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All-University Open House

Beach Museum of Art

Early viewing

The Beach Museum of Art opens at 9 a.m. for gallery activities and art projects, two hours earlier than usual. The museum is open until 4 p.m. 

Touch the Prairie

Museum staff will be on hand to guide visitors through “Touch the Prairie,” an interactive digital experience that investigates the prairie through scientific data and artwork. Featured artists include John Steuart Curry, Gordon Parks, Patricia Duncan, Shirley Smith and many more, each exploring how the tallgrass prairie has touched their heart.

John Steuart Curry: Mapping the Early Career

View the museum’s latest John Steuart Curry exhibition, curated by K-State students, in the Donna Lindsay Vanier Gallery. Curry gained national attention for his portrayal of Kansas in the late 1920s and beyond. This exhibit explores Curry’s early career as a student and professional through 30-plus drawings, paintings and magazine illustrations.

Kansas Veterinarian at Work: A Portrait by Tom Mohr

Tom Mohr spent 12 years photographing large-animal veterinarian Lee Penner as he made his rounds at farms across Kansas. This selection of photographs, located in the Marion Pelton Gallery, is a warm, poignant representation of contemporary Kansas farm life. Through Mohr’s photographs we see the solemn beauty of a vast field with a lone red barn, the quirky charm of Penner’s mud-encrusted van, and the strong bonds nurtured by a veterinarian and the people of his community.

Jason Scuilla: Porta Magica

2017 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist

Jason Scuilla is the 2017 Friends of the Beach Museum of Art Gift Print Artist, selected annually by museum supporters. Scuilla serves as associate professor and head of the printmaking program at K-State. An American artist of Italian descent, fragments of Italian sculpture inspire his recent work. Dramatic compositions rendered with a pictorial economy and a deadpan sense of humor raise questions about humankind’s relationship with mortality and the ancient past. View the print in the Ruth Ann Wefald Gallery.