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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - July 18, 2003 (Vol. 12, No. 28)


28-1 Arctic Research Opportunities (NSF)

The National Science Foundation seeks proposals to conduct research in the Arctic and to perform related research and data analysis. Arctic research opportunities span disciplines and approaches. The goal is to gain a better understanding of the Earth's physical, biological, geological, chemical, social and cultural processes and the interactions of ocean, land, atmosphere, biological and human systems. Programs include: arctic natural sciences; arctic social sciences; arctic system science; arctic research support and logistics; arctic research and policy and arctic research and education programs. NSF 03-574

Deadline: 8/30/2003, 2/15/2004

28-2 Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSE) (NSF)

The National Science Foundation announces a program on collaborative research and education in the area of nanoscale science and engineering. The goal of this program is to support fundamental research and catalyze synergistic science and engineering research and education in emerging areas of nanoscale science and technology, including: biosystems at the nanoscale; nanoscale structures, novel phenomena, and quantum control; nanoscale devices and system architecture; nanoscale processes in the environment; multi-scale, multi-phenomena theory, modeling and simulation at the nanoscale; manufacturing processes at the nanoscale; and studies on the societal and educational implications of scientific and technological advances on the nanoscale. This solicitation will provide support for Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT), Nanoscale Exploratory Research (NER), and Nanoscale Science and Engineering Centers (NSEC). An institution may submit no more than three proposals in response to the NER solicitation and one required preproposal as lead institution for the NSEC. Please contact Ted Knous, Associate Vice Provost for Research, 532-6195, tknous@ksu.edu, by September 1 if you are interested in submitting to either of these programs. NSF 03-043

Deadline: 10/22/2003


28-3 Biodiesel Fuel Education Program (USDA)

The Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, USDA, requests applications for the Biodiesel Fuel Education Program for FY 2003 to educate governmental and private entities that operate vehicle fleets, other interested entities, and the public about the benefits of biodiesel fuel use. It is the Program's goal to stimulate biodiesel demand and encourage the further development of a biodiesel industry in the US. (FR 07/15/03)

Deadline: 8/14/2003


28-4 Learning Foundations Program (ED)

The Education Department invites applications for projects to provide for services that help children become ready for school. Projects must deliver services to eligible children and their families that foster children's emotional, behavioral and social development; coordinate and facilitate access by eligible children and their families to services available through community resources, including mental health, physical health, substance abuse and domestic violence prevention, child welfare and social services; and develop or enhance early childhood community partnerships and build toward a community system of care that brings together child-serving agencies or organizations to provide individualized supports for eligible children and their families. CFDA #84.215H (FR 06/26/03)

Deadline: 8/30/2003


28-5 Mission and Science Measurement Technology - 2004 (NASA)

This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Announcement solicits proposals for crosscutting exploratory research and technology development in three major areas: 1) Advanced Measurement and Detection Technology--development of detector arrays, laser sources, and in situ micro-instruments; 2) Large Aperture Technology--development of technologies for large optical systems, antennas, and wavefront control; 3) Low Power Microelectronics Technology--development of low power radiation tolerant microelectronics. NRA-03-OAT-01 (FBO 06/13/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/18/2003; Proposals 10/3/2003

28-6 New Investigator Program in Earth Science (NASA)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is inviting applications for fiscal 2004 grants under the New Investigator Program in Earth Science, which supports the integration of Earth system science research and education by scientists and engineers early in their professional careers. The new investigator program emphasizes the social role of Earth science in such areas as climate variability and change, ecosystems and carbon cycle, weather research and natural hazards research and use of Earth science data and information to strengthen curricula and teaching in science, math, engineering and technology from kindergarten to postgraduate levels. NRA-03-OES-04

Deadline: 8/15/2003

28-7 Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration (DOE)

The Energy Department is seeking proposals to support the White House hydrogen fuel initiative. Validation projects include the testing, demonstration, and validation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure, and the required vehicle and infrastructure interfaces for complete system solutions. Projects should also include a comprehensive safety plan, development of codes and standards, and comprehensive educations and training campaign. (FR 5/15/03)

Deadline: 8/15/2003

28-8 Industrial Ecology Research (AT&T)

AT&T offers faculty fellowships to support academic research in the field of industrial ecology. This refers to a relatively new field which involves the study of industrial and economic systems, and their connection with natural systems. There's an emphasis on tying environmental considerations with industrial strategies. (FAM 06/05/03)

Deadline: 8/22/2003

28-9 Tools for Collaborations that Involve Data Sharing (NIH/NSF)

