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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 7, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 21)


21-1 DEPSCoR State Competition Postponement (DOD/KS)

Previously announced deadlines for the state DEPSCoR competition are suspended and the previous Request for Proposals has been cancelled. A new state Request for Proposals will be issued as soon as a new and very substantially revised Broad Agency Announcement for DEPSCoR is released by the Department of Defense. New deadlines are likely to be in July.



21-2 Field Research (NGS)

The National Geographic Society awards grants for exploration and scientific field-research through its Committee for Research and Exploration. All proposed projects must have a geographical dimension and relevance to other scientific fields. Applications are generally limited to the following disciplines; anthropology, archeology, astronomy, biology, botany, geography, geology, oceanography, paleontology, and zoology. In addition, the Committee is currently emphasizing multidisciplinary projects that address environmental issues (e.g., loss of biodiversity and habitat, effects of human-population pressures).

Deadline: Open

21-3 Enhanced Capabilities and Functionality for Future Naval Operations (DOD)

The Naval War College will be hosting a presolicitation conference on the morning of June 25, 2002, at the Naval War College, Newport, RI. The purpose of this presolicitation conference is to familiarize industry and academia with the Naval War College's program for war gaming for FY `02 and `03 and to present the concept for researching future naval capabilities. A Broad Agency Announcement solicitation is planned for release immediately after the presolicitation conference. The Naval War College's two-year war-gaming program consists of 6 to 12 research areas deemed to be of greatest importance to the future Navy. Prospective contractors are encouraged to evaluate and challenge all elements of the proposed program.

Deadline: 6/25/2002


21-4 Developing Regional-Scale Stressor-Response Models for Use in Environmental Decision-Making (NCER)

The Environmental Protection Agency, as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is seeking applications for research into the development of regional-scale stressor-response models. The goal of this research solicitation is to develop improved models for use by ecosystem managers to address regional environmental problems. Models proposed for development under this RFA will address interaction among at least one of the following suites of stressors: 1) those associated with the listed impairments in the current Clean Water Act 303 (d) listing process; that is, suspended and embedded sediments, nutrients, pathogens, 2) those influenced by climate change (e.g., flow variability, thermal regimes, UVB), 3) changes in land use patterns affecting regional habitat, and 4) the introduction of exotic species.

Deadline: 7/17/2002


21-5 Individual Artist Grants and Touring Program Roster (KAC)

The Kansas Arts Commission has announced deadlines for applications for the Kansas Touring Program Roster and the Kansas Artist Fellowships and Mini-Fellowships. The Touring Roster of solo and ensemble artists generally includes--but is not limited to--storytelling, mime, dance, theater for adults and children, and classical, folk, ethnic, blues, jazz and gospel music. The Artist Fellowship is for artists in the following disciplines: Music composition, choreography, interdisciplinary/performance art, film/video and playwriting. Mini-Fellowships are for: Fiction, poetry, two-dimensional visual art, three-dimensional visual art, crafts, music composition, choreography, film/video, interdisciplinary/performance art and playwriting. (KR 05/16/02)

Deadline: Roster 7/12/2002; Fellowships 10/18/2002


21-6 Civics Education (ED)

The Education Department is inviting applications to improve the quality of civic education through cooperative civic education exchanges of U.S. and counterpart educators, scholars and policymakers in emerging democracies. The grantee will provide: seminars on basic principles of U.S. constitutional democracy; visits to school systems, higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations conducting exemplary civics programs; translations and adaptations related to U.S. civics and government education curricular programs for students and teachers; and independent research and evaluation assistance. CFDA 84.304A (FR 05/17/02)

Deadline: 7/15/2002


21-7 Innovative Treatment Alternatives to Minimize Residuals Containing Nitrate, Perchlorate, and Arsenic

The goal of this project will be to develop and validate innovative processes that minimize the production of water treatment residuals and yield benign residuals from treatment processes that are used to remove nitrate, perchlorate, or arsenic. Presently, the disposal issue is limited the wide application of any of the treatment technologies for nitrate, perchlorate, or arsenic. With the prevalence of these contaminants and a federal regulatory agenda that is requiring their removal from drinking water, solutions to the challenges of residuals discharge and disposal are needed.

