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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - April 26, 2002 (Vol. 11, No. 16)


16-1 Next Generation Chemical and Biological Sensors and Sensing Systems (NSF)

The Division of Chemistry, the Division of Chemical and Transport Systems, the Division of Materials Science, and the Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Systems are coordinating efforts focused on research underlying the development of next generation chemical and biological sensors and sensing systems. NSF welcomes requests for supplements to existing grants and proposals for Small Grants for Exploratory Research in the area of sensor research. The goal of this effort is to speed advancements in the understanding, development, and applications of sensors. Specifically, improved and more reliable materials and protocols are sought which result in higher sensitivity, fewer false alarms, wireless operation, multifunctionality (e.g. simultaneous detection of both chemical and biological species), practicality, etc. Sensing principles include but are not limited to optical, electrochemical, electrical, acoustic, and mass sensing phenomena. Multidisciplinary efforts are encouraged. NSF 02-112

Deadline: Open

16-2 Climate and Global Change (NOAA)

The Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is inviting fiscal 2003 grant applications to support research that will help monitor, predict and respond to changes in the global environment. Priorities include: Aerosol-climate interaction, specifically in-situ measurements of aerosols in focused field studies, new and improved methods to fill critical gaps and data analyses emphasizing use of in-situ and remotely-sensed data; atmospheric chemistry, focusing on global monitoring, process-oriented laboratory and field studies and theoretical modeling; climate observation, including in-situ ocean and atmospheric elements; climate and social interactions, focusing on decision-making processes, socio-economic transformation and human dimensions of global change research; climate change data and detection, climate dynamics and experimental prediction; climate variability and predictability; economics and human dimensions of climate fluctuations; and the global carbon cycle.(FR 4/8/02)

Deadline: Letters of Intent 5/8/2002; Applications 7/8/2002

16-3 Technology Development for Biomedical Applications (NIH)

The purpose of this program announcement is to invite innovative applications for: 1) the development of new and improved instruments or devices, 2) the development of new methodologies using existing instruments, or 3) the development of software to be used in biomedical research. The proposed research may involve conceptualization, design, fabrication, and/or testing of new instruments or devices. Applications to develop new experimental techniques and protocols using existing instrumentation are also welcome. PAR-02-091 (NIHG 3/29/02)

  • URL: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-02-091.html

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002


16-4 Rural Cooperative Development (USDA)

The Agriculture Department is seeking preapplications to establish centers for rural cooperative development. Centers provide technical assistance services, including feasibility analyses. (FR 4/3/02)

Deadline: Pre-Applications 5/17/2002


16-5 Greater Public Awareness of Universal Design (NEA)

The National Endowment for the Arts is requesting proposals leading to one award of a Cooperative Agreement for a project with the goal of creating greater public awareness of and demand for universal designed environments. The successful proposal should include educational efforts targeted to designers, consumers, and decision makers, and involve collaboration with the targeted audiences, as well as the use of innovative strategies to bring the benefits of universal design into the mainstream. Sol. PS 02-02 (FR 4/17/02)

Deadline: Proposals 7/31/2002


16-6 Security Language Grants (NSEP)

The National Security Education Program is inviting applications under a new National Flagship Language Initiative (NLFI) pilot program, aimed at establishing national and regional flagship language programs across the United States. Grantees will fund Pilot projects that develop and test curricular models and administrative structures for learning target languages at a level of superior proficiency. The projects will pave the way for full implementation of the NFLI, contingent on congressional funding. Languages include: Arabic, including vernaculars; Mandarin Chinese; Hindi; Japanese; Korean; Persian; Russian; and Turkish.

Deadline: Applications 5/15/2002


16-7 Antarctic Research: Aeronomy & Astrophysics, Biology & Medicine, Environmental Research, Geology & Geophysics, Glaciology, Ocean & Climate Sciences (NSF)

The National Science Foundation funds and manages the United States Antarctic Program and invites scientists at U.S. institutions to submit proposals to perform research in Antarctica and to perform related research and data analysis in the United States. NSF 02-86

Deadline: Proposals 6/3/2002

16-8 Partnerships for Advancing Technologies in Housing (NSF)

The Engineering Directorate of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a research program in support of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, or PATH. The objectives of PATH are to improve the affordability and value of today's new and existing homes through the support of research and development, information and outreach, and planning and barrier analysis. The purpose of this announcement is to support background research that contributes to the achievement of the PATH goals. NSF-02-083

Deadline: Proposals 6/1/2002

16-9 Mining Industry of the Future/Mineral Processing Technology (DoE)

