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All-University Open House

Events schedule

College of Business Administration

Business Building

Take it in

Visit our new, state-of-the-art Business Building to witness a captivating space for 21st century learning.

CBA Land

Friendly student ambassadors will greet you with a map to navigate through "CBA Land," full of exciting activities and attractions. Power up with a stop at the concession stand! Or, take a guided tour full of interesting information, anecdotes and history. End your tour on our scenic patio with a wonderful view of campus.

Visionary Land

Visit the interactive Visionary Land, where students will lead you in activities containing elements of the building blocks for their future ventures spanning the scope of our curriculum. Glimpse the exciting world of business!

Outlook Cove

Climb our grand staircase to visit Outlook Cove. Traverse the Student Success Thoroughfare to view student clubs and organizations. Finish up with a stop at Jamboree Realm.

Construction Zone

A visit to CBA land isn’t complete without wandering through the Construction Zone. You’ll see what you can achieve with your body and mind as you dare yourself to climb to top heights and power your way through hurdles. While you’re here, you receive clues needed to find the time capsule.