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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - September 27, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 34)


34-1 Alcohol Treatment, Service, and Prevention Studies of High Priority to Providers (NIH)

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) seeks applications for alcohol treatment, services, and prevention studies that have been suggested by providers as areas of high research priority. The specific topics covered in this announcement include: clinical outcomes under managed care, robustness of outcomes to applied conditions, case management, tools for improved services delivery, treatment of individuals with co-occurring mental disorders, treatment for other special populations, improved prevention practices, behavior and management of providers, linkages to other medical and social services, and studies of treatment policy decisions. PA-02-167 (NIHG 09/20/02)

Deadline: 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003, 6/1/2003

34-2 Implementation of Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol-Related Problems (NIH)

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) seeks research grant applications on the delivery of screening, identification, and brief intervention services for alcohol-related problems in medical and other similar service centers. This program announcement invites research applications to test strategies for improving the availability, use of, delivery, quality, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes of protocols to screen for and identify patients with current or potential alcohol use problems and to implement brief interventions to address such problems. This PA also invites research applications to test strategies that facilitate the referral to more intensive treatment for those patients for whom specialty care may be indicated. PA-02-168 (NIHG 09/20/02)

Deadline: 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003, 6/1/2003

34-3 Fulbright Educational Partnerships Program (State)

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State, announces the availability of funding for the Fulbright Educational Partnerships Program, formerly know as the College and University Affiliations Program and the Educational Partnerships Program. U.S. and foreign institutions of current and former Fulbright grantees are encouraged to submit proposals that build on the achievements of the individual Fulbrighters and extend their impact through broadened cooperation between the Fulbright host institution and the one to which the individual participant returns at the conclusion of the grant period. Other college and university teachers, researchers, and administrators are also encouraged to build on their knowledge of educational needs in the U.S. and foreign countries through institutional cooperation. Proposals to increase the understanding of the U.S. in countries and societies with significantly Islamic populations are especially encouraged. ECA/A/S/U-03-01 (FR 04/18/02)

Deadline: 11/22/2002


34-4 Soybean Research (KSC)

The Kansas Soybean Commission is soliciting research proposals dealing with: 1) Breeding/Production/Environmental Programs; 2) Human Nutrition Studies/Food Safety; 3) Value-Added Projects; and 4) Marketing Extension Program and Transportation. Of particular importance are the following topics: New and innovative uses of soybeans as vital components in human nutrition; Opportunities for identity preserved grain marketing/processing technology; Transportation and infrastructure needs, on farm storage practicality, incentive discovery; Additional value-added uses of the chemicals/components of the soybean plant; Alternative uses of soybeans and related by-products; and International market development with a focus on utilizing Kansas' soybeans.

Deadline: 10/31/2002

34-5 2010 Project to Determine the Function of All Genes in Arabidopsis Thaliana (NSF)

The Directorate of Biological Sciences (BIO) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces its intention to continue support of research to determine the function of all genes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana by the year 2010. Individual investigators or groups of investigators will be supported to conduct creative and innovative research designed to determine, using all available means, the function of a set of genes of the investigator's interest and choice. Also supported will be development of critical research tools for Arabidopsis functional genomics that enable a broad community of scientists to participate in the 2010 Project. NSF 02-175

Deadline: 12/13/2002


34-6 Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) (IREX)

Applications for the Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) program are now available. This program provides predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars with fellowships for on-site humanities and policy-relevant research in Europe and Eurasia for two to nine months. Funding for cross-regional humanities research in Mongolia, Iran, and Turkey is also available.

Deadline: 11/1/2002


34-7 Information Technology Workforce (NSF)

Information Technology Workforce (ITWF) will continue to welcome research proposals that address the general themes in the program announcement, NSF 01-33, and would also like to expand its portfolio of studies to address labor market factors that may affect the participation of women and minorities in IT careers. The program encourages micro-economics research studies that build on previous research on human capital investment to address the decisions of certain subpopulations to invest in IT-related human capital and to pursue careers as professionals in IT. A second area of interest to ITWF is the emergence of new forms of education and skill development of IT workers (colleges of IT, and proprietary certification programs) and how these affect, positively or negatively, the preparation for and success of women and underrepresented minorities in IT careers. NSF 02-170

Deadline: 11/4/2002


34-8 Aeronautical Sciences Advanced Studies Program (DOD) (AFOSR)

The Air Force Research Laboratory is soliciting research proposals for the Aeronautical Sciences Advanced Studies Program. The goal of this program is to provide a capability to perform special focused studies in the area of air vehicle advanced aero configurations, aero configuration integration, high speed aerodynamics, aero-thermodynamics, control theory, flight vehicle performance, flow diagnostics, flying qualities, stability and control, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) research, airframe-propulsion-stores (weapons) integration, aerospace vehicle demonstration, and general technical support. PRDA-02-VAK-05 (FBO 09/19/02)