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) in collaboration with the National Mining Association (NMA) is seeking proposals for cost-shared research and development of technologies which will reduce energy consumption, enhance economic competitiveness and reduce environmental impacts of the domestic mining industry. Program areas of interest are: Mineral Preparation, Physical Separations, and Chemical Separations. DE-PS26-02NT41450

Deadline: Proposals 6/3/2002

16-10 Strategic Technologies for the Internet - 2002 Accelerating Technology Creation (NSF)

The purpose of this announcement is to support the goal of accelerating Research and Development in strategic technologies. The purpose is to improve the operational or functional capabilities of the Internet and to enable related collateral efforts for the benefit of the research and education community. Areas of support include but are not limited to: complex network monitoring, problem detection and resolution mechanisms; development of automated and advanced network tools, networked applications tools or network based middleware; creation of usable and widely deployable networking applications that promote collaborative research and information sharing and innovative access network technologies. NSF-02-093

Deadline: Proposals 6/5/2002

16-11 NSF/USDOT Partnership for Research on Information and Communications Systems for Surface Transportation (NSF)

The Directorate for Engineering of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces the second year of this program jointly sponsored with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) for Exploratory Research on Information and Communications Systems for Surface Transportation. The goal of the NSF/USDOT program is to support basic research aimed at discovering ways innovative information and information/communication technologies can be integrated into surface transportation systems in order to meet challenges and constraints related to competitiveness, congestion, safety, land use, energy and environment. NSF-02-089

Deadline: Full Proposals 6/7/2002

16-12 Arctic Freshwater Cycle: Land/Upper-Ocean Linkages (NSF)

This solicitation from NSF seeks proposals that address the physical, chemical, and/or biochemical processes of the Arctic freshwater system and its connections with the subpolar oceans and Arctic environmental change. NSF-02-071

Deadline: Proposals 6/3/2002

16-13 International Materials Institutes (NSF)

The aim of this program is to establish International Materials Institutes that will enhance international collaborations between U.S. researchers and educators and their counterparts in specific regions of the world such as Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, or the Pacific region. These institutes will advance fundamental materials research by coordinating international projects involving condensed matter and materials physics; solid states and materials chemistry; and the design, synthesis, characterization, and processing of materials to meet global and regional needs. An important aspect of the IMI's activities will be to integrate materials research with education. NSF-02-096

Deadline: 6/6/2002

16-14 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (DOE)

The Department of Energy is soliciting applications for financial assistance in the areas of information dissemination, public outreach, training and related technical analysis and technical assistance activities relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The objectives are: to 1) increase the understanding and/or awareness of energy efficiency and renewable or alternative energy uses and technologies; or 2) stimulate increased energy efficiency in transportation, buildings, industry and the federal sector. DE-PS01-02EE10846 (FR 03/29/02)

Deadline: 5/20/2002


16-15 Neurofibromatosis Research (DOD)

The Army's Medical Research and Materiel Command has announced the availability of funding for the Neurofibromatosis Research Program. Awards are available for New Investigators below the level of Associate Professor; Idea Awards to encourage novel ideas in and innovative approaches to neurofibromatosis research; Career Development Awards to encourage established scientists currently working in other areas to shift their focus to neurofibromatosis research; Investigator-Initiated Research Awards to support basic and clinically oriented neurofibromatosis research; and Therapeutic Development Awards to generate the preclinical data necessary to conduct a clinical trial after completion of the research.

Deadline: 6/4/2002


16-16 Youth Leadership Program for Bosnia and Herzegovina (STATE)

The State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is inviting proposals to conduct a three-week program in the united states focusing on leadership and civic education for 22 secondary school students and teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program should: provide a civic education program that explores the rights and responsibilities of citizens in democracy; develops leadership skills among secondary school students appropriate to their needs; and builds personal relationships between visitors and U.S. students and teachers. The program should include academic and extracurricular components. Programs also should offer the educators the opportunity to work with U.S. counterparts and other professionals. (FR 4/11/02) ECA/PE/C/PY-02-72

Deadline: 5/31/2002

16-17 Educational Programs for Data, Methods, and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Population Research (NIH)

This announcement encourages applications for education activities related to the NICHD mission to support research on the processes that determine population size, growth, composition, and distribution, and on the determinants and consequences of population processes. It encourages activities designed to address three key objectives: the effective dissemination and use of complex data sets, the extension of interdisciplinary science related to population, and the application of cutting-edge statistical, mathematical, and other methodological tools of population research. PAR-02-099 (NIHG 4/19/02)

Deadline: 6/1/2002, 10/1/2002, 2/1/2003