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All-University Open House

Open House
Kansas State University
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Events schedule

College of Agriculture 

Have fun, learn more
From plants and animals to science and business, agriculture has something for everyone. Students and faculty from all 16 agriculture majors will be available to share information about career opportunities and academic programs. Stop by and get a fun airbrush tattoo on the Waters Hall lawn.
Agricultural Education Club
Be one of the first 300 participants to complete the College of Agriculture scavenger hunt and receive a free T-shirt. Pick up your game card at our booth on the Waters Hall lawn.
Agricultural Economics Club
Agribusiness provides food and fiber to the
world through industries in your community and around the globe. Enjoy free popcorn on the
Waters Hall lawn.
Agricultural Technology Management Club
Look for farm equipment across campus at Weber Lawn, the Quad and in front of Seaton Hall. Drop by the Agricultural Technology Management Club display located on the Weber lawn to learn about club events and activities, such as the ATM lawnmower clinic.
Agronomy involves crops, soils and environmental science, plant genetics/breeding, weed science, and range/forage management. K-State agronomy and Kansas agriculture influence food security for the U.S. and developing countries. Learn how to grow the biggest soybean plant and see contestant entries as we judge the annual Willie and the Beanstalk contest from 9 a.m. to noon in 2002 Throckmorton Hall.
Alpha Zeta
Curious about where your food comes from? Join us to learn about food production and current issues in agriculture, and then quiz yourself with our fun trivia challenge. Whether you have unanswered questions or are simply eager to test your agricultural knowledge, Alpha Zeta has something for you on the Waters Hall lawn.
Dairy Science Club
Visit the Mobile Dairy Classroom to see a milking demonstration, learn about dairy production, and sample some of the great cheese made on campus at Call Hall.
The entomology department has a variety of activities to keep you crawling. Enjoy delicious bug treats, see critters up close in our bug-petting zoo, put maggots to work at the maggot-painting table, get the chance to be a “pollinator-for-a-day” and cheer on your favorite cockroach during the cockroach races. Stop by to watch a “Big Bug” science fiction movie and get green-screened with one of the big bugs at west Waters Hall.
Grain science
K-State is the only university in the world offering degrees in milling science, bakery science and
feed science, so stop by and see what the department of grain science and industry has to offer in global food systems. Bakery science students will provide tours of the baking science teaching lab with demonstrations in 110 Shellenberger Hall. Try free samples and stop by our bake sale in 204 Shellenberger Hall for some delicious treats to take home.
See how flour is made on a small scale in 101 Shellenberger Hall. Enjoy interactions with grain science students in 109 Shellenberger Hall and see how current research applies to you. Put your name in a drawing for a new KitchenAid mixer. Let the Feed Science Club show you what its program is all about, and see a pet food demonstration in 106 Shellenberger.
Park nearby or take a shuttle to tour the department’s north complex. See the state-of-the-art O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center, and test your knowledge with hands-on activities, including an animal feed-mixing demonstration. You also can tour the Hal Ross Flour Mill and buy specialty flour products. Enjoy a free cookout hosted by the Feed Science and Milling Science clubs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Tour the Bioprocessing and Industrial Value-Added Program buildings to see bio-based industrial and food products and demonstrations of snack food production on pilot-scale equipment. Also, stop and see grain-based products used in food-aid projects around the world.
Plant Pathology Graduate Student Club
Learn about microorganisms that cause diseases in food crops. Plant pathology graduate students will provide activities and games for all ages to illustrate the global effect of these diverse organisms on humans. See how nematodes, fungi, bacteria and viruses affect food you eat in the Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center.
Animal sciences and industry
Block and Bridle is hosting the annual Little American Royal at 12:30 p.m. in Weber Arena. Watch students
show horses, heifers, lambs, goats and pigs, and compete for top placing.