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All-University Open House

Open House
Kansas State University
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Events Schedule

College of Education

Rooted in our college
Participate in many outdoor activities including wishing trees, interactive white boards, sidewalk chalk and balloon animals. Children will love the bounce house! Take a ride on the train, have a bag of kettle corn and enjoy homemade ice cream. The photo booth will be a great place to create some special memories. 

Rooted in learning
The adventure continues inside Bluemont Hall. College of Education student organizations and programs will provide interactive activities and games for all ages. Visitors will learn the importance the College of Education has on teaching in Kansas and elsewhere.

Rooted in celebration
Enjoy live performances throughout the day by Manhattan USD 383 elementary school choirs. A DJ also will create a celebratory atmosphere in Holen Courtyard, outside Bluemont Hall. Relax in the beautiful outdoor courtyard, have some refreshments and enjoy the music!

Rooted in the great outdoors
Holen Courtyard becomes Critter Courtyard for the day! Hold, touch, feel and snuggle with Animal Wonders’ live, interactive bugs, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. These events are sponsored by the Education Council from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Rooted in creativity
Visit the art education room in 118 Bluemont Hall to explore nature, ecology and the “need for green.” Attendees can play nature tic-tac-toe, complete a junkyard sensory activity and create a bug catcher to take home. Then, make colorful and crazy bugs, pipe cleaner snakes, stick sculptures, leaf rubbings, gratitude stones and more.

Rooted in science
Science and nature unite through interactive experiments that explore the big, wide world and the glory of nature. Make connections and create contraptions at a simple circuit station. This activity combines art, science and engineering as you create switches and spinning whirligigs to use in simple circuit designs. Scientists of all ages will enjoy this interactive experience! High school students will share their animal research, including live animals.

Rooted in literacy
Storytellers in character will read children’s literature aloud, and characters from well-known literary works will interact with visitors. The joy of reading will broaden your horizons and bring nature — and purple — to life. Reading and literacy are always in the spotlight at the College of Education.
Rooted in exploration
Step inside Bluemont Hall to explore education in an interactive way as you roam from room to room on the first floor. More than 20 groups and activities will be hosting Open House festivities, all rooted in purple, nature and ecology. Enjoy activities, games and exhibits from many different education organizations.

Rooted in history
History comes to life as “wax figures” are activated by stepping on a button. Characters from history will tell you about their lives, contributions to civilization and effect on mankind. This fun activity is hosted by Groucho Marx.

Rooted in the future
Academic advisors, College of Education Ambassadors and others will answer questions about teaching in Kansas, share the enormous effect K-State has on the state’s educational system and inform visitors of the college’s opportunities.