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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - July 5, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 25)


25-1 DEPSCoR Update (DOD)

The Department of Defense has issued its FY2003 DEPSCoR competition guidelines. Because of substantial revision to the program, the state competition Request for Proposals has been reissued. The new competition has the following features: 1) state proposal packages may contain up to 10 projects; 2) each individual project must request a minimum of $500,000; 3) there is no project maximum other than the restriction that the state may request a maximum total of $7,500,000; 4) an additional and separate primary evaluation criterion is the potential for each project to impact the state or university research infrastructure goals. An informational meeting with a special focus on the new infrastructure requirement will be presented by the State of Kansas DEPSCoR Director on July 12, 10:00 a.m., King 209. DAAD19-02-R-0006

Deadline: Preproposals 8/5/02; Proposals 8/12/2002; State Proposals 10/24/2002

25-2 DOD Workshops on Research Grant Opportunities (DOD)

The Department of Defense is offering four workshops this summer on the range of research opportunities that exist for university researchers within DOD. DOD will provide insight into expectations for proposal content and the evaluation process as well as helping attendees identify the most appropriate research opportunities for their interests and capabilities. Workshop dates are: July 10-11, Maine; July 31-Aug.1, North Carolina; August 7-8, Wyoming; Aug. 21-22, Hawaii.



25-3 Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day Initiative (CNCS)

The Corporation for National and Community Service is inviting applications to support community volunteer service projects in conjunction with the Jan. 20, 2003, Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday. Projects include education, public safety, environmental and other activities to meet human needs through direct service and citizen action. Activities should have measurable outcomes. FR 06/18/02

Deadline: 7/31/2002

25-4 NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars (NSF)

The NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars (DTS) recognizes and rewards individuals with distinguished records of educating undergraduates while also contributing significantly to the scholarship of a STEM discipline. The Director's Award is the highest honor bestowed by the NSF for excellence in both teaching and research in STEM fields, or in educational research related to these disciplines.

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/18/2002; Proposals 11/20/2002

25-5 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) (NSF)

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation. REU projects involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs or in research projects specially designed for the purpose. This announcement features two flexible mechanisms for support of student research: REU Supplements and REU Sites. REU Supplements may be included in proposals for new or renewal NSF grants or cooperative agreements or as supplements to ongoing NSF-funded projects. REU Sites are based on independent proposals to initiate and conduct undergraduate research participation projects for a number of students. NSF-02-136

Deadline: Sites 9/15/2002

25-6 National Research Service Award Institutional Research Training Grants (NIH)

The National Institutes of Health will award National Research Service Award Institutional Training Grants (NRSA) to eligible institutions to develop or enhance research training opportunities for individuals, selected by the institution, who are training for careers in specified areas of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research. The NRSA program supports predoctoral, postdoctoral, and short-term research training experiences. Deadline dates vary by Institute. PA-02-109 (NIHG 05/17/02)

Deadline: 9/10/2002, 1/10/2003, 5/10/2003


25-7 Community Outreach to Women, Underserved Farmers (USDA)

The Agriculture Department is seeking applications for cooperative agreements to provide outreach and assistance to underserved agricultural producers, such as women, limited resource, socially disadvantaged and other traditionally underserved farmers and ranchers. Funds are used to provide underserved agricultural producers with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make informed risk management decisions for their operations in areas that include crop insurance, risk management, marketing and human resource management. CFDA 10.450 (FR 06/19/02)

Deadline: 7/19/2002


25-8 Grants for Research in European, African, or Asian History (AHA)

The American Historical Association provides modest grants to support research in the history of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Bernadotte E. Schmitt Grants are intended to further research in progress and may be used for travel to a library or archive, for microfilms, photographs, or photocopying--a list of purposes that is meant to be merely illustrative, not exhaustive. Preference will be given to those with specific research needs, such as the completion of a project or completion of a discrete segment thereof. Preference will be given to Ph.D candidates and junior scholars.

