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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 28, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 24)


24-1 Regional Scholar Exchange Program (IREX)

The Regional Scholar Exchange Program provides opportunities for junior and mid-level university faculty, researchers, scholars, and advanced graduate students from the NIS to conduct research in the U.S. for four months with the goal of contributing to the further development of higher education and scholarship in their home countries. Research must be in the social sciences or humanities. U.S. institutions can apply to host an international fellow.

Deadline: Open


24-2 Value-Added Agricultural Product Market Development Grant Program (VADG) (USDA)

The Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS) announces the availability of competitive grant funds for fiscal year 2002 to help independent agricultural producers enter into value-added activities. RBS requests proposals from eligible independent producers, agricultural producer groups, farmer or rancher cooperatives, and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures interested in a competitively awarded grant to fund one of the following two activities: 1) Developing feasibility studies or business plans (including marketing plans or other planning activities) needed to establish a viable value-added marketing opportunity for an agricultural product; or 2) acquiring working capital to operate a value-added business venture or an alliance that will allow the producers to better compete in domestic and international markets. FR 06/24/02

Deadline: 8/8/2002


24-3 Transition to Teaching (ED)

The Transition to Teaching program supports the recruitment and retention of highly qualified mid-career professionals, school paraprofessionals, and recent college graduates as teachers in high-need schools, through use of existing, or development and enhancement of new, alternative routes to certification. CFDA 84.350A (FR 06/17/02)

Deadline: 8/1/2002

24-4 Preston Education Fund for Girls (GFW)

The Global Fund for Women announces a partnership with the Preston Education Fund for Girls. As part of this arrangement, the Global Fund will administer the Preston grants program to improve girls' access to education. The Preston Education Fund seeks to strengthen organizations that increase girls' access, retention and achievement in primary school or improve the quality of girls' primary school education.

Deadline: Open


24-5 Assessing the Consequences of Global Change for Air Quality (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking applications for research into the consequences of global change for air quality that will provide information of value to the atmospheric sciences, global change, and regional air quality research communities. EPA is particularly interested in two related topics of inquiry: 1) The effect of future global changes including climate change and global economic growth on regional air quality for North America; and 2) The effect of changes in specific meteorological variables on chemical transformations, transport, and ambient atmospheric concentrations for specific locations in the U.S.

Deadline: 9/10/2002

24-6 Innovative Technologies and Methodologies Addressing Various Environmental Problems (NAVY) (NRL)

This announcement seeks out technologies and methodologies to reduce environmental impacts from current and past Navy operation, and apply to Navy installations worldwide. To be eligible for consideration and possible contract award, the technology or methodology shall be in either the applied research (Category 6.2), advanced technology development (Category 6.3A), or demonstration and validation (Category 6.3B). The technology or methodology shall address one of the following areas: Topic No. 1: Environmental Assessment, Restoration and Cleanup. Topic No. 2: Conservation of Natural Resources. Topic No. 3: Unexplored Ordinance (UXO). SOL N47408-02-R-2301 (CBD10/23/01)

Deadline: 9/3/2002

24-7 Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (NASA)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Space Science is releasing a DRAFT Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for community review and comment for the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission. Selection of a proposal through the final AO, once released, is intended to provide the instrument suite for the MMS mission. The science objectives covered by this AO are to explore and understand the fundamental plasma physics processes of, primarily, magnetic reconnection, and secondarily, particle acceleration and turbulence on both micro- and mesoscales in the Earth's magnetosphere. Sol. 10-00037

Deadline: N/A

24-8 Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences (NSF)

The Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences (OEDG) program addresses the problem of under representation of certain groups across the geosciences as compared to their portion of the general population. The competition focuses on increasing participation and/or opportunities for African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans (American Indians and Alaskan Natives), Native Pacific Islanders (Polynesians or Micronesians) and persons with disabilities. A secondary goal of the program is to strengthen the understanding of the geosciences and their contribution to modern society by a broad and diverse segment of the population. The competition is held every two years. NSF-02-104

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/12/2002; Applications 10/17/2002

24-9 Early Career Award for Applied Ecological Research (ACC)

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Early Career Award, sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, provides up to $100,000 to encourage persons beginning their professional careers to conduct research on topics related to ecosystem dynamics, environmental exposure, and ecological risk assessment and management. Priority Focus Areas include: Chemicals in the Environment: Sources, Transport, Fate, and Exposure; Development/Refinement of Testing Methodologies and New Technologies to improve the Evaluation of Effects of Chemicals on the Environment; Susceptible Populations: Identification and Evaluation of Impact of Chemicals.

