of higher education that propose educational projects that include activities that promote an understanding of economic education for K-12 educators; 2) Applications from institutions of higher education that propose educational projects that include activities focused on the targeted world areas of Central and South Asia, the Middle East, Russia, the Independent States of former Soviet Union, and Africa. These projects should be integrated into the curricula of the home institution or institutions. CFDA No. 84.153A (FR 08/27/03)

Deadline: 11/7/2003


40-9 Disability and Rehabilitation Research (ED)

ED invites applications for new FY 2004 grant awards under the Field-Initiated (FI) Projects and Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training (ARRT) Projects of NIDRR's Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project and Centers Program. The Secretary is interested in hypothesis-driven research and development projects. To address this interest it is expected that applicants will articulate goals, objectives, and expected outcomes for the proposed research and development activities. It is critical that proposals describe expected public benefits, especially benefits for individuals with disabilities, and propose projects that are optimally designed to demonstrate outcomes that are consistent with the proposed goals. CFDA Nos.: 84.133G and 84.133P (FR 9/5/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/10/2003; 11/24/2003, 12/9/2003


40-10 Advanced Coal Research at U.S. Colleges and Universities (DOE)

In support of advanced coal research in U.S. colleges and universities, financial assistance awards under this Program Solicitation are intended to maintain and upgrade the education, training, and research capabilities of colleges and universities in the fields of science, environment, energy, and technology related to coal. The involvement of professors and students generates fresh research ideas and enhances the education of future scientist and engineers. No. DE-PS26-04NT41898 (FR 09/26/03)

Deadline: 11/6/2003

40-11 Ecological Forecasting (NOAA)

The Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is inviting research proposals to develop ecological forecasting capability and the transition to implementation of ecological forecasts. Projects are aimed at balancing the protection and wise use of coastal environments.

Deadline: 11/4/2003

40-12 Nuclear Engineering Education Research (DoE)

The Energy Department is inviting research applications to support basic research in nuclear engineering, assist in developing nuclear engineering students and contribute to strengthening the academic community's nuclear engineering infrastructure. Applications should be directed to state-of-the-art research that contributes to any of the following eight areas: reactor physics, reactor engineering, reactor materials, radiological engineering, radioactive waste management, applied radiation science, nuclear safety and risk analysis, and innovative technologies for next-generation reactors, space power and propulsion, or radiation sources. DE-PS07-03ID14540 (FR 10/01/03)

Deadline: 11/12/2003

40-13 Seismic Analysis and Design of Retaining Walls, Buried Structures, Slopes, and Embankments (NCHRP)

A comprehensive load and resistance factor design (LRFD) specification for the seismic design of highway bridges is under development by AASHTO. This work was undertaken so that seismic design of bridges will reflect the latest bridge design philosophies for achieving high levels of seismic performance. The specifications under development by AASHTO are limited to highway bridges and components that are directly attached to them, such as abutments and wing walls. The specifications do not address new or improved analytical methods or seismic design provisions for retaining walls, buried structures, slopes, or embankments. The objective of this project is to develop analytical methods and recommended LRFD specifications for the seismic design of retaining walls, buried structures, sloes, and embankments. The specifications shall be compatible and consistent with the philosophy and format of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. Project 12-70

Deadline: 11/6/2003

40-14 Alternatives to Design Speed for Selection of Roadway Design Criteria (NRC)

Design speed has long been a prime factor in the design of roadway geometric elements, such as vertical and horizontal alignment and cross section. The current design process does not always result in the desired consistency in roadway alignment or driver behavior along these alignments. The desired product of good geometric design is a roadway alignment and cross section that will encourage the driver to operate safely and consistently with the function of the facility. Further, an ideal geometric design is both consistent with the context of the setting and cost-effective. The objective of this research is to recommend comprehensive improvements or augmentations to the design-speed approach for setting geometric design criteria. This research is intended to apply to all types of roads. Project 15-25

Deadline: 11/18/2003

40-15 Office of Nuclear Physics Outstanding Junior Investigator Program (DOE)

The Office of Nuclear Physics of the Office of Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), invites grant applications for support under the Outstanding Junior Investigator Program (OJI) in nuclear physics. The purpose of this program is to support the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers. Applications should be from tenure-track faculty who are currently involved in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics research, the U.S. Nuclear Data (USDNP) program, or accelerator physics research and should be submitted through a U.S. academic institution. DE-FG01-03ER03-25 (FR 09/17/03)

Deadline: 11/11/2003


40-16 Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs (NIH)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites applications from extramural investigators for Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs (SAIRPs). These grants will support (a) shared imaging research resources to be used by cancer investigators, (b) research related to small animal imaging technology, and (c) training of both professional and technical support personnel interested in the science and techniques of small animal imaging. Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs (SAIRPs) will enhance capabilities for conducting basic, clinical, and translational cancer research relevant to the mission of the NCI. RFA-CA-04-011 (NIHG 10/3/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/18/2003; Applications 12/18/2003