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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - January 14, 2000 (Vol. 9, No. 2)



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    2-1   Kansas Initiative for the COBRE Program (NIH)

    In response to the recently announced Centers for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) program from National Institutes of Health, Gunda Georg, Professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, KU, has taken the lead in coordinating a proposal for the initial development and support of the Experimental Therapeutics Program of the Kansas Cancer Center, a step toward the ultimate goal of obtaining the NIH/NCI Cancer Center designation. The goal of the ETP is to establish a seamless strategy for drug discover, from the discovery of anticancer agents to their development for clinical trials. Five page preproposals are being solicited and will be submitted to an external review committee. 3-5 will be selected for final development of 10 page research project proposals that will be assembled as part of the final COBRE proposal. For submission guidelines, please contact Beverly Page, bbpage@ksu.edu, 785-532-5045.

    Deadline:   Preproposals to KU 1/25/00


    2-2   Fundamental Research at the [Bio:Info:Micro] Interface (DOD)

    DARPA is announcing a new program called Fundamental Research at the [Bio:Info:Micro] Interface. The goal of the program is to create interdisciplinary teams of researchers drawn from the fields of biology, information technology and microsystems technology and who are primarily from institutions of higher education. The biology or [BIO] component of the program includes the disciplines studying biology from the molecular and cellular level through the organismal and population level. The information technology or [INFO] component of the program includes, but is not limited to, the disciplines contributing to the development of theories, algorithms, models and simulations, and scalable parallel and distributed systems. The microsystems technology or [MICRO] component of the program includes, but is not limited to, the disciplines contributing to the development of sensors, materials, microfluidics, micromechanics, microphotonics, microelectronics and large-scale systems created from such components. The program will enable teams of investigators from [BIO], [INFO] and [MICRO] to work collaboratively to address fundamental research issues at the intersections of these three broadly defined areas. SOL RA00-14 (CBD 12/23/99)

    Deadline:   Preproposals 2/18/00; Proposals 3/31/00

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    2-3   Peanut Research (PF)

    The Peanut Foundation is soliciting research proposals to address key industry concerns. A major consideration in project funding will be the explanation of how the results of the project can be implemented or utilized by the peanut industry.

    Deadline:   2/15/00

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    Arts & Humanities

    2-4   Summer Seminars & Institutes (NEH)

    The National Endowment for the Humanities supports faculty development through residential summer seminars and institutes designed to provide teachers drawn from across the nation with intensive summer study of important texts and topics in the humanities. Seminars and institutes are intended to foster excellent teaching by encouraging collegial discussion of humanities topics within close-knit scholarly communities. They also promote active scholarship in the humanities in ways suited to teachers at all levels from grade school through college.

    Deadline:   3/1/00

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    2-5   New Fulbright in E-Commerce (CIES)

    The Council for International Exchange of Scholars is seeking candidates for a new Fulbright distinguished lecturing/research award in E-commerce in Sweden for the 2000-2001 academic year. The award is for lecturing and research. Expertise should include e-commerce, especially in the field of Internet-based applications, targeting business to consumer or consumer to business applications.

    Deadline:   3/15/ 00

    2-6   Making Quality Count for Consumers and Patients (NIH)

    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) invite applications for demonstrations that facilitate consumer and patient use of information about quality. They are seeking demonstrations that: 1) develop and test methods and models for developing information on quality for consumer and patient use in health care decisions; and 2) evaluate the impact of strategies to provide information about quality to consumers and patients. HS-00-002 (NIHG 01/05/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 2/11/00; Applications 3/24/00


    2-7   Congressional Fellowships in Child Development (SRCD)

    The Society for Research in Child Development is accepting applications for Congressional Fellowship positions. Fellows spend one year working as a legislative assistant on the staff of a congressional committee or on the staff of a member of Congress. Fellows make invaluable contributions through the effective use of research-based knowledge to inform the policy community.

    Deadline:   1/31/00

    2-8   Learning Anytime, Anywhere Partnerships (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting cooperative agreement applications for Learning Anytime, Anywhere Partnerships (LAAP) to improve the delivery, quality and accountability of postsecondary education and career-oriented lifelong learning through technology and related innovations. The objectives of the program are to: develop innovative partnerships resulting in economies of scale; increase access to asynchronous distance education for diverse groups of learners; enable advancements in quality and accountability; and enable advancements in flexibility of distance education design and delivery. CFDA 84.339A, B (FR 12/30/99)

    Deadline:   Preapplications 3/3/00; Applications 6/9/00

    2-9   Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (ED)

    The Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology program provides grants to consortia that are helping future teachers become proficient in the use of modern learning technologies. This program addresses looming teacher shortages by developing well-qualified, technology-proficient teachers, who are prepared to teach in 21st century schools, particularly schools in low-income communities or rural areas. This program provides support for two types of grants: implementation grants, and catalyst grants. Only consortia may receive grants under this program. A consortium must include at least two members. Consortium members may include institutions of higher education (IHEs), Schools of Education, State educational agencies (SEAs), local educational agencies (LEAs), private schools professional associations, foundations, museums, libraries, for profit agencies and organizations, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and others. CFDA 84.342 (FR 12/28/99)