Deadline: 11/5/2002

34-9 Heat-Straightening Repair of Damaged Steel Bridge Girders: Failure and Fracture Performance (NCHRP)

The objectives of this area are to: 1) determine the relative effects of damage and subsequent heat-straightening on the fatigue and fracture performance of steel girders; 2) identify and quantify the material and process parameters that may affect the fatigue and fracture performance of heat-straightened steel girders; and 3) establish guidelines, including limits on initial damage and critical process parameters, to minimize the potential for fracture and fatigue problems in heat-straightened steel girders. Project 10-63

Deadline: 10/30/2002

34-10 Methodology to Predict the Safety Performance of Urban and Suburban Arterials (NCHRP)

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Joint Subcommittee for the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) has identified the need to take advantage of a number of recent technical advances and to synthesize new research on highway safety into a HSM. The purpose of an HSM is to provide the best factual information and tools, in a useful and widely accepted form, in order to facilitate roadway planning, design, and operational decisions, based on explicit consideration of their safety consequences. The objective of this project is to develop a methodology that predicts the safety performance of the various elements (e.g., lane width, shoulder width, use of curbs) considered in planning, design, and operation of non-limited-access urban and suburban arterials. Project 17-26

Deadline: 10/29/2002


34-11 Intestinal Failure, Short Gut Syndrome and Small Bowel Transplantation (NIH)

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) seeks grant applications to study the pathogenesis, natural history, treatment and complications of intestinal failure and its therapies, including parenteral nutrition and small bowel transplantation. Proposals may include studies of the genetic and molecular basis of gut development in animal models that may lead to novel insights into intestinal failure; basic and clinical studies of gut adaptation to intestinal failure, including the role of nutrients, endogenous factors such as growth factors, intestinal flora, and therapeutic agents; and studies to define nutrient requirements, either oral or parenteral, necessary to maintain optimal health for patients with intestinal failure. PA-02-163 (NIHG 09/13/02)

Deadline: 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003, 6/1/2003

34-12 Novel Approaches to Enhance Animal Stem Cell Research (NIH)

The purpose of this program announcement (PA) is to encourage the submission of applications for research to enhance animal stem cells as model biological systems. Research to isolate, characterize and identify totipotent and multipotent stem cells from nonhuman biomedical research animal models, as well as to generate reagents and techniques to characterize and separate those stem cells from other cell types is encouraged. Innovative approaches to the problems of making multipotent stem cells available from a variety of nonhuman sources, and to creating reagents that will identify those stem cells across species and allow for separation of multipotent stem cells from differentiated cell types, will be stressed. PA-02-147 (NIHG 08/09/02)

Deadline: 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003, 6/1/2003

34-13 Age-Related Changes in Tissue Function: Underlying Biological Mechanisms (NIH)

This program announcement is to solicit applications on biological mechanisms of aging in tissues and organs. Projects are encouraged that significantly advance basic biology research to understand how and why changes take place in tissues with age and how those changes relate to altered tissue and organ function. Projects that focus on molecular aspects, as well as cellular aspects of tissue aging, are encouraged. Projects that emphasize molecular and cellular changes that are common among tissues with aging are also encouraged, as are projects that compare mechanisms of aging change in different tissues. PA-02-128 (NIHG 07/12/02)

Deadline: 10/2/2002, 2/1/2003, 6/1/2003

34-14 Complex Formation in Hormonal Regulation of Gene Expression (NIH)

The Complex Formation in Hormonal Regulation of Gene Expression program from the National Institutes of Health is a reissue of a program designed to stimulate research to address the fundamental underlying mechanisms by which nuclear accessory proteins, such as coactivators and corepressors, mediate signaling through hormone receptors at the level of the regulation of gene expression. This Program Announcement seeks to exploit and expand upon advances made since then in this and other related areas and refine the role of higher order complex formation in effecting hormonal regulation of gene expression. PA-02-100 (NIHG 04/26/02)

Deadline: 10/1/2002, 2/1/2002, 6/1/2003


34-15 Guidance for Behavioral Treatment Providers: Research on Knowledge and Skill Enhancement (NIH)

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is committed to promoting research activities that result in improved drug abuse treatment and reductions in HIV/AIDS risk behavior in drug-dependent individuals. NIDA's behavioral therapies development program has supported the development and testing of a number of efficacious therapies for drug abuse and dependence and HIV/AIDS risk. The purpose of this initiative is to support studies for developing and testing novel, creative approaches to clinical training and supervision that will enhance community treatment providers' knowledge and skills to administer behavioral treatments with some evidence of efficacy for drug abuse and/or interventions for HIV/AIDS risk reduction among in-treatment drug abusers. DA-03-005 (NIHG 09/20/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 11/15/2002; Applications 12/16/2002