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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - March 28, 2003 (Vol. 12, No. 13)

March 28, 2003 (Vol. 12, No. 13)


13-1 Research Opportunities in Space Biological Sciences (NASA)

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration's Office of Biological and Physical Research is inviting applications for investigations in advanced human support technology. The focus in on advanced environmental monitoring and control, advanced life support and space human factors engineering. Proposals are sought for ground-based research and technology development, ground-based pilot studies, rapid technology development teams, and/or space flight experiments. NRA03-OBPR-01

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/14/2003, Applications 6/13/2003

13-2 NIDDK Short-Term Education Program for Minority Students (NIH)

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Short-Term Education Program for Minority Students is designed to provide short-term research education for underrepresented minority high school and/or undergraduate students to expose them to research in the areas of diabetes, endocrinology, metabolism, nutrition, obesity, and digestive, liver, urologic, kidney, and hematologic diseases. By providing an early research experience it is hoped that many of these students will pursue a career in biomedical research. Underrepresented minority and ethnic groups include Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Islanders, and other racial and ethnic groups determined by the institution to be underrepresented in the health-related sciences. The grant provides support for two to three consecutive months of research training in the laboratories of experienced investigators as well as the opportunity to participate in research forums, guest lectures, student presentations, special courses, and social activities. DK-03-014 (NIHG 03/21/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/16/2003, Applications 5/14/2003

13-3 Instructional Materials Development (NSF/IMD)

The Instructional Materials Development (IMD) program includes three components: 1) Instructional Materials for Students--supports the creation and substantial revision of comprehensive curricula and supplemental instructional materials that are research-based; enhance classroom instruction, preK-12; and reflect standards for science, mathematics, and technology education developed by national professional organizations; 2) Assessment--supports the creation of tools for assessing student learning that are tied to nationally developed standards and reflect the most current thinking on how students learn mathematics and science. Projects can also focus on assistance to schools and districts in implementing new assessments; 3) Applied Research--supports the research for development of the IMD program and projects; provides evidence for the effectiveness of materials and feedback for strengthening the portfolio; and identifies possible new directions in instructional materials and assessment. Proposals may be submitted for projects in any field of science, technology education, or mathematics (STM) typically supported by NSF. NSF 03-524

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/1/2003, Applications 8/26/2003


13-4 Postdoctoral Bursaries (IASH)

The University of Edinburgh's Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is calling for applications for postdoctoral bursaries in the areas of two research themes: The New Information Order and Scotland in Europe/Europe in Scotland. Each bursary is tenable for a period of three to twelve months. The bursary may be used to top up an existing postdoctoral fellowship or as a contribution towards living expenses.

Deadline: 5/31/2003

13-5 Preservation Assistance Grants (NEH)

Preservation Assistance Grants help small and mid-size institutions--libraries, museums, and historical societies, town and county records offices, archival repositories, community colleges, and underserved departments and units within colleges and universities and other larger institutions--improve their ability to preserve and care for their humanities collections. These collections may include books, journals, manuscript and archival materials, maps, moving images, sound recordings, decorative and fine arts, prints and photographs, textiles, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, furniture, and historical objects. Institutions that have never received an NEH grant are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: 5/15/2003


13-6 Comprehensive Reform Quality Initiatives (ED)

The Education Department is seeking applications for projects to enhance state-administered comprehensive school reform (CSR) program, a systemic approach to improving all aspects of schools, from curriculum design to student assessment. Funding categories include: providing quality technical assistance to states, local education agencies and schools in making informed decisions about providers of CSR; and fostering development of comprehensive school reform models and providing capacity building for CSR providers to expand their efforts. CFDA #84.332B (FR 03/21/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/7/2003; Applications 5/5/2003


13-7 Next Generation Launch Technology Program (NASA/NGLTP)

The Propulsion Research and Technology Project in the Next Generation Launch Technology Program (NGLTP) intends to solicit proposals for research & technology development in components and engineering capabilities for air breathing propulsion applied to future space launch vehicles. The proposals solicited should target advancement of critical air breathing propulsion technologies integral to technology development for next generation launch systems. Areas of interest include: 1) Rotating Components and Seals; 2) Propulsion Flowpath Components; 3) Engineering Capability Development. NRA-03-GRC-PRT-01 (FBO 2/27/03)

Deadline: 5/3/2003

13-8 Advanced Technologies and Instrumentation (ATI): Special Competition: Astronomical Applications with the Advanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS) of the United States Air Force (NSF)

