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All-University Open House

Open House
Kansas State University
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Events schedule

College of Veterinary Medicine

Animals on display
Visit a variety of animal species in the veterinary world in 104 Trotter Hall and “I-70,” Mosier Hall.
Browse the expo
Pet toys, games, raffle, face painting, clothing, baked goods and dog treats await you at the expo. Check out the various club and vendor booths at “I-70,” Mosier Hall and 104 Trotter Hall.
Guided tours
Tours of clinic and class facilities start every 15 minutes at an information booth east of Trotter Hall.
Kids’ pet clinic
Kids can bring their stuffed animals for treatment in the small animal lobby of veterinary hospital, Mosier Hall.
Walk through the heart
Learn about the cardiovascular system as you walk through our larger-than-life heart model in 204 Trotter Hall.
Mock surgical suite
Dress like a surgeon and watch students prepare a patient for surgery in 104 Trotter Hall.
Bug’s life
Guess how many fleas are crammed into a jar in 204 Trotter Hall.
What’s your air capacity?
See the difference between diseased and healthy lungs in 204 Trotter Hall.
Strange and unusual
Visit the exotic animal club booth to see a variety of scaly, feathery and furry creatures, and get your picture taken in E108 Mosier Hall.
Believe it or not
See the amazing two-headed calf and other extraordinary birth anomalies at the congenital defects exhibit in 204 Trotter Hall.
Animal ER
What’s in your pet’s first aid kit? Visit 104 Trotter Hall to see what you need to save your pet’s life in an emergency.
Race through the GI tract
Watch morsels of kibble race through the winding path of the GI tract in 104 Trotter Hall.
World of the little
See what bacteria and parasites look like up close through a microscope in 204 Trotter Hall.
Comparative anatomy
Play the mix-and-match game with a variety of species in 204 Trotter Hall.
Animal X-rays
Can you identify what animal this is? Visit 204 Trotter Hall.
Veterinary medicine clothing sale
The sophomore class will be selling veterinary medicine clothing in the lobby of Trotter Hall.
Hear it firsthand
Ronnie Elmore, assistant dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, will give tips on becoming a competitive veterinary college applicant at 9 a.m. in 201 Trotter Hall. Veterinarian Susan Nelson will present “Caring for Your Dog and Cat” at 11:30 a.m. in Frick Auditorium, Mosier Hall.
Out to lunch
From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., enjoy a pork burger, baked beans and a soda, prepared by the swine veterinarians club, outside “I-70,” Mosier Hall.
Pet show
Watch the talented pets of K-State veterinary students at the vet med pet show at 1 p.m. in Frick Auditorium at Mosier Hall. Pets will compete in a variety of categories, including best trick, best costume, best exotic pet, pet/owner look-alike and audience favorite.
What's your beef?
Dr. Dan Thomson, host of "Doc Talk" and a leading expert in nutrition and beef production, will answer your questions about what really goes into the food we eat. Join us for this fun, interactive session at 11:30 a.m. in 231 Waters Hall, and you may just win a prize.