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All-University Open House

Beach Museum of Art

Exploring art

Visit the museum for a variety of art projects and interactive galleries for all ages. 

Rock on

Visitors are welcome to view "Stan Herd: Cairns on the Beach." This artistic installation featuring dry stone cairns, or mounds of rock, built with assistance from landscape architecture faculty and staff.

Worlds collide

"Dinner and a Midnight Snack: Gifts of Contemporary Works on Paper from Don Mrozek and Scott Dorman" features donated works from these two art collectors. This eclectic exhibition includes a rotating display reflecting Mrozek and Dorman's shared love of music, literature, post-modern art and mid-20th century modernist architecture.  

A place for paint

View watercolor and oil paintings from the 2015 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist, Dean Mitchell. His exhibit, "A Place, A Mental Space" includes scenes from a Native American community in Arizona.