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All-University Open House

Open House
Kansas State University
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Events schedule

College of Human Ecology

Need help finding Justin Hall and the Campus Creek Complex?
Stop by the human ecology booth in the K-State Student Union and a human ecology student ambassador will guide you to the many attractions found throughout both locations. K-State Student Union Booth. 

Hospitality olympics
Compete in a relay race that includes a martini olive toss, creating a place setting and a broom competition. There also will be a blindfolded cupcake decorating and napkin folding demonstrations. West lawn, Justin Hall. Inclement weather: 115 Justin Hall. 

Enjoy a sweet treat
Come learn about the Professional Event Management Society and indulge in some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until the supply runs out. South sidewalk, Justin Hall. Inclement weather: Louis and Rachel Hodgson Student Collaborative Area, Justin Hall.

Birdie golf
Come show us your golfing skills and learn about the Club Mangers Association of America. South sidewalk, Justin Hall. Inclement weather: Golf is canceled; booth will be in Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall.  

Ice carving demonstrations
Watch hospitality management students transform a big block of ice into a beautiful sculpture right before your eyesNoon to 1:30 p.m., west lawn, Justin Hall. Inclement weather: Canceled. 

Selections from the Historic Costume and Textile Museum
Take a self-guided walking tour of the Justin Hall window displays featuring selections from the museum and student projects. Hoffman Lounge, first, second and third floors; Justin Hall.  

Interior design
Learn the facts about interior design. See the projects that turn a beginning design student into an emerging professional, and explore your career options. Discover how interior design students put their drafting skills to use. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall. 

Where the future begins unfolding
Take part in a paper folding and paper chain activity. Early childhood education students share their programs, including The Stone House, Ruth Hoeflin Early Childhood Education Center, C.Q. Georgia Chandler Institute for Child and Family Studies, and many exciting career opportunities. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall.  

Explore the exciting places a degree in dietetics can take you! Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall.  

Hospitality management
Discover the many exciting career paths and opportunities this major has to offer. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall. 

Athletic training: Past to present
Learn about the career paths of our athletic training alumni and the program's progression. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall. 

Got money?
In a world focused on profit, we focus on people. Stop by to see how a career in personal financial planning helps individuals with debt management to retirement planning and everything in between. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall.   

Going green
Visit family and consumer sciences education and see how to use recycled paper to make notepads. Learn about "dining in," as well as what this major entails. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall. 

Gerontology: Approved for all ages
Discover how this secondary major fits in with any major across campus, and learn how the gerontology club connects students with older adults through intergenerational activities. Hoffman Lounge, Justin Hall. 

Family studies and human services
Help create a family studies and human service graffiti board! Explore what it means to be of service to others by contributing your ideas on our community board. While you're here, learn about the diverse service-based careers in our profession. Louis and Rachel Hudson Student Collaborative Area. Justin Hall.  

Health and Nutrition Society
Unfold your future with our interactive displays designed to give you a glimpse of career possibilities with a degree in human nutrition. Discover what it may feel like being 40 pounds heavier, receive a BMI estimation and learn to "rethink your drink" to cut calories from sugar-sweetened beverages. Louis and Rachel Hodgson Student Collaborative Area. 

Discover your future
Create your career path by exploring the many people-focused career options a degree in human ecology has to offer. Also, participate in all the fun Justin Hall and Campus Creek Complex activities. Louis and Rachel Hodgson Student Collaborative Area, Justin Hall.

Kinesiology Student Association
Visit the kinesiology booth to pick up a free pedometer, learn more about the department and the importance of a physically-active lifestyle. Also, learn about a variety of careers that are attainable with a kinesiology degree. Louis and Rachel Hodgson Student Collaborative Area, Justin Hall. 

Career in fashion
See how our students are designing careers, one stitch at a time. 163 Justin Hall.    

Draw, draft, design
Discover how interior design students transform their sketches to create universal and sustainable spaces for clients. 328 Justin Hall.

K-State Speech and Hearing Center
Undergraduate and graduate students are eager to welcome and provide you with information about the audiological and speech-language services that are provided to the community, faculty, and students. Located north of Justin Hall, Lobby, Campus Creek Complex. 

Discover communication sciences and disorders
Stop by and learn more about the structures that help you hear and speak. Examine anatomical models of the ear and the larynx (or voice box), speech-language development in young children, swallowing, high-tech devices that aid communication, and the services provided by the K-State Speech and Hearing Center. Lobby, Campus Creek Complex. 

Experience high-tech communication devices
Check out a variety of augmentative-alternative communication devices, or voice output devices, and learn how they operate to improve communication for those who are unable to speak effectively. Lobby, Campus Creek Complex. 

Learn about your voice
Everyone’s voice is different and daily situations can have an effect on your voice's quality. Graduate students in communication sciences and disorders will analyze the health of your voice using state-of-the-art equipment. 123 Campus Creek Complex. 

Free hearing screening
Graduate students in communication sciences and disorders will provide free hearing screenings in the audiological suite of the Speech and Hearing Center. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 127 Campus Creek Complex.  

Make and take
Children are invited to create their own K-State picture storybook. 132 Campus Creek Complex.

By the hour 

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Free hearing screening. 127 Campus Creek Complex. 

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or when supply runs out)
PEMS selling Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. South Lawn, Justin Hall. 

Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Ice carving demonstration. Patio, Justin Hall.