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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - April 25, 2003 (Vol. 12, No. 17)


The following program has just been announced but has a very short deadline. Please bring it to the attention of any of your students who might be suitable candidates.

17-1 Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships (DHS)

The Department of Homeland Security is offering new undergraduate scholarships for prospective juniors and seniors who are expected to graduate within two years of receiving the award and graduate fellowships for beginning and first-year graduate students who have completed no more than one year of full time graduate studies. Relevant areas of study are physical, biological, social and behavioral sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Awardees must be willing to accept, after graduation, competitive employment offers from DHS, state and local security offices, DHS-affiliated Federal laboratories, or DHS-related university faculty or research staff positions. A written notice of intent to apply must be e-mailed to DHS by April 30

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/30/2003, Applications 5/19/2003


17-2 Community Development Work-Study Program (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department will seek applications to help minority graduate students participate in community development work study programs. Eligible programs include accredited graduate degree programs in community and economic development, community planning and management, public administration and public policy and urban economics, management and planning.

Deadline: 5/27/2003

17-3 Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research and Development (DOJ/FBI)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is soliciting proposals under a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for innovative research and development projects to advance the capabilities of Counterterrorism and Forensic Science. Areas of interest are: Detection, Collection and Examination of Hazardous Materials; Field Response and Analysis; Chemistry and Explosives; Trace Evidence; DNA Analysis; Questioned Documents and Cryptanalysis; and Latent Fingerprints. BAA-0034104 (FBO 04/14/03)

Deadline: 5/29/2003

17-4 Fund for Wild Nature Grants (FWN)

The Fund for Wild Nature supports projects that offer effective, intelligent, biocentric strategies that address environmental issues, particularly those that do not receive adequate national attention and may not be fundable through mainstream sources.

Deadline: 5/30/2003


17-5 Economic Development (DOC)

The Commerce Department invites applications to plan and build capacity and infrastructure, conduct research and undertake technical assistance to promote a favorable business environment, boost employment and increase private investment. Funds support innovative, coordinated and collaborative efforts strengthen infrastructure, public works and facilities; provide local and national technical assistance, including via university projects; and economic adjustment projects in locales hard-hit by industry dislocations. (FR 04/09/03)

Deadline: Ongoing until funds are spent


17-6 Robert H. Michel Civic Education Grants (Dirksen)

The Dirksen Congressional Center seeks applications to fund practical classroom strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning about civics, with priority on the role of Congress in our federal government. Areas of interest include designing lesson plans, creating student activities or applying instructional technology in the classroom. Funds are intended solely to produce "deliverables" of use to classroom teachers.

Deadline: 5/1/2003, 10/1/2003

17-7 Youthbuild (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department will invite applications for projects to help disadvantaged youths (ages 16 to 24) finish high school and gain job training by building and rehabilitating housing for homeless and low-income individuals. Program components must include educational and job training services; leadership training, counseling and other support activities; and on-site training through actual housing and rehabilitation and/or new construction work. (FR 04/25/03)

Deadline: 6/6/2003


17-8 Forecasting and Modeling Studies (DOD)

The Air Force Weather Agency is the premiere source of weather intelligence for the US Air Force, US Army, Department of Commerce, Special Operations Forces and NATO/Coalition forces. AFWA has identified the following areas for improvement to be funded in Fiscal Year 2003: Agricultural Meteorology Model (AGRMET) resolution improvement; Interactive Tuning Tool (ITT) for cloud analysis from satellite imagery; Meteosat Second Generation data stream ingest algorithms; Optimization of current Mesoscale Model 5/Weather Research and Forecasting (MM5/WRF) weather models; Research into the 4DVAR model initialization scheme for MM5/WRF; and Algorithms to fuse Special Sensor data into the WRF Model. PRDA ESC/ACW-03-01 (FBO 04/15/03)

Deadline: 5/29/2003

17-9 NSF-NIST Interaction in Chemistry, Materials Research, Molecular Biosciences, Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering (NSF)

This program solicitation is intended to facilitate interactions between faculty and students supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory (CSTL) and Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (MSEL), including the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR). Chemistry, materials research, molecular biology, bioengineering, and chemical engineering are centralized at NIST in these laboratories. Support may be requested for supplements to existing NSF awards to provide the opportunity for faculty and students to participate in research at NIST facilities. NSF 03-568

Deadline: Open

17-10 Innovations in Biomedical Computational Science and Technology (NIH)

