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Events Schedule

College of Education


Oh, the places you'll go in education

Different clubs and organizations will be on hand to show what the College of Education has to offer future and current students. Meet with our all-star advisors regarding program and scholarship opportunities. 

Rocket balloons

Listen for the sound of fireworks outside the College of Education. Join us in the Holen Courtyard as we launch screaming rocket balloons. Watch them bend and spiral as we explore physics concepts.

What’s the buzz about?

Imagine yourself a pollinator as you find yourself attracted to the scents, colors and forms of flowers. Buzz over to explore types of pollen under the microscope while you discover the important roles of pollinators in the life of plants.

Making messes

Swing by the main lobby of Bluemont Hall for a chance to “mess around” in science while learning about exciting opportunities in the field of science education. Visitors will be able to hold a cloud and make dry ice comets at the science exploration station.

Turning fiction into fact with Dr. Seuss

Come learn all about Kansas National Education Association student program by fishing for facts and discovering fun stories. Earn prizes and gain knowledge!

On-the-hour story time with education ambassadors.

At the top of each hour, the ambassadors will read “An Alphabet Journey Across Campus” (written by our own Dean Mercer and Dr. Larson). After the story, answer trivia questions for a chance to win prizes. You also may purchase your own copy of the book.

Tell us your story

The K-State Council for Exceptional Children will be collecting stories about your most memorable teacher or student. Tell us what made him or her special and share how he or she has affected your life.

Puppet plays

Stop by Kappa Delta Pi’s puppet show to see your favorite Dr. Seuss stories come to life. Whether it’s live readings, performances or puppets, be prepared for some fun entertainment from this education honorary.

Family train ride

Join our education ambassadors for a ride on the Little Apple Train. During your ride, learn about the College of Education as well as how you can leave your mark as an education major.

Bounce around

If high-flying jumps and laughter are more your speed, then stop by the College of Education's bouncy house, located near the Holen Courtyard.

Fairy tale fun

Turn the page to a colorful world of illustration with K-State's chapter of the National Art Education Association. Step inside a storybook and get your picture taken, become an illustrator and have some fairy tale fun.


Join the Bilingual Education Student Organization for face painting and games of Go Fish and Plinko. Hear to their stories from various cultures.

The business of technology

Come see where innovative technology can take you. Become an entrepreneur as you try your hand at fun business games, and challenge a friend to a speed-typing duel. Improve your skills through educational games for math, science or language arts.

Wax museum

History comes to still life as “wax figures" are rendered motionless until a participant steps on their button, and they come to life and speak.