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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - May 10, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 18)


18-1 Large-Scale Collaborative Project Awards (NIH)

The goal of this program is to enable the solution of major problems in biomedical research and to facilitate the next evolutionary stage of integrative biomedical science. The intention is to make resources available for independently funded scientists to form research teams to solve a complex biological problem that is of central importance to biomedical science and to the mission of the NIGMS, and that would be beyond the means of any one research group. It is expected that the participating investigators will already hold externally peer-reviewed nd funded research grants in the area of the proposal. In general, support of new individual research projects will not be a part of these large-scale project awards. GM-02-007 (NIHG 3/22/02)

Deadline: Phase I Applications 6/18/2002, Phase II Applications 1/15/2003

18-2 Research Opportunities in Space Biological Sciences, Advanced Human Support Technology Program (OBPR)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Biological and Physical research (OBPR) announces the solicitation of research proposals in support of the Advanced Human Support Technology (AHST) Program. This NASA Research announcement (NRA) solicits proposals in the following research areas: Advanced Environmental Monitoring and control (AEMC), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Advanced Extravehicular Activity (AEVA). Proposals are solicited for ground-based research and technical development, ground-based pilot studies, and/or space flight experimentation, depending on research area. NRA-02-OBPR-01

Deadline: 6/18/2002

18-3 Undersea Communications (NAVY)

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport, (NUWCDIVNPT) Industrial Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Program Office is soliciting research proposals for new and innovative R7D solutions in the 20 subject areas which include: Undersea Warfare Modeling, Simulation and Analysis; Submarine and Surface Ship Sonar; Submarine/Surface Ship Combat Control and Information Management Systems; Environmental and Tactical Support Systems; Submarine Electromagnetic Systems; Test and Evaluation; Undersea Communications; Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (USV) Technology and Assessment; Materials; Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS); Bioeffects; and Audition and Communication. 2001STBAA 01 (CBD 06/29/01)

Deadline: 6/30/2002


18-4 Indian Studies Fellowships (AIIS)

The American Institute of Indian Studies offers fellowships for study in India. Fellowship categories are: Junior Research Fellowships for doctoral candidates in all fields of study; Senior Research Fellowships for scholars who specialize in South Asian studies and want to establish formal affiliation with an Indian institution; Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships for estaqblished scholars who have not previously worked or studied in India; and Senior Performing and Creative Arts Fellowships for practitioners of the performing arts of India.

Deadline: 7/1/2002


18-5 HUD Urban Scholars Fellowships (HUD)

The HUD Urban Scholars Fellowship Program is designed to encourage new scholars to undertake research now, and throughout their careers, on research topics of interest to HUD. Examples of areas are: Homeownership, Housing Market Conditions, Homelessness, Community and Economic Development, and Assisted Housing Programs. Eligible applicants are Ph.D.s who have an academic appointment at an institution of higher education and received their Ph.D. degrees no earlier than January 1, 1997.

Deadline: 6/5/2002


18-6 Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (ED)

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program supports the participation of low-income parents in postsecondary education through the provision of campus-based childcare services. Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education that awarded during the preceding fiscal year $350,000 or more of Federal Pell Grant funds to students enrolled at the institution. CFDA 84.335A (FR 05/01/02)

Deadline: 6/3/2002

18-7 Arts in Early Education (KAC)

The Kansas Arts Commission is issuing a request for proposals to contract with six Kansas organizations to develop early education programs for children within the age range of birth to five years. The programs, located in different parts of the state, will use the arts as a primary learning medium to achieve optimum child development. Each early education program will hire an artist or artists to: 1) Work directly with children in hands-on arts experiences; 2) Work with teacher and staff to learn arts methods; 3) Where possible, work with parents of children enrolled in these programs; 4) Help develop an arts-based early education curriculum for the program (KR 04/25/02)

Deadline: 5/30/2002


18-8 Water Cycle Research (NSF)

The NSF Directorate for Geosciences introduces a new competition in support of innovative basic research into the science of the water cycle. The Directorate anticipates this as the first of a series of announcements over the next several years to support investigation of the fundamental processes that underpin our understanding of the full dimension of the water cycle. Topical Areas are: 1) Pathways and Fluxes of Water Among Hydrologic Reservoirs; 2) Causes of Water Cycle Variability; 3) Prediction of Water Cycle Variations; and 4) Linkages between the water cycle and geochemical constituents. NSF-02-101