Deadline: 7/15/2002

21-8 Buoyancy-Driven Transport Processes (NSF)

Coastal ocean regions with large freshwater inflows are major gateways for the transfer of materials from continents to oceans. Thus, it is important to understand how processes on shelves with large freshwater inflows affect cross-margin transport of biologically, geologically, and chemically important materials. This announcement, offered under the auspices of the Coastal Ocean Processes (CoOP) Program of NSF/OCE, calls for proposals investigating processes that control buoyancy-driven systems influenced by freshwater inflows. NSF-02-059

Deadline: 7/24/2002

21-9 EPSCoR Partnerships (DOE)

The Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) of the Office of Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reannounces its interest in receiving grant applications for collaborative partnerships between academic or industrial researchers at DOE's National Laboratories, facilities and centers. The purpose of this program notice is to initiate and promote partnering and collaborative relationships that build beneficial energy-related research programs with strong participation by students, postdoctoral fellows and young faculty from EPSCoR states. DE FG01-02ER02-04

Deadline: 7/10/2002


21-10 Cancer Research (Pardee)

The Elsa U Pardee Foundation makes grants for innovative, small-scale, short-term projects which may be difficult to fund elsewhere until some interesting results are obtained. Projects must focus on the cure and control of cancer.

Deadline: Open

21-11 Exploratory/Developmental Research: Feasibility Pilot Studies (NIH)

The NIDCD invites applications for innovative, initial feasibility pilot studies focused on hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language, the scientific mission areas of the NIDCD. The proposed research should involve the testing of novel hypotheses or the application of new techniques or methodologies at an early stage of development. Applications submitted under this mechanism should be innovative with a potential to have a major impact on a field of biomedical research by breaking new ground or by extending previous discoveries toward new directions. Par-02-088 (NIHG 3/22/02)

Deadline: 7/15/2002

21-12 Biological Research Collections (NSF)

The Biological Research Collections Program provides support for biological collection enhancement, computerization of specimen-related data, research to develop better methods for specimen curation and collection management, and activities such as symposia and workshops to investigate support and management of biological collections. Biological collections supported include those housing natural history specimens, frozen tissues, and other physical samples such as DNA libraries and digital images. NSF-02-117

Deadline: 7/19/2002

21-13 Innovative Toxicology for Drug Evaluation: Exploratory/Developmental Grants and Phased Innovation Award (NIH)

Recent advances in cancer biology, molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry, and screening technology provide unprecedented opportunities for discoveries of new agents for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Drug discovery can now be focused on specific molecular or regulatory sites within the cancer cell. This PA encourages the development, standardization, and validation of new and innovative assays which determine or predict specific organ toxicities as well as new methodology for high throughput toxicity screening which involves the use of molecular endpoints, computer modeling, proteomics and genomics. PAR-02-074 (NIHG 3/15/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 7/26/2002; Applications 8/23/2002

21-15 Microbial Observatories (NSF)

The National Science Foundation announces the fourth competition for Microbial Observatories. The long-term goal of this activity is to develop a network of sites or microbial observatories to discover novel microorganisms, microbial consortia, communities, activities and other novel properties, and to study their roles in diverse environments. Development and application of new experimental approaches to these studies, including the use of genomic and functional genomic methods, is strongly encouraged. NSF-02-118

Deadline: 7/23/2002

21-16 American Heart Association National and Heartland Research Program (AHA)

The American Heart Association National Research Program will fund Scientist Development Grants, Established Investigator Grants, and Grants-in-Aid for research broadly related to cardiovascular function and disease, stroke, or to related basic science, clinical, bioengineering/biotechnology, and public health problems. The Heartland Affiliate also has a July deadline and applicants may submit to both programs.

Deadline: 7/15/2002, 7/16/2002

21-17 Biomedical Pilot Initiative (RBF)

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund offers the Biomedical Pilot Initiative to encourage the creation of promising new approaches to the challenges facing the health care field. The initiative is designed to support the investigation of novel ideas in the areas of the foundation's interest in health, particularly in molecular genetics, bio-engineering, molecular pharmacology and health services research.

Deadline: Open


21-18 Sexual Relationships, Sexual Concurrence and HIV (NIH)

This Request for Applications (RFA) invites applications for research on the multiple processes and influences that contribute to the risk of HIV infection or transmission in sexual partnerships and the ways in which people manage risk by managing their partnerships. An equally important goal is the support of methodological research on improved approaches for conducting this research. The ultimate goal of the RFA is to advance the development of sound scientific knowledge that can generate new intervention models for reducing the risk of HIV infection by changing the characteristics and dynamics of sexual partnerships. HD-02-010 (NIHG 4/12/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/24/2002; Applications 7/23/2002

21-19 The Greenwall Foundation Program in Bioethics

Through its Interdisciplinary Program in Bioethics, the Greenwall Foundation provides funding for physicians, lawyers, philosophers, economists, theologians and other professionals to address micro and macro issues in bioethics, providing guidance for those engaged in decision making at the bedside as well as those responsible for shaping institutional and public policy. The Foundation is especially interested in supporting pilot projects and the work of junior investigators, and it is prepared to address issues regarded by some as sensitive or potentially controversial.

Deadline: 8/1/2002