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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - February 4, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 5)



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    5-1   Short Courses in Neuroinformatics (NIH)

    The purpose of this program announcement is to encourage and support short-term Education Grants in Neuroinformatics Research. Support is provided for the development of short courses, seminars, and workshops on interdisciplinary Neuroinformatics education. This short-term training will be provided to scientists seeking to combine knowledge about the various subdisciplines of neuroscience and behavioral science research with expertise in informatics research. It is anticipated that these Short Courses will allow the participants: (a) to acquire new conceptual approaches to basic neuroscience research and analysis; and (b) to learn to develop unique strategies for acquiring, storing, retrieving, organizing, managing, analyzing, visualizing, manipulating, integrating, synthesizing, disseminating, and sharing data about the brain and behavior. PAR-99-137 (NIHG 08/05/99)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 4/1/00; Applications 7/11/00

    5-2   Curriculum Development Award in Neuroinformatics Research and Analysis (NIH)

    The purpose of this program announcement is to encourage and support applications from individuals, with the requisite scientific expertise and leadership, for the development of courses and curricula designed to train interdisciplinary Neuroinformatics scientists at U.S. educational institutions. The field of Neuroinformatics combines neuroscience research with informatics research developed from the computer sciences, mathematics, physics, engineering or closely related sciences. It is anticipated that these courses or curricula would be useful to students and scientists who wish: 1) to develop new conceptual approaches to basic and/or clinical neuroscientific research and analysis; or 2) to acquire, store, retrieve, organize, manage, analyze, visualize, manipulate, integrate, synthesize, disseminate, and share data about the brain and behavior. Development of courses at the graduate and undergraduate level is encouraged. As part of this program, awardees will be expected to develop and implement the courses or curricula in their institutions. It is expected that such courses and curricula will be models that could be transferable to other institutions in whole or in part. PAR-99-135 (NIHG 08/05/99)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 4/1/00; Applications 7/11/00

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    5-3   Innovative Producer Grants for Sustainable Agriculture (USDA)

    USDA's North Central Region is requesting applications for Innovative Producer Grants for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. Producer grants support single producers or groups of producers who are protecting natural resources, enhancing communities, and boosting profitability while exploring innovative marketing of sustainable agriculture projects.

    Deadline:   4/28/00

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    Arts & Humanities

    5-4   Kansas Arts Commission Grants (KAC)

    The Kansas Arts Commission has issued its 2001 Grant Guidelines. Funding is available for: Operational Support for Arts and Cultural Organizations (deadline March 27); Arts Project Support which assists non-arts organizations in developing and presenting arts projects (deadline March 13); Arts in Education Projects (deadline March 13); Technical Assistance, Grassroots and Kansas Touring Program which award grants on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Deadline:   3/13/00, 3/27/00

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    5-5   Geoscience Education (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation's Directorate for Geosciences has published an update to its Geoscience Education Program. The program has two elements. Element 1 is Awards to Facilitate Geoscience Education (AFGE) which may target any educational level, including education outside the classroom. Awards are intented to facilitate the initiation or piloting of highly innovative educational activities that involve leading geoscience researchers where support may not otherwise be available. Element 2 is Application of Digital Libraries to Undergraduate Earth Systems Education which supports a process leading to the establishment of a national digital library which would support and promote high-quality undergraduate education in the geosciences, in particular innovative Earth systems curricula, associated archive data sets, and tools for handling real-time data. (NSF 00-38)

    Deadline:   4/10/00

    5-6   Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P) (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is soliciting basic research proposals for experimental and theoretical investigations of transport and chemical evolution over the Pacific (TRACE_P). The TRACE-P mission is directed toward providing and conducting experiments aboard the NASA DC-8 or P3-B aircraft and/or theoretical studies with the data to be obtained from both the airborne and supporting ground-based experiments. (NRA-00-OES-01)

    Deadline:   3/28/00

    5-7   Polar Instrumentation and Technology Development (NSF)

    This program is to encourage and facilitate state-of-the-art developments in polar instrumentation and technology. One of the objectives of this solicitation is to develop unique techniques and instruments for research, and technologies to enhance or streamline support for facilities and operations. This program is designed to accomplish the goals of modern measurements, minimizing environmental impact and enhancing the research support capability by using the latest technologies that economically permit low-risk, environmentally friendly observations of remote regions with limited or no direct access. (NSF 00-25)



    5-8   Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (DOD)

    The Department of Defense's Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Office is soliciting white papers for environmental technologies that address DOD requirements. ESTCP will fund demonstration and validation projects for innovative and new environmental technologies that address the following: 1) Unexploded Ordnance detection, discrimination, and remediation; 2) Long Term Monitoring; and 3) In-Situ remediation of groundwater. BAA 00-003 (CBD 1/13/00)


    White Papers 3/9/00

    5-9   Terascale Computing System (NSF)

    The purpose of this solicitation is to provide terascale computing capabilities for support of U.S. science and engineering research. The National Science Foundation will financially assist the establishment of a single, new, terascale computing system FY2000 to enable U.S. researchers in all science and engineering disciplines to gain access to leading edge computing capabilities. The system will be balanced in terms of processor speed, memory, communication and storage systems. It will also include system software comparable to that on other high-performance systems, including system administration, job scheduling, and compliers and programming tools. Only one application per organization is allowed. Please contact John Murray, 532-6195, by February 4 if you are interested in participating. (NSF 00-29)