Deadline: 6/18/2002


18-9 Role of Musculoskeletal Microvascularture in Fitness and Disease (NIH)

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) encourage investigator-initiated research grant applications on the role of musculoskeletal microvasculature in fitness and disease. An important area is to characterize changes in skeletal muscle profusion as a result of disease, injury, or exercise training. Responses to this program announcement may include studies in appropriate animal models or preclinical or clinical studies. PA-02-104 (NIHG 5/3/02)

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003

18-10 Collaborative Program for the Identification and Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH)

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health invites applications for Cooperative Agreements from single institutions or consortia of institutions who are capable of, and interested in, conducting research to quantify the risk for upper limb and low back musculoskeletal disorders at varying levels of exposure to physical job stressors (repetitive motion, forceful exertion, awkward postures, manual handling, etc.). RFA OH-02-010 (NIHG 05/03/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/11/2002; Applications 7/11/2002

18-11 Neuroscience Research on Drug Addiction (NIH)

The intent of this program announcement is to continue to encourage investigator interest in the wide range of neuroscience research relevant to drug abuse, drug dependence, and drug addiction supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Of particular interest are new areas of neuroscience that may be applied to questions of drug abuse and addiction. PA-02-085 (NIHG 3/22/02)

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2002

18-12 NIAMS Small Grant Program for New Investigators (NIH)

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) is seeking small grant (R03) applications to stimulate and facilitate the entry of promising new investigators into areas of research of interest to the NIAMS. This solicitation will provide support for pilot research that is likely to lead to a subsequent individual research project grant (R01). PAR-02-030 (NIHG 12/7/01)

Deadline: 6/21/2002, 10/18/2002


18-13 Research on Ethical Issues in Human Studies (NIH)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) invite research grant applications to investigate ethical issues in human subjects research. Recent developments in biomedical and behavioral research, however, including the rapid growth of new interventions and technologies (e.g., stem cells and genetics research), increasing involvement of foreign populations in clinical research and concerns about financial conflicts of interest among researchers, challenge investigators' abilities to interpret and apply the regulations. Other situations (e.g., research with vulnerable populations, the use of data banks or archives, research on stigmatizing disease or conditions) may present difficulties for identifying strategies, procedures, and/or techniques that will enhance/ensure the ethical involvement of human participants in research. PA-02-103 (NIHG 5/3/02)

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003

18-14 The Identification and Prevention of Middle Childhood Precursors of Risky Sexual Behavior (NIH)

The National Institutes of Health invite applications proposing biobehavioral and neuroimaging studies of children ages 6 to 12 years to identify the precursors of risky sexual behavior. Risky sexual behavior is defined for this Program Announcement as any sexual intercourse before the child or adolescent is cognitively, emotionally and physically prepared for the potential consequences. The goal is to prevent early, unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, during childhood and adolescence by identifying antecedents of risk, resilience factors and effective interventions. PA-02-101

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003

18-15 Workplace Violence Prevention Research (NIH)

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), announces the availability for funds for fiscal year (FY) 2002 for research grant applications to support innovative research designed to reduce future health and safety impacts associated with violence in the workplace. The purpose of this announcement is to enhance existing knowledge and improve the safety and health of workers by supporting research on workplace violence which addresses risk factors, development of new interventions, and evaluation of existing interventions. OH-02-011 (NIHG 05/03/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 6/11/2002, Applications 7/11/2002

18-16 Educational Programs for Data, Methods, and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Population Research (NIH)

This announcement encourages applications for education activities related to the NICHD mission to support research on the processes that determine population size, growth, composition, and distribution, and on the determinants and consequences of population processes. It encourages activities designed to address three key objectives: the effective dissemination and use of complex data sets, the extension of interdisciplinary science related to population, and the application of cutting-edge statistical, mathematical, and other methodological tools of population research. PAR-02-099 (NIHG 4/19/02)

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2002


18-17 Travel Awards for Graduate Students (KS/EPSCoR)

Kansas NSF EPSCoR announces a Travel Program for graduate students enrolled in math, science, or engineering at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, or Wichita State University. Awards of up to $500 are available for graduate student travel to present a paper or poster at a professional meeting. Travel must be completed by August 15. 2002.

Deadline: 8/01/02