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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - July 14, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 27)



  • General
  • Agriculture
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences

    27-1 Newman's Own Grants (Newman)

    Newman's Own provides general support for a wide variety of charitable and educational organizations. Grants received by charitable organizations reflect support for single disease entities, hospitals, educational institutions, the aged, environmental concerns, children and youth, family and community services, hunger and homelessness, and others.
    Deadline:   9/1/00

    27-2 Canadian Studies Grant Programs (Canada)

    The government of Canada's grant programs are designed to promote teaching and research in Canadian Studies. Research Grants promote research in the social sciences and humanities with a view to contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of Canada and its relationship with the U.S. and/or other countries of the world. Priority topics include: business and economic issues, Canadian values and culture, communications, environment, national and international security, natural resources, and trade. Graduate Student Fellowships are also available for dissertation research.
    Deadline:   Research Grants 9/30/00; Graduate, Course Development 10/31/00

    27-3 Energy Sciences (DOE)

    The Department of Energy's Office of Science has issued its annual open solicitation for energy-related research, including in the physical and biological sciences. Interests include basic energy sciences, which supports fundamental research in the natural sciences and engineering; high energy and nuclear physics; computational and technology research; fusion energy sciences; and biological and environmental research. Notice 00-01 (FR 11/05/99)
    Deadline:   Open

    27-4 Sustainable World Program (Jones)

    The Sustainable World Program supports efforts to ensure that human activities do not erode the Earth's capacity to support living organisms by focusing on four inter-related themes: 1) maintaining biological diversity; 2) creating economic incentives and policies that will encourage environmentally sound development; 3) developing resources that protect the climate; and 4) avoiding contamination that undermines children's health. Special funds are set aside in the Sustainable World Program to support grassroots efforts of organizations working from local to statewide levels. (TGA 6/00)
    Deadline:   Open

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    27-5 Shared Solutions--Philip Morris (PM)

    The Philip Morris family of companies has opened competition for its 2000 Shared Solutions Agricultural Contributions program. Grants support innovative programs addressing science and economics issues shared by agriculture and ag-based consumer products companies like Philip Morris. Grants will be awarded based on the organization's ability to create and implement a program that addresses a specific industry shared issue. Programs for consideration must fit categories of consumer education, food safety, environmental preservation, risk management or trade liberalization. (FGA 7/00)
    Deadline:   8/1/00

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    27-6 Canadian Studies (ACSUS)

    The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) offers the Thomas O. Enders Fellowship to encourage scholarship on Canada and Canadian-U.S. relations. Eligible candidates include senior scholars whose work will advance the Canada-U.S. relationship and post-doctoral candidates. The fellow will spend up to 9 months at the University de Montreal and McGill University and teach one course per term.
    Deadline:   9/22/00

    27-7 Art Preservation Grants (Rothschild)

    The Judith Rothschild Foundation makes grants to present, preserve or interpret work of the highest aesthetic merit by lesser known American artists who have died after September 12, 1976. The primary emphasis is to promote public awareness of the scope of the artists' achievements as well as direct aesthetic experience of their work.
    Deadline:   9/15/00

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    27-8 American Honda Foundation Grants (AHF)

    The American Honda Foundation provides support for projects in the areas of youth and scientific education. Scientific education encompasses both the physical and life sciences, mathematics, and the environmental sciences Programs should be dedicated to improving the human condition, look to the future, be innovative and creative, and be broad in scope, intent, impact and outreach.
    Deadline:   8/1/00, 11/1/00

    27-9 Higher Education and Nonprofit Service-Learning Programs (CNCS)

    The Corporation for National and Community Service is inviting applications for volunteer service-learning projects and activities to meet the needs of low-income urban and rural communities. Projects incorporate community and civic service learning into the curriculum and focus on transferring skills to community residents and expanding the capacity of community-based organizations to solve local problems. (FR 7/7/00)
    Deadline:   8/4/00

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    27-10 Experimental and Theoretical Development of Quantum Computers (DOD)

    The U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), together with the Advanced Research Development Activity (ARDA) and the National Security Agency (NSA), solicits proposals for experimental and theoretical studies relating to the possible physical realization of quantum computers. The proposals being sought are specifically for both experimental studies of potential physical embodiments of quantum logic, and for more basic (usually, but not necessarily, theoretical) studies in the related fields of quantum error correction and control, quantum computational complexity and algorithms, and quantum decoherence and entanglement. DAAD19-00-R-0007
    Deadline:   White Papers 9/15/00; Proposals 12/15/00

    27-11 Virtual Parts Engineering Research (DOD)

