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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - November 17, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 42)



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    42-1 Planning Awards (K*STAR)

    The Kansas NSF EPSCoR Planning Awards support activities that will lead to the development of a multi-investigator and/or multi-disciplinary research grant proposal; or a grant proposal in response to or in anticipation of an NSF RFP for a major initiative such as IGERT, ERC, S&T Center, etc. Priority will be given to proposals in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology areas. Activities supported include planning workshops, consultant fees, extended visits to federal or other institutional laboratories, and hiring technical assistance. Proposals may be submitted between May 1, 2000 and January 1, 2001.
    Deadline:  1/1/01

    42-2 NIS College and University Partnerships (STATE)

    The State Department's Office of Global Educational Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is inviting applications for U.S. higher education institutions to partner with foreign counterpart institutions from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Projects may differ significantly in nature and scope but should pursue a limited number of related thematic objectives and outline well-reasoned strategies leading to specific demonstrable changes at the department or institution level of NIS institutions. Proposals must focus on curriculum, faculty, staff development and administrative reform. Proposed activities should involve the development of new academic programs or the restructuring of existing programs and promote higher education's role in the transition to market economics and open democratic systems. Eligible areas include law; business, accounting and trade; education, continuing education and education administration; public administration and public policy analysis; journalism and communications; and social, political and economic science. Activities could lead, for example, to new courses or new research or teaching capacities and methods at NIS partner institutions. ECA/A/S/U-01-06 (FR 07/26/00)
    Deadline:  1/19/01

    42-3 Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program (NSF)

    The Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) seeks to improve the quality and expand the scope of research and research training in science and engineering, and to foster the integration of research and education by providing instrumentation for research-intensive learning environments. The MRI Program assists in the acquisition or development of major research instrumentation by U.S. institutions that is, in general, too costly for support through other NSF programs. The maintenance and technical support associated with these instruments is also supported. Proposals may be for a single instrument, a large system of instruments, or multiple instruments that share a common or specific research focus. The MRI program accepts proposals for acquisition or development of research instrumentation. An institution may submit up to three proposals, one of which must be solely for instrument development. One, two, or all three of an institution's proposals may be for instrument development. Please contact Jim Guikema, Associate Dean, 532-6191, guikema@ksu.edu, by December 15 if you are interested in submitting a proposal. NSF 01-7
    Deadline:  2/7/01

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    42-4 Notice--NRI Program Cancellations (USDA)

    Because of lower funding than anticipated, USDA is cancelling three program areas in its National Research Initiative: Ecosystem Science (Program Code 23.0, Deadline November 15), Plant Genome (Program Code 52.1, Deadline December 15), and Animal Genome: Basic Reagents and Tools (Program Code 43.1). Although the Plant Genome program will not be offered this fiscal year, the Plant Genetic Mechanisms program will expand its research areas of support to now include functional genomics, quantitative trait loci analysis, comparative mapping, and all renewal applications that could have been submitted to the Plant Genome program. Additionally, proposals that address the President's Food Safety Initiative are encouraged for all the relevant NRI Program Areas.

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    42-5 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (YIVO)

    YIVO, founded in Vilna, Poland as the Yiddish Scientific Institute and now headquartered in New York, is devoted to the history, society and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry and to the influence of that culture as it developed in the Americas. YIVO offers a number of fellowships for in-residence research in a variety of fields from East European Jewish Studies to Yiddish literature to Eastern European Jewish Music.
    Deadline:  12/1/00

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    42-6 Bilingual Education: Training for all Teachers (ED)

    This program provides grants to incorporate courses and curricula on appropriate and effective instructional and assessment methodologies, strategies, and resources specific to limited English proficient students into preservice and inservice professional development programs for teachers, pupil services personnel, administrators, and other educational personnel in order to prepare such individuals to provide effective services to limited English proficient students. The program focuses on the development of coursework and curricula for professional development programs for currently practicing teachers and other educational personnel who provide instruction or support to LEP students, but who do not expect to become bilingual education or English as a second language specialists. CFDA 84.195B (FR 11/08/00)
    Deadline:  12/22/00

    42-7 Service-Learning Mini-Grants (CSP)

    The Community Service Program (CSP) at Kansas State University is beginning a new Learn and Serve America: Higher Education grant through the Corporation for National Service. Learn and Serve America: Higher Education supports efforts to make service an integral component of the pedagogical approach to teaching and learning in the nation's colleges and universities. Minigrants are available to faculty to incorporate a service-learning component into an existing course. Preference will be given to faculty who attend professional development workshops.
    Deadline:  1/15/01

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    42-8 Water Quality (EPA)

    The Office of Wastewater Management, Office of Water at EPA Headquarters is requesting pre-proposals from State, Tribes, local governments, non-profit organizations and other eligible entities for unique and innovative projects that address the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) program with special emphasis on wet weather activities, i.e., storm water, combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer overflows, and concentrated animal feeding operations as well as projects that enhance the ability of the regulated community to deal with non-traditional pollution problems in priority watersheds. (FR 11/06/00)
    Deadline:  Preproposals 11/27/00

    42-9 Congressional Fellowships (AIP)

