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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - April 28, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 17)



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    17-1 Microarray-Based Research on Alcohol's Effects on Behavior, Nervous System Function, and Organ Pathophysiology (NIH)

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) announce the availability of funds for research project grants for the study of ethanol's effects on behavior, nervous system function, and organ pathophysiology using emerging microarray technology. NIAAA also encourages the formation of multidisciplinary teams of investigators-- drawing from neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, behavioral science, bioengineering, and computational biology. AA-00-004 (NIHG 04/06/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 6/19/00, Applications 7/18/00

    17-2 Studies in India (AIIS)

    The American Institute of Indian Studies supports the advancement of knowledge and understanding of India, its people, and culture. Applications for study in India may be made in the following categories: Junior Research Fellowships for dissertation funding; Senior Research Fellowships for short or long-term visits to India; Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships for established scholars or professionals who haven't previously specialized in Indian studies; and Senior Performing and Creative Arts Fellowships.
    Deadline:  7/1/00

    17-3 Information Technology Workforce (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation has announced a new special emphasis on the Information Technology Workforce (ITW) that will support a broad set of scientific research studies focussed on the under-representation of women and minorities in the information technology workforce. Research topics should revolve around three basic themes: Environment and Culture; IT Educational Continuum; and IT Workplace. Multi-disciplinary collaboration among researchers in IT, the social sciences, and education is strongly encouraged. (NSF 00-77)
    Deadline:  6/22/00

    17-4 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Program (NSF)

    The IGERT program is intended to catalyze a cultural change in graduate education, for students, faculty, and universities, by establishing new, innovative models for graduate education in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. It is also intended to facilitate greater diversity in student participation and preparation and to contribute to the development of a diverse, globally-aware, science and engineering workforce. The multidisciplinary research theme may draw upon investigators from one or more academic departments within a single institution or from more than one institution. This represents a change from previous IGERT competitions in the recognition that under some circumstances a multidisciplinary research theme can come from a single academic department. Because the primary emphasis of the IGERT program is on innovative approaches to education and training of doctoral students, proposals must make clear what is different from existing programs at the institution. (NSF 00-78)
    Deadline:  Preproposals 7/19/00, Full Proposals 1/26/01

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    17-5 Rwanda Agriculture (State)

    The Association Liaison Office for University Cooperation in Development (ALO) is pleased to announce a 2000 Special Request for Proposals: Human Resource Development in the Rwandan Agriculture Sector. USAID/Rwanda seeks to support a linkage between a U.S. university or universities and the Universite Nationale du Rwanda (UNR) for the purpose of addressing its objective of improved national human resource capacity in the agricultural sector, including trained professionals in field-driven, participatory research and outreach to farmers.
    Deadline:  6/20/00

    17-6 Aquaculture Research (NCRAC)

    The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center has issued a call for expressions of interest from researchers who have the desire and expertise to become part of a work group addressing the needs of one of the following project areas: Yellow Perch Aquaculture; Hybrid Striped Bass Aquaculture; and Aquacultural Wastes and Effluents.
    Deadline:  5/26/00

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    17-7 The Built Environment and Natural Resources (Graham)

    The mission of the Graham Foundation is to nurture and enrich an informed and creative public dialogue concerning architecture and the built environment. The Foundation's 2000 Special Focus Initiative is for programs or projects that consider the relationship between the design of the built environment and the availability and sensitive utilization of natural resources. Considerations of energy efficiency (either in fabrication, transportation, or utilization); considerations of material availability and consumption impact; and considerations of environmental impact would all be issues appropriate for consideration.
    Deadline:  7/15/00

    17-8 U.S. Audiences/International Work (NEA)

    The National Endowment for the Arts is inviting applications for a two-year pilot project to devise, implement, document and assess models for translating contemporary performance work from Asia, Africa or Latin America and develop education strategies that will help audiences understand the cultural and social context of the work. (FR 04/17/00)
    Deadline:  5/31/00

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    17-9 Awards for Effective Teacher Preparation (ED)

    The National Awards Program for Effective Teacher Preparation recognizes entities with effective preparation programs for elementary school teachers or secondary school mathematics teachers that lead to improved student learning. Applicants must describe the teacher preparation program and its potential as an example for others and must provide formative, summative, and confirming evidence that their program is effective in preparing graduates who are able to help all K-12 students improve their learning in reading and mathematics at the elementary level or mathematics at the middle or high school level. (FR 04/11/2000)
    Deadline:  7/3/00

    17-10 Middle Grades Science Instructional Materials Initiative (NSF)

