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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - January 28, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 4)



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    4-1   Technology Opportunities Program (DOC)

    The Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program is an updated version of the TIIAP program. The name change reflects the evolution of the program over its first six years. TOP will provide matching grants for projects that improve the quality of, and the public's access to, cultural, educational, and training resources; reduce the cost, improve the quality, and/or increase the accessibility of health care and public health services; promote responsive public safety services; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government and public services; and foster communication, resource-sharing, and economic development within communities, both rural and urban.

    Deadline:  3/16/00

    4-2   NCRR Shared Instrumentation Grants (NIH)

    The National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) is continuing its competitive Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program initiated in Fiscal Year 1982. The objective of the program is to make available to institutions expensive research instruments that can only be justified on a shared-use basis and for which meritorious research projects are described. The SIG Program provides a cost-effective mechanism for groups of NIH-supported investigators to obtain commercially-available, technologically sophisticated equipment costing more than $100,000. PAR-00-031 (NIHG 12/15/99)

    Deadline:  3/17/00

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    4-3   Learning Disabilities: Multidisciplinary Research Centers (NIH)

    The Child Development and Behavior Branch (CDB) of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), invites research grant applications to develop new knowledge in the ares of definition, classification, epidemiology, prevention (and preventative strategies), early intervention, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of children who display learning disabilities in component oral language abilities (phonology, morphology, semantics, syntax, pragmatics), reading (word attack skills, word recognition skills, reading fluency and automaticity, reading comprehension), written expression abilities (spelling, composition), and mathematics (basic calculations skills, mathematical reasoning), and combinations and relationships among them. The specific focus of this RFA is on the discovery of cognitive, linguistic perceptual, behavioral, genetic, hormonal, and neurobiological mechanisms that are influential in the expression of learning disabilities and the development of preventive and treatment approaches to ameliorate these disorders. HD-00-003 (NIHG 01/18/00)

    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 2/28/00; Applications 4/21/00

    4-4   Higher Education Collaboration between the United States and the European Community (ED)

    The Education Department's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education is inviting applications for grants or cooperative agreements for projects focusing on problem areas or improvement approaches in postsecondary education. Of particular interest is the formation of consortia between institutions in the U.S. and in the European Union to provide for coordination of curricula, the exchange of students and the opening of education opportunities between the U.S. and the E.U. CFDA 84.116 (FR 1/20/00)

    Deadline:  3/17/00

    4-5   Special Education Grants (ED)

    The Department of Education is soliciting applications for three programs authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 1) Research and Innovation to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities; 2) Personnel Preparation to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities; and 3) Technical Assistance and Dissemination. The Research grant deadline is March 20, the others March 10. CFDA 84.324D, 325N, 326A, F, G (FR 1/19/00)

    Deadline:  3/10/00, 3/20/00

    4-6   Advanced Studies Fellowship Program (Spencer)

    The Spencer Foundation is launching a new initiative to support the research career development of beginning scholars: the Advanced Studies Program. This new program has two components: Research Group Fellowships which are awarded to experienced researchers to develop and offer postdoctoral fellowships to cohorts of beginning scholars and Institute/Seminar Fellowships awarded to either experienced or beginning researchers to support short-term institute or seminar-like activities for early career scholars. Applications for the Institute/Seminar Fellowships may be sent anytime.

    Deadline:  2/1/00, 7/14/00

    4-7   Developing, Testing and Implementing Innovative Interventions for ADHD (NIH)

    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMN) invites research grant applications to study the development, refinement, or implementation of preventive, behavioral or other innovative interventions for children at risk for or diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and co-occurring disruptive behavior problems. This RFA encourages highly focused research applications that build on emerging findings from treatment studies of ADHD, revealing how children with different symptom profiles and needs respond to different types of interventions. Collaborations between basic scientists and clinical researchers in response to this RFA, especially in the development of new interventions, are strongly encouraged. MH-00-005 (NIHG 01/21/00)

    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 3/13/00; Applications 4/27/00

    4-8   Urban Systemic Program in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education(NSF)

    The Urban Systemic Program (USP) is a K-12 based program that prompts systemic reform of science and mathematics education for all students. The USP also includes programmatic components that seek to foster partnerships between urban school districts and two-and four-year colleges and universities and that embed research on education practice and learning. The proposal must be submitting by a school district that serves a central city, enrolling at least 20,000 students as determined by the 1996 data from the U.S. Department of Educations's National Center for Education Statistics. NSF 00-34

    Deadline:  3/31/00

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Science

    4-9   Exploratory Research on Model - Based Simulation (NSF)

    The Engineering Directorate of the National Science Foundation announces a research initiative on model-based simulation (MBS). The primary objective of this initiative is to foster an integration of computational sciences, modeling and information technologies for simulating and visualizing the behavior of complex engineering and natural systems in structures, geotechnical, controls and dynamics, solid mechanics, materials engineering, manufacturing and materials processing, civil infrastructure systems and construction management. Because the Internet looms large as a deployment environment, issues of scalability will be crucial in the development of this initiative. NSF 00-26

