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Office of International Programs

International Programs Support
Kansas State University
304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-1111

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Program development

The office encourages and supports the development of programs on campus, the wider community and with international counterparts. This includes faculty, staff and student development projects. 

Currently the Director’s main attention is on program development related to South Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives).  Main activity centers on the creation of a Minor in South Asian Studies to compliment area studies programs for Latin America, Africa and East Asia.  This has been supported by a US Department of Education Title VI Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language grant that supports faculty and curriculum development across eight KSU colleges.  The aim of this program is to articulate traditional area studies with professional and applied disciplines, making it relevant to whatever career path a student might choose.  Check it out at:  South Asian Studies