    The specific objective of this research initiative is to facilitate advances in technologies that will lead to improved capabilities to sustain/maintain engineered systems. The scope of appropriate research topics for this BAA includes topics that range from those addressing the creation, archiving, and utilization of design and production data/information, to those focusing on the use of virtual design-space to effect a system/part design and production capability. The range of appropriate topics also includes those that address the general issues of integrated, interactive and machine-based software/system engineering environments for modern and advanced approaches to modeling and simulation, visualization, data-access/utilization methodologies (machine-learning, intelligent agents, multi-media, etc.); however, any of these proposed software/system engineering research and data/information-centric efforts must have obvious connections to the physical-system/parts manufacturing focus of this BAA. DAAD19-00-R-0009
    Deadline:   8/11/00

    27-12 Steel Visions of the Future (DOE)

    The Department of Energy, Idaho Operations Office, is seeking applications for cost-shared research and development of technologies which will reduce energy consumption, enhance economic competitiveness, and reduce environmental impacts of the Steel Industry. Collaborations between industry, university, and National Laboratory participants are encouraged. DE-PS07-00ID13964 (FR 06/20/2000)
    Deadline:   9/14/00

    27-13 Army Research Office Young Investigator Program (ARO)

    The objectives of the Army Research Office Young Investigator Program is to attract to Army research outstanding young university faculty members, to support their research and to encourage their teaching and research careers. Proposals are sought in biosciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, and electronics, and materials, mathematical, computer, and environmental sciences.
    Deadline:   Open

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    27-14 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Grants (McManus)

    The Peter F. McManus Charitable Trust supports research on the causes of alcoholism and other substance abuse. Projects may examine basic, clinical, social and environmental causes of substance abuse. (FGA 7/00)
    Deadline:   8/31/00

    27-15 Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-Associated Cancers (NIH)

    The Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) invite grant applications for interdisciplinary studies to better understand the molecular epidemiology and role of cofactors in the etiology of pre-neoplastic conditions and cancers occurring among persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), specifically those cancers associated with the DNA viruses, including human papilloma virus (HPV), Epstein Barr virus (EBV), and human herpes virus 8/Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpes virus (HHV8/KSHV). Cofactors of keen interest to the NCI include host genetic susceptibility and phenotype; age at first acquisition of the oncogenic virus; measurements of immune response; and role of behavioral factors such as tobacco use and diet. PA-0-086 (NIHG 04/06/00)
    Deadline:   9/1/00, 1/2/01, 5/1/01

    27-16 Established Investigator Award in Cancer Prevention, Control, Behavioral and Population Research (NIH)

    The purpose of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Established Investigator Award in Cancer Prevention, Control, Behavioral and Population Research (K05) is to provide established investigators protected time to devote to research and to act as mentors for new investigators. The target candidates are outstanding established scientists who have demonstrated a sustained, high level of productivity, research accomplishments, and contributions to cancer prevention, control, behavioral and population cancer research; and who can demonstrate the need to sustain an intensive research focus that will enhance the progress of their own research and provide them greater opportunity to serve as mentors to new scientists. The award provides salary support for an award period up to five years, and is renewable for an additional five year period. PAR-00-039 (NIHG 01/10/00)
    Deadline:   10/1/00, 2/1/01, 6/1/01

    27-17 The Role of Microglia in Normal and Abnormal Immune Responses of the Nervous System (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health invites applications to promote research into the role of microglia in the initiation and expansion of autoimmune processes of the central nervous system (CNS) and the resulting injury to CNS components. Microglia become reservoirs of infectious agents including viruses, fungi, treponema and prions. Under certain conditions, they assume the phenotypes and functions of macrophages. They may become activitated and then be able to serve in antigen presentation. The contributions of these cells not only to infections of the CNS, but also to autoimmunity, are beginning to be appreciated. The intent of this PA is to intensify interest and investigator-initiated research to attract new investigators to this field and to mobilize interdisciplinary approaches. PA-00-029 (NIHG 12/15/99)
    Deadline:   10/1/00, 2/1/01, 6/1/01

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    27-18 Family Friends/Volunteer Senior Aides (HHS/AoA) (HHS)

    The Health and Human Services Department's Administration on Aging is inviting applications for demonstrations of effective ways of planning, developing and sustaining new Family Friends/Volunteer Senior Aides projects in communities without them. The focus is on new model projects, so organizations that have conducted projects previously are not eligible. (FR 7/7/00)
    Deadline:   8/14/00

    27-19 Social Work Research Development Program (NIH)

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) announces the availability of support for a Social Work Research Development program focused on the development of social work research in all areas of drug abuse intervention and services research. The award machanism is designed to provide flexibility to meet unique institutional needs for developing an enduring drug abuse research program. The goal is to strengthen the institutional infrastructure and to develop the capability of faculty members to develop and carry out interdisciplinary drug abuse research. The goals of this program are two-fold: 1) to build a stable infrastructure for drug abuse research in schools of social work; and to increase interdisciplinary participation in drug abuse and addiction in this country. PAR-00-008 (NIHG 11/02/99)
    Deadline:   10/1/00; 2/1/01; 6/1/01

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