    Deadline:   4/3/00

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    Health & Life Sciences

    5-10   Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (NIH)

    The goal of this program announcement is to promote research in primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) with an emphasis on elucidating a mechanistic understanding of the disease. Studies are encouraged, at the cellular and molecular level, to address the basic mechanisms involved in the unique vascular remodeling that occurs in PPH, regulation of pulmonary vascular tone and the genetic basis of PPH. Research to identify novel genes or vasoactive mediators jmportant in PPH pathology and determination of their functional effects on pulmonary vascular cells, on extracellular matrix and on pulmonary vascular tone is a high priority. Further, research integrating the relationship between mediators of vasoconstriction and pulmonary vascular remodeling is strongly encouraged. PA-00-043 (NIHG 01/10/00)

    Deadline:   2/1/00, 6/1/00, 10/1/00

    5-11   Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls - Field Centers and Coordinating Center (NIH)

    The Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications invites cooperative agreement applications for an estimated five Field Centers and one Coordinating Center to participate, with the assistance of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), in a collaborative multicenter study focused on physical activity of adolescent girls. The purpose of this community-based multicomponent intervention is to prevent the decline in physical activity levels and cardiopulmonary fitness of girls in middle school. Applications will be invited from investigators to participate in a multicenter randomized field trial that will test an intervention designed to meet the needs and interests of middle school girls. The multicomponent intervention to be tested is a school-community linked approach, where schools and several existing community agencies will provide skills-building, supportive environments, and opportunities for participation in physical activity during and outside of the school day. The duration of the grant period will be six years for the Field Centers and seven years for the Coordinating Center. The planning phase to implementation will include establishing the cooperative organizational structure and collaboratively agreeing upon the protocol including the study design, intervention design, measurements, and analysis approaches. HL-00-011 (NIHG 01/27/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/6/00, Applications 4/13/00

    5-12   Targeted Mutations to Study Ethanol-Related Behaviors (NIH)

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is soliciting proposals to use targeted gene disruption and overexpression techniques in mice to elucidate the roles of specific neuronal proteins in mediating in effects of ethanol on brain function and behavior. This manipulative approach offers the possibility of establishing a causal relationship between function of specific proteins and specific behaviors. To be considered responsive to this RFA, applications must propose elucidation of the relationship between ethanol's effects on a specific aspect of nervous system function and a specific behavioral effect of ethanol. NIAAA strongly encourages mouse geneticists with expertise in targeted mutagenesis techniques to seek collaborations with established alcohol researchers, in order to bring these powerful approaches to bear on the elucidation of the mechanisms of alcohol's effects on behavior. AA-00-001 (NIHG 01/18/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 4/5/00, Applications 5/5/00

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    Social Sciences

    4-13   Child Care Research (ACF)

    The Administration for Children and Families has announced the availability of funds for child care research. Funding is in four priority areas: 1) Field Initiated Child Care Research Projects; 2) Child Care Policy Research Partnerships; 3) Child Care Research Scholars; and 4) the Child Care Research Fellowship Program. The Research Scholars program will provide support for doctoral candidates in conducting dissertation research. The Fellowship program will bring early-to-mid career professionals in the fields of child care, early childhood education and research to the Child Care bureau. (FR 01/27/00)

    Deadline:   3/31/00


    4-14   Minority Research Opportunity in Psychopharmacology and Neurosciences (ACNP)

    The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology is offering the opportunity to minority graduate students to work during the summer of 2000 in the Section on Behavioral Neuropharmacology at the National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program. The laboratory research is oriented toward understanding the role of neurotransmitters in memory processes and neuropsychiatric disorders.

    Deadline:   4/1/00

    4-15   Engineering Scholarships (SAE)

    The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility Land Sea Air and Space International (SAE) offers the SAE Doctoral Scholars Program which provides funding to assist in the development of engineering graduate students to encourage them to pursue careers in teaching at the college level. Applicants must be accepted to a graduate engineering program. SAE also offers a scholarship to undergraduates entering their senior year of undergraduate engineering or enrolled in a postgraduate engineering program who are pursuing a course of study or research related to the conservation of energy in transportation, agriculture and construction, and power generation.

    Deadline:   4/1/00

    4-16   NASA Earth System Science Fellowship Program (NASA)

    NASA announces graduate student training fellowships for persons pursuing Master of Science or Doctoral degrees in Earth System Science. The purpose is to ensure continued training of interdisciplinary scientists to support the study of the Earth as a system. NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) supports basic and applied research in the following areas: Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems and Global Carbon Cycle; Climate Variation and Prediction; Global Water and Energy Cycle; Solid Earth and Natural Hazards; and Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry. Awards are made initially for one year and may be renewed annually, no more than two additional years for a total of three years, based on satisfactory progress as reflected in academic performance and evaluations by the faculty advisor.

    Deadline:   3/15/00

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    R. W. Trewyn, Vice Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School

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