Participating Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invite applications for innovative research in biomedical computational science and technology to promote the progress of biomedical research. Biomedical computing or biomedical information science and technology includes database design, graphical interfaces, querying approaches, data retrieval, data visualization and manipulation, data integration through the development of integrated analytical tools, and tools for electronic collaboration, as well as computational and mathematical research including the development of structural, functional, integrative, and analytical models and simulations. PAR-03-106 (NIHG 04/18/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/24/2003, 9/24/2003, Applications 6/24/2003, 10/24/2003


17-11 Gene Discovery for Complex Neurological and Neurobehavioral Disorders (NIH)

The goal of this Program Announcement (PA) is to promote the identification of susceptibility genes for complex neurological and neurobehavioral disorders. Complex disorders are defined as those caused by the interaction of multiple genes, or by a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. Projects focusing on any phase of the gene discovery process, from initial patient ascertainment to positional cloning, are appropriate. Novel approaches, including the use of intermediate phenotypes that potentially underlie complex disorders, are also encouraged. PAS-03-092 (NIHG 04/04/03)

Deadline: 6/1/2003, 10/1/2003, 2/1/2004

17-12 Ancillary Studies of Kidney Disease Accessing Information From Clinical Trials, Epidemiological Studies, and Databases (NIH)

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) invites investigator-initiated research project applications for ancillary studies to ongoing or completed clinical trials and epidemiological studies of kidney disease as well as clinical trials and epidemiological studies for other diseases or populations that lend themselves to the study of kidney disease. These studies may range from new analyses of existing data sets of completed studies to additional collection of data and biological specimens in ongoing investigations. PA-03-091 (NIHG 03/28/03)

Deadline: 6/1/2003, 10/1/2003, 2/1/2004

17-13 Biomedical Research 2001 (DOD)

The US Special Operations Command is soliciting pre-proposals directed at basic and applied biomedical research focused on Special Operations Forces (SOF)-relevant aspects of medical care, particularly related to: combat casualty management; medical aspects of mission planning, biomedical training, environmental protection, vibration/shock injury, nutrition, hydration, driving procedures, equipment and injuries, exercise and mission related physiology, field diagnostic and care equipment; and medical information management systems. BAA2005 (FBO 4/18/03)

Deadline: 4/30/2005

17-14 The Howard Temin Award (NIH)

The goal of the National Cancer Institute's Howard Temin Award is to bridge the transition from a mentored research environment to an independent basic cancer research career for scientists who have demonstrated unusually high potential during their initial stages of training and development. This special award is aimed at fostering the research careers of outstanding junior scientists in basic research who are committed to developing research programs directly relevant to the understanding of human biology and human disease as it relates to the etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human cancer. PAR-03-104

Deadline: 6/1/2003, 10/1/2003, 2/1/2004


17-15 Public Administration and Policy Development in Montenegro (State)

The State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is seeking applications to support training in public administration and public policy development for current and future public administrators and policymakers in Montenegro. Applicants should propose creative strategies to target and address training needs for faculty, students, administrators, public officials and other practitioners. Applicants may propose to work with one or more partner institutions in Montenegro. ECA/A/S/U03-19 (FR 04/10/03)

Deadline: 5/30/2003

17-16 Public Health Law: Research Grants (CDC)

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is inviting applications aimed at examining the contribution of law to and its impact on public health. Examples of research topics include: laws on public health preparedness for terrorism; state laws on adolescent access to health care services; alcohol taxes on adolescent alcohol use; and state and local laws on the location of schools. (FR 04/17/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/9/2003, Applications 7/9/2003

17-17 Jobs, Housing for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers (DOL)

The Labor Department's Employment and Training Administration is inviting applications to operate the National Farm Worker Jobs Program (NFJP) and provide housing assistance for migrant and seasonal farm workers. The jobs program provides training and workforce development services to help seasonal farm workers and their families prepare for jobs likely to provide stable year-round and better paying employment in higher-skills agricultural and nonagricultural occupations. Housing assistance grantees must provide an analysis of housing assistance resources available from employers and local agencies, identify farm workers needing assistance, describe the case management approach to be used and the housing assistance services to be offered, and describe how housing assistance will be coordinated with training under the jobs program. SGA/DFA-03-108 (FR 04/17/03)

Deadline: 5/16/2003


17-18 Doctoral Housing Education Programs (HUD)

The Housing and Urban Development Department will invite applications under two doctoral-level programs aimed at fostering expertise in housing and urban development issues and problems. Funding is available for student research and for dissertation research.

Deadline: 5/27/2003