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All-University Open House

Events Schedule

Biosecurity Research Institute

Open from 1 to 3 p.m.

What happens at the BRI?
Learn about research projects at the BRI. 1001 Pat Roberts Hall. 

So you want to be an infectious disease researcher…
Learn about the different types of careers available in disease research. Talk to our research director about how you can guide your career in the right direction. 1001 Pat Roberts Hall. 

Biocontainment facilities
How do we do research safely? How do we keep diseases contained? How does the building work? Talk to the experts about the unique features of the BRI that allow groundbreaking research to take place. 1004 Pat Roberts Hall. 

Biocontainment labs
Walk through our training lab to see some of the precautions our researchers take every day. Watch a biosafety cabinet in action. Peer through a microscope. 1012 Pat Roberts Hall.