This special competition is to enable access by the U.S. community to the 3.67-meter Advanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS) telescope with its sophisticated adaptive optics system for astronomical research and instrument development. This telescope system is made available for approximately 300 hours for observation annually. This special competition makes available to the U.S. astronomical and instrument development community a 3.67-meter telescope with state-of-the-art passive adaptive optics for imaging through atmospheric turbulence. Seven fixed Coude rooms are available for astronomical observations with user-provided instrumentation. Alternatively, scientific observations can be made using the cameras and instruments provided on-site by the Air Force. NSF 03-543

Deadline: 5/15/2003

13-9 Advanced Speech Encoding (DOD)

The Navel Sea Systems Command and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Advanced Technology Office (ATO), are soliciting proposals for an Advanced Speech Encoding (ASE) program to perform research, development, modeling, design, and testing of voice communication systems that directly measure the speech exitation waveform generated by the glottis, and that then use that data to advantage for speech communications. The program is specifically focused on employing low cost, low power microradars (embedded in, e.g., on radio handset) that directly measure the glottal exitation waveform. The program goal is to investigate the implications to military voice communication associated with direct measurement of the glottal waveform, to include noise reduction in military environments, reduction of voice communication bit rates, and speaker authentication. N00024-02-R-6336 (FBO 4/23/02)

Deadline: 5/2/2003


13-10 Childhood Agricultural Safety and Health Research (NIH)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) announces the availability of fiscal year 2003 funds for grant applications for research on childhood agricultural safety and health. Projects are sought which will conduct research to: 1) develop and evaluate new or existing enhanced control technologies to reduce injury to youth exposed to farm hazards, 2) develop and evaluate incentives which encourage adults to protect youth from farm hazards, or 3) identify the economic and social consequences of youth working on farms. Findings from these projects are intended to advance the scientific base of knowledge needed to maximize the safety and health of children exposed to agricultural production hazards. OH-03-003 (NIHG 03/21/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/18/2003, Applications 5/23/2003

13-11 Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research (DOD/TSRP)

The Department of Defense's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs will award Idea Development Awards to encourage innovative research directed toward a better understanding of the role and function of proteins produced by the TSC1 and TSC2 tumor suppressor genes. Specific programmatic interests include proposals that: Elucidate the signaling pathways involving TSC1 and TSC2; or Examine the way(s) in which the loss of TSC1 or TSC2 contributes to disease phenotypes. DAMD17-FY03-TSRP (FBO 03/20/03)

Deadline: 8/20/2003

13-12 Neurofibromatosis Research (DOD)

The overall goal of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program's FY03 Neurofibromatosis Research Program (NFRP) is to develop effective therapies for NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis. Proposals to the NFRP are sought across all areas of laboratory, clinical, behavioral, and epidemiological research including all disciplines within the basic, clinical, psychosocial, behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental sciences. Award mechanisms include: Idea Awards for innovative approaches to NF research; New Investigator Awards; and Investigator-Initiated Research, including Research with Nested Postdoctoral Traineeships. DAMD17-FY03-NFRP (FBO 03/20/03)

Deadline: 8/20/2003

13-13 Assembling the Tree of Life (NSF)

The National Science Foundation invites research proposals from multidisciplinary teams to conduct creative and innovative research that will resolve phylogenetic relationships for large groups of organisms on the Tree of Life. Teams of investigators also will be supported for projects in data acquisition, analysis, algorithm development and dissemination in computational phylogenetics and phyloinformatics. NSF 03-536

Deadline: 5/5/2003


13-14 Recreational Programs for Individuals with Disabilities (ED)

The Education Department is inviting applications to provide individuals with disabilities recreational and other programs designed to advance their employment, mobility, socialization, independence and community integration. Projects must provide recreational services to individuals with disabilities, including: vocational skills development; leisure education; leisure networking; leisure resource development; physical education and sports; scouting and camping; 4-H activities; music and dancing; handicrafts and art; and homemaking. CFDA #84.128J (FR 03/18/03)

Deadline: 5/1/2003

13-15 Stress and Drug Abuse: Epidemiology, Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment (NIH)

The purpose of this RFA is to solicit applications for innovative research on chronic stress and drug abuse or dependence. Research is encouraged on the epidemiology, etiology, prevention, and treatment of drug abuse/dependence, as it relates to either chronic stress or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). More specifically, research is sought to examine the relationship between chronic stress or PTSD and drug use, abuse, and dependence. Also of interest is the relationship between chronic stress or PTSD and withdrawal/abstinence, remission, and relapse. DA-04-001 (NIHG 1/17/03)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/19/03, Applications 6/18/03