    This two-phased initiative seeks to develop a new generation of comprehensive science instructional materials for use in middle grades and the transition to high school (grades 6-10). Phase I focuses on the development, piloting, and field-testing of a single semester of prototype materials. In Phase I, the curriculum design is expected to build sequentially on identification of content skills, development of related assessments, and development of student learning materials. The National Science Education Standards are the foundation for the design process. The resulting learning materials are expected to serve the needs of students and their teachers well into the new millennium and to incorporated contemporary knowledge about student thinking, learning, pedagogy, assessment, and information technology. Support is provided to develop accompanying innovative professional development materials for classroom teachers; materials for administrators and parents/community members from a third component of the expected effort. (NSF 00-80)
    Deadline:  Preproposals 7/14/00; Full Proposals 10/20/00

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    17-11 National Cooperative Highway Research Program (DOT)

    The Transportation Research Board has announced new projects for the FY 2001 National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Preliminary scopes of work for each project are currently available with statements inviting proposals to be posted around August. The site allows you to register electronically for notification of project statement postings. (CBD 04/24/2000)
    Deadline:  N/A

    17-12 NASA Small Business Innovation Research Grants (NASA)

    NASA has announced its solicitation for the 2000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I grants. The NASA SBIR Program is a three-phase program utilizing the entrepreneurial talents of the Small Business Concern (SBC) for meeting the needs of both NASA and the commercial marketplace. Research topic areas include Aero-Space Technology; Human Exploration and Development of Space; Earth Science; Space Science; and Cross Enterprise.
    Deadline:  7/14/00

    17-13 Research Focused on Rotocraft Technology Thrusts (NASA)

    This Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) is a solicitation for proposals for cooperative agreements from U.S. institutions of higher education to conduct basic research focused on technical issues relevant to progress in rotocraft technology in a concentrated interdisciplinary center format. This program, funded by the U.S. Army and NASA and managed by the National Rotocraft Technology Center (NRTC) located at NASA Ames Research Center, is intended to support the long-term basic research objectives of the NRTC and establish a significant dual-use technology base from which the military aviation community, NASA and the rotocraft industry can draw substantial knowledge and capability. CAN#JAC-001 (CBD 04/12/00)
    Deadline:  6/30/00

    17-14 Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities (NSF)

    The Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities (CRIF) Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) provides funds to research institutions and consortia thereof for the purchase of multi-user instruments, for major instrumentation development and construction, and for the establishment and support of multi-user research facilities in the chemical sciences. This program is structured to enable the National Science Foundation, through its Division of Chemistry, to respond to a variety of needs for infrastructure to undergird advanced research and education in chemistry. (NSF 00-81)
    Deadline:  7/17/00

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    17-15 Mitochondrial Function and Neurodegenreation (NIH)

    To stimulate increased research interest in the role of mitochondria in the mechanisms of neurodegeneration, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) invite qualified investigators to submit grant applications for focused studies of the mitochondria-mediated effects on the function of living neurons that may be important in the development of disease. NS-01-003 (NIHG 03/09/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 6/15/00; Applications 8/17/00

    17-16 The Function of Synaptic Proteins in Synapse Loss and Neurodegenreation (NIH)

    In response to new research interest in the role of the synapse in the mechanisms of Neurodegenreation, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) invites qualified investigators to submit grant applications for focused studies of the synaptic function of hallmark proteins of neurodegenerative disease to elucidate potential common mechanisms relevant to synapse loss and Neurodegenreation. Although not formally participating in this request for applications, the National Institute on Aging is interested in research on the function of synaptic proteins in synapse loss and neurodegeneration in the aging nervous system. NS-01-002 (NIHG 03/09/00)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 6/15/00; Applications 8/17/00

    17-17 Research Coordination Networks (RCN) in Biological Sciences (NSF)

    The goal of this program is to encourage and foster communications and collaborations among scientists with common goals and interests. Groups of investigators will be supported to communicate and coordinate their research efforts across disciplinary, organizational, institutional and geographical boundaries. The proposed networking activities should have a theme as a focus of its collaboration. The focus could be on a broad research question, a specific group of organisms, or particular technologies or approaches. Innovative ideas for implementing novel networking strategies to promote research coordination and collaboration that enable new research directions or advancement of a field are especially encouraged. (NSF 00-56)
    Deadline:  6/30/00

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    17-18 Senior Companion Projects (CNCS)

    The Corporation for National and Community Service is inviting applications for senior companion projects in geographic areas outside current service areas. The program focuses on providing services primarily to frail elderly experiencing difficulties with daily living, including those with moderate physical, mental or emotional problems. (FR 04/24/00)
    Deadline:  7/14/001

    17-19 Research on Adolescents and Young Adults (Grant)

    The William T. Grant Foundation offers competitive grants to promote the development of promising junior scholars in tenure-track positions whose research furthers understanding of the development of adolescents and young adults and the conditions that enable these youths to reach their full potential. The Foundation funds research on topics that are directly related to three complementary programs focused on youth 8-15 years old: Youth development; Systems Affecting Youth, and the Public's View of Youth. Research that is interdisciplinary, examines young people in social, institutional, community, and cultural contexts, and addresses issues that are relevant to youth-related programs and policies is of particular interest.
    Deadline:  7/1/00

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    R. W. Trewyn, Vice Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School

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