Deadline: 9/16/2002


25-9 Research to Improve Education Services for Children with Disabilities (ED)

The Department of Education will fund directed research projects in the absolute priority areas of: access to learning, including access to the general education curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities, instructional interventions and results for children with disabilities, and pre-literacy and early literacy for infants, toddlers and other young children with visual impairments including blindness; accountability and reform, including universal design of assessments, charter schools and students with disabilities, accountability/reform/results for children with disabilities; and social and emotional development and intervention, including research on early childhood mental health, assessing self-determination skills, and implementation of school-wide positive behavior supports in high school. CFDA 84.324D, 84.324T (FR 06/19/02)

Deadline: 7/22/2002

25-10 Quality Higher Education for Students with Disabilities (ED)

The Education Department is inviting applications for demonstration programs to provide technical assistance and professional development for higher education faculty and administrators to help them provide quality education for students with disabilities. Grantees will develop innovative demonstrations for providing technical assistance, professional development and broad dissemination of research and training. CFDA 84.333 (FR 06/21/02)

Deadline: 7/22/2002


25-11 Distributed Power Program- Distribution and Interconnection Research and Development (DOE)

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory anticipates issuing a Letter of Interest (LOI) Solicitation for research and development efforts to address a range of activities related to interconnecting and integrating distributed energy resources with electric power systems. These activities are organized into four categories: A) Advanced Universal Interconnection Technology; B) Field Testing of Distributed Energy Technology for Interconnection Standards and Electrical Power Systems Configurations; C) Standards for Distributed Energy Resources System Integration, Interconnection and Operation with Electric Power Systems; D) Analysis and Research on Alternative Rates and Tariffs for Distributed Energy. Sol. RAT-2-32616 (FBO 06/28/02)

Deadline: 7/29/2002

25-12 Lunar and Planetary Institute (NASA)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Space Science is releasing a Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN-02-OSS-01) for community consideration for participation in the Lunar and Planetary Institute as an innovative way to study the information, evolution, and current state of the Moon, planets, and other bodies of the solar system.

Deadline: 9/4/2002

25-13 Stewardship Science Academic Alliance Program (DOE)

In continuation of the inertial Fusion Science in Support of Stockpile Stewardship Grant Program, DOE announces that it plans to expand this university program and conduct a competitive solicitation for research areas in additional areas of fundamental science relevant to the NNSA stockpile stewardship program. The stockpile stewardship program is based on a leading-edge scientific approach to meeting the challenges of ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of the nuclear weapon stockpile in the absence of testing. DE-PS030-01SF22349

Deadline: N/A


25-14 Centers of Excellence in Complex Biomedical Systems Research (HHS)

This RFA re-announces the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) RFA for the establishment of new academic Centers of Excellence in Complex Biomedical Systems Research (CE/CBSR). The goal of the CE/CBSR program is to promote institutional development of pioneering research and training programs focused on quantitative, systems level analysis of biological phenomena of biomedical importance within the NIGMS mission. NIGMS supports the fundamental inquiries focused on cell biology and biophysics, genetics and developmental biology, human physiology in the areas of trauma, burn, inflammation, and multi organ failure, and pharmacology and anesthesiology. GM-03-002 (NIHG 06/28/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/11/2002; Applications 10/11/2002

25-15 Tuberous Scelerosis Complex Research (DOD)

The Department of Defense (DOD) Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Program (TSCRP) is being established in fiscal year 2002 to promote research directed toward a better understanding of the role and function of proteins produced by the TSCI and TSC 2 tumor suppressor genes. FBO-TSCRP-0314 (FBO 4/4/02)

Deadline: 9/18/2002


25-16 Senior Peace Fellowships: Jennings Randolph Program (USIP)

The U.S. Institute of Peace is inviting applications for senior fellowships under the Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace, which enables outstanding scholars, policy makers, journalists, and other professionals to conduct research on important issues concerning international conflict and peace. The Institute funds projects related to preventive diplomacy, ethnic and regional conflicts, peacekeeping and peace operations, peace settlements, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation, democratization and the rule of law, cross cultural negotiations, U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century, and related topics. Fellows reside at the institute for a period of up to 10 months to conduct research on their projects, consult with staff and contribute to the ongoing work of the institute. (FR 4/26/02)

Deadline: 9/16/2002

25-17 Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities (NIH)

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) encourages investigator-initiated research applications that seek to address problems of major public mental health significance in which the opportunity to conduct research is time limited. The purpose of this RFA is to enhance research activity and enable portfolio development in rapidly evolving areas (e.g., service systems, health care financing, and policy research) in which research opportunities are fleeting. This Program Announcement is intended to support innovative lines of inquiry through scientific partnerships between researchers and community partners (e.g., providers, payers, health authorities) the latter of whom cannot delay policy or program changes in order to allow investigators time to obtain baseline research data about such changes. This PA provides a mechanism for accelerated review and award to support opportunities for such research. PAR-01-136 (NIHG 09/07/01)

Deadline: Open