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All-University Open House

Events Schedule

College of Education

Around the world
Join the College of Education as we explore education in every corner of the globe. Enjoy a flower color creation activity celebrating African culture, sponsored by the K-State Education Ambassadors. Holen Courtyard, Bluemont Hall. 

Global music
Enjoy live music with a global focus at the college's 50th anniversary kick-off presentation at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Holen Courtyard, Bluemont Hall. 

Courtyard connection
Enjoy European flair at the College of Education's 50th anniversary celebration with a wishing tree, scribe boards, train, bounce house, kettle corn, balloon animals and live music. Sponsored by the Education Council. Front doors of Bluemont hall. 

South American discovery
Stop by to fold your own treasure chest and create a goldmine of knowledge. Sponsored by the Multicultural Education Student Organization for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. First floor, Bluemont Hall. 

Ecuadorian enthusiasm
Discover more about this South American country through face painting, ring toss games, informational booth and treats. Sponsored by the Ecuadorian Student Association. First floor, Bluemont Hall. 

Educational exploration
Experience Australia through a sand tray station. Sponsored by the School Counseling Student Organization. First floor, Bluemont Hall. 

Folding your future
Learn more about Asian culture through fun art activities, including origami, ink scrolls and a pagoda photo booth. Sponsored by the National Art Education Association. 118 Bluemont Hall. 

Happenings in history
History comes to still life as “wax figures" are rendered motionless until a participant steps on their button, and they come to life and speak. Sponsored by the social studies club. Further explore North American history through trivia and presentations. First floor, Bluemont Hall. 

Readinground up
Enjoy a book fair including material for both children and adults. Sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi. First floor, Bluemont Hall. 

Scientifically speaking
Discover Antarctica at the science exploration station. Sponsored by the college's diversity director. First floor lobby, Bluemont Hall.