Changes since 1993 in both the character of biomedical and chemical research, and in underlying computer and network technologies suggest a re-examination of the collaboratory concept with increased attention to data flow from acquisition to deposition in a data repository data for reuse after deposition, and integration of data across various repositories and databases. The purpose of this program announcement is to invite proposals to develop tools and techniques to harness the unprecedented volume of data generated by collaborations among researchers. Proposals dealing with data from either research laboratories or from the clinical laboratories are welcome. Although this is a joint program with NSF, applications should be submitted to NIH. PAR-03-134 (NIHG 06/06/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/15/2003; Applications 9/15/2003


28-10 Partnerships for Vaccine and Diagnostic Development (HHS)

The NIAID Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) supports extramural research to control and prevent diseases caused by virtually all infectious agents. This includes basic biomedical research, such as studies of microbial physiology and antigenic structure; applied research, including the development of diagnostic tests; and clinical trials to evaluate experimental drugs and vaccines. This Partnership program will use the cooperative agreement (U01) funding mechanism to support the development and testing of products for selected human infectious diseases of public health importance. A key component of the Partnership initiatives is the development of appropriate partnerships among government, academia, and the biotechnology, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. RFA: AI-03-028 (NIHG 06/13/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/23/2003; Applications 9/24/2003


28-11 AmeriCorps*VISTA Program Grants (CNCS)

The Corporation for National and Community Service announces the availability of fiscal year 2003 funds to award AmeriCorps*VISTA program grants to eligible nonprofit and public organizations. AmeriCorps*VISTA assigns individuals 18 years and older, on a full-time, year-long basis, to public and private nonprofit organizations whose goals are in accord with AmeriCorps VISTA's legislative mission. The purpose of these program grants is to create and expand opportunities for low income individuals in one of the following broad areas: 1) Children and youth; 2) welfare to work; 3) financial asset development; 4) seniors in poverty, and 5) homeland security. A special initiative is available for the Southwest Cluster. Projects should be state-based (one legal applicant with site(s) in one or more of the nine states in the Southwest region - AR, AZ, CO, KS, LA, MO, NM, OK, TX) to be considered. FR 07/02/03

Deadline: 8/4/2003; 8/15/2003

28-12 Child Care Research and Evaluation (ACF)

The Administration for Children and Families is inviting applications to increase the capacity for child care research at the national, state and local level and address critical issues, especially for low-income working families and families making the transition from welfare to work. Priority areas are: 1) Child Care Research Collaboration and Archive (CCRCA); 2) Evaluation of Promising Models and Delivery Approaches to Child Care Provider Training; and 3) Child Care Research Scholarship grants. ACYF-PA-CCB-2003-02 (FR 07/09/03)

Deadline: Notices of Intent 8/11/2003; Applications 8/25/2003

28-13 Community Services Consolidated Grant Announcement (OCS)

The Office of Community Services is accepting applications under a consolidated program announcement covering six programs that range from community economic development to food and nutrition programs. Areas of funding opportunity include projects to strengthen the role of fathers and promote healthy marriages, improve community action; foster new business ventures; and prevent youth dating and domestic violence. Eligibility varies with the program. OCS-2003-03 (FR 07/09/03)

Deadline: 8/11/2003

28-14 Consolidated Grant Notice for Projects to Aid the Elderly (AOA)

The Administration on Aging has issued a consolidated program announcement requesting applications for thirteen priority areas: Alzheimer's National Call Center; Eldercare Locator Program and the National Aging Information and Referral Support Center; Evidence-Based Prevention Program and National Resource Center; Family Friends; Health Disparities Among Minority Elderly Individuals--Technical Assistance Centers; National Center on Elder Abuse; Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging--National Resource Center; Pension and Retirement Planning and Legal Services. Eligibility varies by priority area. AoA-03-07 (FR 7/15/03)

Deadline: 8/15/2003

28-15 Training and Career Development in Biopsychosocial Rheumatic, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases Research (NIH)

To increase integration of behavioral and biopsychosocial approaches into rheumatic, musculoskeletal, and skin diseases research, the NIAMS has identified a fundamental need to foster interdisciplinary training of scientists with interests in these diseases. With this RFA, the NIAMS is requesting applications for fellowships (postdoctoral and senior), Mentored Research Scientist Development Awards, Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Awards, and Mentored Career Transition Awards in behavioral research in rheumatic, musculoskeletal, and skin diseases. AR-03-010 (NIHG 05/09/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/24/2003; Applications 9/24/2003


28-16 Head Start Graduate Student Research Grants (ACF)

The Administration on Children and Families seeks applications for field-initiated doctoral-level graduate student research projects conducted in partnership with Head Start programs to develop of ongoing partnerships. Topics that address issues of both local and national significance are most likely to succeed. Examples of such topics are: areas of school readiness, children's mental health, serving an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse population. ACF/ACYF/HS-HSGS 2003- 04 (FR 07/11/03)

Deadline: Notice of Intent 7/24/2003; Applications 8/12/2003