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College of Arts and Sciences 

Events schedule 

All department tables are located on the first floor of the K-State Student Union. 

Aerospace studies

Talk to the staff and cadets, or stop by to find out more about Air Force ROTC.

American Ethnic Studies

Career prospects in american ethnic studies are comparable to those in business management, advertising and public relations, and biology. Stop by and visit with us about all of the possibilities. We’re excited to meet you!


Discover past and present cultural traditions of human beings from around the world.


Watch art students spin the pottery wheel, print objects with 3D printers and purchase handmade student art. Chat with art students about our nine areas of concentration - from graphic design to painting to digital art. Stop by the fine art print shop (319 Willard Hall) and print your own custom T-shirt or poster with the Pussycat Press Printmaking Society.

Biochemistry and molecular biophysics

Want to know the secrets of life? Learn about becoming a biochemist, including how molecules work inside a living cell. View a slideshow of research activities and see insects used in research on campus.


View displays from the student chapter of the Wildlife Society and K-State's microbiology club. Examine living organisms used in genetic studies, take a biology knowledge quiz and get information about the Konza Prairie.


Visit our booth in the Student Union to build molecular models and see what you can spell using the periodic table. See glassblowing demonstration at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in 114 Willard. At 11:15 a.m. in 114 Willard, watch our students put on a chemistry demonstration with explosions, glowing reactions and more.

Communication studies

Come chat with our faculty to find out about the exciting research in the communication studies department and learn more about our undergraduate major.


Discover the economics of “The Office,” test your financial literacy and explore what’s new in the world of economics.


Love to read or write? Explore your next chapter with English—one of K-State’s most versatile degrees. Order up a poem from the Poet-in-a-Box. Take a literary quiz to win a free book. Celebrate National Poetry Month by choosing a poem that speaks to you. See what English offers avid readers and creative writers.


View flat maps, computer maps, student projects, geography-related publications and flyers. 


Watch a plume of polluted water move through a model window of the ground beneath us. Try to identify common minerals (fool’s gold, anyone?). Have your unknown rocks, minerals and fossils identified, or use our microscopes to look through slices of solid rock.


We have so many stories to tell. See the renowned Lecompton Reenactors perform scenes from the Civil War in full period costume at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the quad between Waters Hall and Hale Library.

International and Latin American studies

Curious about the world? Test your knowledge of your neighbors by taking an international studies quiz.

Journalism and mass communications

Learn more about the fast-paced world of journalism, advertising and public relations. Visit 91.9, K-State’s award-winning student radio station. Learn how the student newspaper, the Kansas State Collegian, and the student yearbook, the Royal Purple, are produced. Our students are on the front lines of an exciting time in communications!


Who will be the math whiz? Find out when students compete in the Manhattan Mathematical Olympiad from 9 a.m. to noon in 101 Cardwell Hall. Competitions for grades 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12. Discover the many career opportunities open to math graduates.

Military sciences

Target success. Stop by our table to learn more about our pre-professional program, which includes leadership development, military skills and adventure training. Be sure to try out our rock-climbing wall at Bosco Student Plaza outside the Union.

Modern languages

Learn a new language and explore the world! Taste exotic candy and learn your name in Japanese. Get information on language scholarships, minors, majors and departmental summer programs abroad.

Music, theatre, and dance

If you like to make music, act or dance, regardless of your major, learn more about all the events in McCain Auditorium and Nichols Hall. Whether it’s taking the field before more than 55,000 people with the marching band; walking on stage with a major performing ensembles; taking part in a play, musical or in one of our dance companies; there is something for everyone interested in the performing arts in the new K-State School of Music, Theatre and Dance! 

Open option

Explore your options for choosing a major in any college at K-State.


Want to hone critical reasoning skills that are important in a range of occupations and professions? Come explore the nature of morality, encounter vexing metaphysical puzzles and develop your logic skills with philosophy. Learn how a philosophy degree is excellent preparation for law school, business school and the working world.


Get hands-on with physics in our user-friendly demonstrations. Discuss your interests and passions with physics faculty and students. In Cardwell Hall, hands-on activities delight visitors in the main entrance. An astounding collection of our favorite, fun physics demonstrations will be presented at 12:30 p.m. in 103 Cardwell Hall.

Political science

Political science is more than current events! We study why countries go to war, how candidates win elections, how government programs are developed and much more. Learn what it is like to study political science at K-State, and how a degree in political science develops many of the skills necessary for success after college.


Interested in a health care career? K-State is a great place to start. Stop by to find out how K-State can help you prepare for a career in health care.


See how any major can lead you to law school and a satisfying career in the legal profession. The mock trial team competes regionally and nationally with teams from other schools. Come and have fun while challenging others in a courtroom setting.

Psychological sciences

Why do people do the things they do? Psychology explores the answers — including brain structures; mental processes; and social forces that shape our perceptions, decisions and behaviors. Our interactive displays and activities give you some samples of the things psychologists study.

Social work

Social work is the “helping profession.” Stop by to see all the things you can do with a social work degree.

Sociology and criminology

Are you naturally curious about people and society? Do you want your career to be one that serves people? Sociology might be the major for you. Hear about the obvious and not-so-obvious career paths chosen by sociology graduates.


Do you like solving puzzles? Big Data needs you! Come and hear about opportunities awaiting you in the exciting field of statistics. You could have one of the most in demand jobs of the 21st century!

Women’s studies

Women’s studies engages students and their families in learning about women and girls in the United States and around the world. Join us and experience the surprises that await you in this field.