Deadline: 9/3/2002

24-10 Cottrell Scholars Awards (RC)

The Cottrell Scholars Awards are for beginning faculty members who wish to excel at both research and research-enhanced teaching. Applicants should be tenure-track assistant professors in Ph.D-granting departments of astronomy, chemistry or physics. Eligibility is limited to those in the third year of their first tenure track position during the calender year of application. Originality, feasibility, and the prospect for significant fundamental advances to science are the main criteria for a research plan. Contributions to undergraduate teaching, aspirations for teaching and the proposed strategies are factors in assessments of a teaching plan. The potential of applicants to mount a strong research program and their commitment to research-based teaching are weighed in the review process.

Deadline: 9/3/2002

24-11 Bio-Optic Synthetic Systems (DARPA)

The Defense Sciences Office is soliciting innovative research proposals for the development of radically new, bio-inspired optical devices through new materials and materials processing as well as novel lens designs that exploit these new materials. This is a two-phase program where Phase 1, the development of new materials capabilities, is approximately two years with a quantifiable intermediate milestone. A two-year optional Phase II effort that would integrate the material advancements into an optical element such as a single lens system having a dynamically controllable field of view ranging from less than 1 degree to greater than 120 degrees is encouraged. The submission of white papers that address one or more of the following areas is encouraged: 1) Materials that can dynamically vary their index of refraction; 2) Fabrication techniques for engineering hierarchical structures that provide unique optical properties; 3) Self-assembly processes to fabricate materials with variable reflection in the visual to near-IR that act as a wavelength variable band-pass filter. SOL-BAA01-42 (CBD 10/23/01)

Deadline: 8/29/2002


24-12 Innovative Approaches for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance (NIH)

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease solicits exploratory/developmental and small research grant applications for novel and innovative research, including high risk and high payoff studies in nontraditional fields to enhance the understanding of the factors affecting the development of resistant pathogens and spread of resistance genes, in order to direct actions to diagnose, control and treat antimicrobial resistance. Research conducted through this program may fall along a broad spectrum of activities and scientific areas. RFA AI-02-009 (NIHG 05/17/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 9/10/2002; Applications 10/10/2002

24-13 Molecular Targets and Interventions in Pulmonary Fibrosis (NIH)

The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to support a broad research effort to develop new therapeutic approaches for pulmonary fibrosis (PF). The primary objective is to support applications to discover and validate molecular targets for interfering with fibrogenesis in PF in humans and identify agonists or antagonists that interact with the previously or newly identified targets to attenuate, halt, or reverse the fibrotic process. Applicants must plan to utilize human PF patients or tissue to identify targets and agents that interact with them. HL-02-020 (NIHG 3/15/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/23/2002; Applications 9/20/2002

24-14 Epilepsy Foundation Research Grants Program (EF)

The Epilepsy Foundation awards grants and fellowships for cutting-edge research into the causes of epilepsy. Program goals include understanding basic mechanisms, developing new therapeutic approaches, understanding the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of having epilepsy, and encouraging the professional development of scientists and healthcare professionals. The purpose of the Research Grants Program is to stimulate epilepsy research by providing funding for investigators in the early stages of their careers. One-year research grants are awarded to support basic and clinical research in the biological, behavioral, and social sciences. Priority is given to beginning investigators, usually Assistant Professors, with new and innovative projects.

Deadline: 9/4/2002


24-15 Abe Fellowships (SSRC)

The Social Science Research Council, the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, and the American Council of Learned Societies are accepting applications for the 2001-2002 Abe Fellowship Program. The Abe Fellowship is designed to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern. The program seeks to foster the development of a new generation of researchers who are interested in policy-relevant topics of long-range importance and who are willing to become part of a bilateral and global research in the social sciences or the humanities relevant to any one or combination of the following three themes: Global Issues, Problems Common to Industrial and Industrializing Societies, and Issues that Pertain to U.S.-Japan Relations.

Deadline: 9/1/2002

24-16 High-Risk Research in Anthropology (HRRA) (NSF)

Anthropological research may be conducted under unusual circumstances, often in distant locations. As a result the ability to conduct potentially important research may hinge on factors that are impossible to assess from a distance and some projects with potentially great payoffs may face difficulties in securing funding. This National Science Foundation program gives small awards that provide investigators with the opportunity to assess the feasibility of an anthropological research project. The information gathered may be used as a basis for preparing a more fully developed research program. Projects which face severe time constraints because of transient phenomena or access to materials may also be considered. NSF-01-153

Deadline: Open