    For those scientists who want to make a personal contribution to the policy of the nation, the AIP and APS Congressional Science Fellowships enable you to spend a year as a legislative assistant, contributing scientific expertise to a Member of Congress or a congressional committee. For PhD physicists who want to apply their knowledge and skills beyond the lab bench, who believe there is a need for technical advice and analysis in the conduct of national policy, this is an opportunity to make a difference. The American Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society are now seeking applicants for their 2001-2002 Congressional Science Fellowship selections. APS has participated in the program since its inception in 1973. Two other AIP Member Societies, the American Geophysical Union and the Optical Society of America, also sponsor Fellows under the AAS program. Readers interested in applying to the AIP and APS Fellowships should have a PhD in physics or a closely related  field.
    Deadline:  1/15/01

    42-10 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting cooperative agreement applications for information dissemination, public outreach, training and related technical analysis and assistance involving renewable energy and energy efficiency. Deadlines will be staggered throughout January. DEPS01-01EE10781 (FR 11/9/2000)
    Deadline:  Preapplications 12/1/00

    42-11 Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Supplements (NSF)

    NSF has announced funding for a new activity that will support active participation by K-12 teachers of science and mathematics in research and education projects funded by the Engineering Directorate at the National Science Foundation. The intent of this endeavor is to facilitate professional development of K-12 teachers through strengthened partnerships between institutions of higher education and local school districts. The Engineering Directorate strongly encourages all its grantees, including grantees from the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Research (STTR) programs, to make special efforts to identify talented teachers for participation in the RET-supplement opportunity. A request for funding of a RET-supplement should be made under an existing NSF award or within a proposal for a new or renewal NSF award. NSF 01-18
    Deadline:  Open

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    42-12 Microbicide Preclinical Development Program (NIH)

    The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) invite applications to conduct research on the discovery and preclinical development of novel microbicides, with or without contraceptive activity, for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV-1. For the purpose of the RFA, all novel microbicides for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV-1 that are based on virus inactivation or prevention of viral infection of susceptible cells will be termed "microbicides." The preclinical activities supported through this RFA will target both new agents and products already identified as having potential for microbicide development. The program project grants funded through this initiative will be established to advance the development of novel microbicides with or without contraceptive activity. Each program project will consist of: (1) a Principal Investigator, who is responsible for the scientific and administrative aspects at his/her institution, including the Administrative Core; (2) three or more independent Research Projects, each directed by a Project Leader; and (3) Support Core(s) directed by Support Core Leader(s) that provide essential facilities or services to the Research project. HD-00-018 (NIHG 11/07/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 12/18/00; Applications 3/30/01

    42-13 NIDDK Biotechnology Centers (NIH)

    The purpose of this RFA is to make comprehensive gene expression technologies widely available to researchers working in areas supported by NIDDK. This RFA seeks to establish Biotechnology Centers that will provide genomic profiling resources to investigators working in research areas within the NIDDK's mission. DK-01-019 (NIHG 10/30/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 12/22/00; Applications 1/19/01

    42-14 Research Core Centers for the NIDCD (NIH)

    The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) invites grant applications from basic and clinical investigators for Research Core Centers (P30). The Research Core Center (P30) is an institutional award, made in the name of a principal investigator, to support centralized resources and facilities shared by investigators with existing research projects. The overall goal of a Core Center is to promote a cooperative interaction among basic science and/or clinical investigators in a manner that will enrich the effectiveness of ongoing research and promote new research directions. PA-01-011 (NIHG 11/02/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 12/1/00, 4/1/01; Applications 2/1/01, 6/1/01

    42-15 Genetic Modifiers of Single Gene Defect Diseases (NIH)

    The objectives of this initiative are to stimulate research to identify and characterize the modifier genes responsible for variation in clinical progression and outcome of heart, lung and blood diseases due to single gene defects. Identification of the genes responsible for these differences would lead to better understanding of disease pathogenesis, early diagnosis, and improved treatment. HL-01-001 (NIHG 08/24/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 1/18/01; Applications 2/20/01

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    42-16 American Studies Institutes for Foreign Faculty (STATE)

    The State Department's Office of Academic Exchange Programs is inviting applications to develop and implement six-week postgraduate American studies programs for foreign university faculty and educators. The four study programs, which should involve 18 to 30 participants, are: Civilization of the United States-An Introduction; U.S. Foreign Policy-Foundations and Formulation; the U.S. Constitution-Origins, Evolution and Contemporary Issues; and American Studies for Foreign Secondary School Educators. All institutes should be intensive, academically rigorous and organized through an integrated series of lectures, readings, discussions, travel and independent research. (FR 10/05/00)
    Deadline:  1/10/01
    R. W. Trewyn, Vice Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School
      Jim Guikema, Associate Dean
    Ruth Bennett, Secretary
     Preaward Section
      Paul Lowe, Director, PreAward Services
      Anita Fahrny, Assistant Director
      Kathy Tilley, Lisa Duer, Carole Lovin, Rex Goff, Dawn Caldwell, Cheryl Brooks
     Information Specialist & Editor
    Beverly Page
     Human Subjects, Animal Care & Use, and Biosafety
        Gerald P. Jaax, University Veterinarian and Research Compliance Officer
        Marissa McClelland, Secretary
     Congressional Relations
    Sue Peterson, R. W. Trewyn

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