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All-University Open House

Events schedule

College of Business Administration

All roads lead to business

Take a scenic route along the Calvin Hall byways. Collect a road map to visit unique sites where you can earn CBA Bucks to purchase a prize at the end of your trip.  

Rooted in the past

Begin your adventure in 1962, when the College of Business Administration got its start. Discover what students did for entertainment, what music was on the radio and the cost to attend K-State. Kids can learn how costs from 1962 equate to today’s dollar amount. Cruise through the years at the CBA gallery. 

Fuel up

Before heading to your next destination, pull in to our pit stop for a bag of popcorn.

Activity central

Don’t rush through the First Floor Speedway, where there are events for all ages. Enjoy games including Management Verdict, calculator races, ping-pong plunge and spinning wheel of fortune. Before you leave, make a small detour and visit the Cosmic Lanes.

Travel the world

The next stop on your tour takes you to international destinations. At CBA Landing, participate in Travel Trivia and Name that Taste. Test your memory with Logo, Logo, Who Owns the Logo. 

Finish line

Conclude your CBA travels by cashing in your CBA Bucks for a souvenir. Don’t forget to get your picture taken and grab a quick snack before you head to other parts of our beautiful K-State campus.