    Deadline:   3/7/00

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    2-10   Energy and Environmental Solutions (DOE)

    The Department of Energy is announcing a program solicitation entitled Energy and Environmental Solutions. The areas of interest are: 1) Biomass and/or biosolids, and 2) Environmental Management Program which includes: Inner Layer Confinement Reduction; Technology Deployment Assistance; Technology Acceptance; Technology Evaluation; International Technology Studies; and Long-Term Stewardship. DE-PS26-00FT40776 (FR 01/07/00)

    Deadline:   2/2/00; 5/3/00; 8/30/00

    2-11   Grants in Environmental Statistics (EPA)

    The Environmental Statistics competition, a joint program from EPA and NSF, will continue the emphasis of FY1999, inviting proposals in the three areas of: 1) statistical models and methods for environmental social science research; 2) environmental statistics research to improve risk assessment; and 3) physical environmental statistics research. Proposals are particularly welcome that further the development of statistical methods for environmental social science research, including research in the area of risk assessment. (NSF 00-20)

    Deadline:   3/10/00

    2-12   Biobased Products and Bioenergy Technologies DOE)

    The Department of Energy Golden Field Office has issued a supplemental announcement to its Broad Based Solicitation 2000 for Research, Development and Demonstration. DOE is seeking research and development proposals that can advance current market opportunities for biobased products and bioenergy systems and facilitate the development of existing and new markets. A fundamental goal of this solicitation will be to perform research and development that results in integrated co-products addressing at least two of the three major areas of chemicals, fuel, and/or power, where power can be electricity and/or heat. DE-PS36-00GO10482-03

    Deadline:   3/7/00

    2-13   Carbon Sequestration Research Program (DOE)

    The Office of Biological and Environmental Research of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces its interest in receiving applications for research on Carbon Sequestration in the Terrestrial Biosphere and the Oceans. Notice 00-09

    Deadline:   3/2/00

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    Health & Life Sciences

    2-14   Massage Therapy Research (AMTA)

    The American Massage Therapy Association Foundation invites research proposals investigating the effects of massage therapy across a variety of applications. Research grants are awarded to individuals or teams conducting studies which promise to advance our understanding of specific therapeutic applications of massage, including their efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness, as well as studies investigating possible physiological mechanisms of effect, psychological and social dimensions, public perceptions of and attitudes toward massage therapy, and the role of massage therapy in health care delivery.

    Deadline:   3/1/00

    2-15   Developmental Pharmacology (NIH)

    The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke invite research grants applications to study the ontogeny of drug metabolizing enzymes, transporters, and receptors, and the corresponding ion channels and related proteins. A major objective of this initiative is the characterization of the mechanisms involved in gene regulation and expression of these proteins during development, both prenatal and postnatal. This initiative is aimed at unraveling the effects of development on mechanisms of drug action, pharmacodynamics, and drug biotransformation, prenatally and from birth through adolescence. HD-00-001 (NIHG 01/05/00)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 3/7/00; Applications 4/13/00

    2-16   Microarray-Based Research on Drug Abuse (NIH)

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) announces the availability of funds for research project grants for the study of drug abuse and related areas using microarray technology. In an effort to expand our understanding of the basic biology of drug addiction, NIDA is initiating this grant program in order to support innovative studies that exploit the emerging microarray technology. With this announcement, NIDA plans to develop a strong, multidisciplinary basic research program--drawing from neuroscience, genetics, behavioral science, bioengineering, and computational biology--aimed at adapting and applying microarray techniques to the general problem of drug abuse. DA-00-003 (NIHG 12/16/99)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 2/28/00; Applications 3/28/00

    2-17   Gene Expression Profiling in the Nervous System (NIH)

    The purpose of this request for applications is to solicit feasibility studies for profiling gene expression patterns in the mammalian nervous system. Exploratory research projects supported under this RFA will utilize neural tissue-specific cDNA reagents and state-of-the-art microarray technologies, in order to quantify in a highly parallel way expression profiles of genes in mammalian neural tissue. The creation of collaborative teams is encouraged, in which scientists with expertise in neuroscience research, genomics, and bioinformatics work to apply innovative approaches for analyzing microarray data. MH-00-002 (NIHG 11/22/99)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 2/28/00; Applications 3/29/00

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    Social Sciences

    2-18   The Next Generation of Drug Abuse Prevention Research (NIH)

    This request for applications encourages a new generation of drug abuse prevention research. Applications are solicited to examine components of empirically validated drug abuse prevention interventions that may account for program effectiveness. The purpose is to gain a better understanding of what accounts for program effectiveness through: 1) empirical tests of theoretically derived processes that may account for program effectiveness; 2) identification of patterns related to differential effectiveness; 3) generating and testing alternate hypotheses accounting for effectiveness based on differential outcomes from previous research; and 4) specification and testing of components singularly and in combinations that contribute to effectiveness. DA-00-004 (NIHG 12/20/99)

    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 2/28/00; Applications 3/28/00

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