    Deadline:   3/23/00

    4-10   Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES): Earthquake Engineering Research Equipment (NSF)

    This solicitation, NEES: Earthquake Engineering Research Equipment, requests proposals to develop the NEES experimental earthquake engineering research equipment portfolio by investing in new and upgraded experimental earthquake engineering research equipment. NSF intends to hold two competitions to complete the NEES research equipment portfolio. This solicitation serves as the Phase 1 NEES equipment competition. A second and similar NEES research equipment solicitation, Phase 2, is anticipated to be released by NSF in FY 2002. NSF 00-6

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/31/00; Proposals 5/11/00

    4-11   Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES): System Integration (NSF)

    The goal of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) Program is to provide a networked, national resource of geographically-distributed, shared-use next generation experimental research equipment installations, with teleobservation and teleoperation capabilities, which will shift the emphasis of earthquake engineering research from current reliance on physical testing to integrated experimentation, computation, theory, databases, and model-based simulation. NEES will be a collaboratory, i.e., an integrated experimental, computational, communications, and curated repository system, developed to support collaboration in earthquake engineering research and education. The NEES Program will be developed through a series of solicitations. This solicitation requests proposals to develop the high performance system that will enable the NEES collaboratory for the earthquake engineering research community. NSF will use a two-step process to select one System Integration award. First, NSF intends to fund up to three awards for six-month scoping studies. Second, NSF intends to select one System Integration award from among one of the scoping study awardees. NSF 00-7

    Deadline:   3/21/00

    4-12   Research Opportunities in Space Science - 2000 (NASA)

    NASA's Office of Space Science is releasing its broad agency announcement soliciting proposals for supporting research, analysis, and technology across a broad range of different space science program elements relevant to the four defined Office of Space Science themes: Astronomical Search for Origins, Solar System Exploration, Structure and Evolution of the Universe, and the Sun-Earth Connection. Proposal dates are staggered from April 38 through September 15, 2000. NRA 00-OSS-01

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/10/00; Proposals 4/28/00

    4-13   Photovoltaic Research, Education and Collaboration (DOE)

    The Department of Energy has issued a supplemental announcement to its Broad Solicitation for Research, Development and Demonstration for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This Supplemental Announcement, Photovoltaic Research, is for the advancement of crystalline silicon solar cell technology through a University Research, Education, and Collaboration program. The objectives of the program are to advance the state of technology in crystalline silicon solar cells through research and development; to verify advances in crystalline silicon technology through solar cell fabrication and testing; to educate and train undergraduate and graduate students through courses and laboratory experience; and to collaborate with U.S. crystalline cell manufacturers for improving manufacturing processes, product performance, and cost. DE-PS36-00GO10482

    Deadline:   3/21/00

    4-14   Engineering Sciences for Modeling and Simulation-Based Life-cycle Engineering (NSF)

    The objective of this collaborative research program between the National Science Foundation and Sandia National Laboratories is to fund research projects that are focused on advancing the fundamental knowledge base needed to support advanced computer simulations. Advances are needed in the following broad classes of technical development: the fidelity of the simulation models, experimental discovery necessary for the determination of the models and their validations, uncertainty quantification of the resulting computations, and computational techniques for the solution of the simulation models on high performance computing platforms. (NSF 00-31)

    Deadline:   Abstracts 3/31/00; Proposals 5/19/00

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    Health & Life Sciences

    4-15   Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy (NIH)

    The objective of this initiative is to support research to elucidate the cellular and molecule mechanisms that underlie the pathogenic processes occurring in the heart leading to diabetic cardiomyopathy. The overall goal is to stimulate innovative multidisciplinary research to develop new strategies that effectively prevent or treat cardiac myopathic disease progression in diabetic patients. HL-00-009 (NIHG 01/18/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/3/00; Applications 4/21/00

    4-16   In Vitro Inactivation of Viruses in Blood Components (NIH)

    The objective of this program is to encourage basic and applied research on the development and evaluation of procedures to remove or destroy the infectivity of transfusion-transmitted viruses and other pathogens in blood components, while maintaining the therapeutic effectiveness of these preparations. HL-00-010 (NIHG 01/18/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/1/00; Applications 4/12/00

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    Social Sciences

    4-17   Research on the Development of Interventions for Youth Violence (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) request applications for research aimed at the development of behavioral interventions for youth violence. This RFA solicits exploratory/Developmental research (R21) grant applications exploring the translation of ideas from basic behavioral and social science into novel interventions for children and youth demonstrating or at risk for violent behavior. OD-00-005 (NIHG 01/19/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/1/00; Applications 4/14/00

    4-18   Strategic Outreach Dialogue and Conceptual Research for the Army War College (DOD)

    The Army War College is soliciting conceptual strategic research ideas and dialogue, proposals on landpower and national security. Deliverables are scholarly papers, articles, conference rappatour reports, edited collections of papers, and/or books for open publication. Sol DABT43-00-R-BAA1 (CBD 1/21/2000)

    Deadline:   10/3/00

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